History of women’s bodybuilding

There were fit women before. In Ancient Rome you have pictures of women lifting weights and that there were no fancy washing machines and any other contemporary equipment to ease work back then so women would be more physically active before. Somewhat moreso than most people realise especially when it comes to laundry and sometimes toilet flushing.

There’s no doubt that there’s growing female participation in every athletic activity as well as their historical counterparts, be it football (soccer) or weightlifting and sprinting. There were certainly female archers, swordswomen and polearms users especially in Japan. Bodybuilding’s an interesting example.

To be fair, one can observe similar changes in the selection of physiques in every sport like football, tennis and gymnastics especially with the latter selecting narrow-hipped shorter women. Bodybuilding’s another example starting with people who could pass for today’s fitness and bikini models.

Some early female bodybuilders would fit right in with contemporary bikini divisions but it’s inevitable that there’s a growing number of female bodybuilders with builds as we infamously recognise it to be.

The impractical of certain jobs

I elaborated in a prior post on why certain jobs will become impractical and useless due to the lack of humans. In addition to the difficulty of giving robots human like sapience and cognition, declining birth rates and restriction on immigrants make certain industries uninhabitable. The big elephant in the room is that humans develop more slowly than dogs do so despite increases in longevity it gets harder to find more dog breeders in the future.

As a result, the developed world would have to contend with growing populations of stray dogs. Not to mention countries with declining birth rates are kind of regretting not having children in a way. That human children are a better investment due to that humans mature more slowly and live longer so there’s enough time to form a bond with them. Without enough children being born and immigrants being adapted, certain jobs like dog breeding will become vacant forever.