The woman

Not very pretty, not very nice

But clearly needing God just

Not what she expected when

She had to rescue those she

Hates the most from a fire

Saving all of them, killing

The fires with them too and

All seeking God’s eternal

Love as she gives grace too.

The fire

A fire is burning a Lagos Church

He didn’t like the cats there

But he had to kill the fires

And get all of them as what

God told him, he even had

To save all the gays there

As they’re in that vicinity

Despite all their vices they

Thanked him for saving them.

The girl

She wasn’t very pretty

She wasn’t very nice but

She became my follower

Desiring God all the more

Needing him to help her

Deal with her enemies

God makes her save them

From a burning fire, despite

Her suspicions but did it

As a duty to her true Master.