The monastery day

Panels 1-6: The monk makes cheese out of milk and salads for everybody.

Panels 7-12: They pray then they eat.

People: Father God, thank you for the food you’ve given us, thanks to this day, amen.

Panels 13-18: Then they have Bible study.

Monk1: Jeremiah complained a lot to God.

Monk2: He’s very dissatisfied in life but God still loved him.

Monk1: Oh I see, I also don’t feel good in life. [Next panel] I made a mistake, I lost my book and I feel bad.

Monk2: Even if earthly possessions don’t last long, God still knows your sorrows and shows mercy to you.

Monk1: Thanks.

Panels 19-22: They get a new book to read and he likes that book, then they go to sleep.