Dingo dogs, inaccessibility and poverty

While there’s no mistaking that dingos are feral dogs though that doesn’t stop Aboriginal Australians from owning them. Though they can be careless it also gets complicated by that many of them live in camps/compounds where owned dogs stray anyways (similar things can be said of European villages and farms as well as Native American reservations to an extent), poverty (though not all Aboriginals and Native Americans are poor, many of them are) and inaccessibility to needed resources.

There’s a reason why European farmers can’t always afford to control (their) cat numbers not always because they’re being negligent but because even if they wanted to, they can’t and such vets aren’t immediately accessible though it’s changing now. Native Americans are often stuck in reservations, sometimes cut off from the rest of America and Australia’s mostly desert, so it can be hard for Aboriginal dog owners for the same reasons.

The same reason can be said of Russia where you’ve got vast, relatively underpopulated areas in the East and being a big country, it can make it harder for people to head to veterinarians. It can also be said of how wartime (and depopulation) can sometimes affect pets. Where if their owners are dead or missing, such pets are left fending for themselves and end up straying unless if found or rehomed.

That’s the case with Rwanda before though dog ownership’s resurging. That’s also true for the Balkans, having been ravaged by violent separations since Yugoslavia’s downfall. When it comes to cats and dogs straying, bad ownership (or the animals’ tendencies) aren’t always to blame when socioeconomic and ecological factors and circumstances complicate it.

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