Be afraid, be very afraid

I still have lingering fears over what a society where children are a luxury would be like even if I already answered that. For those used to a more liberated lifestyle, this would reverse whatever efforts women gained through feminism in one way or another. So it’ll play out like Handmaid’s Tale complete with stricter gender roles.

Not that women will wear colours assigned to their jobs but it’ll function similarly. Those who are fertile and willing to raise children would be needed to birth heirs even if it gets risky moreso with multiple heirs in line. Since children are so valued that a stillborn baby is about as unfortunate as a sterile woman.

It’s already the case in other countries but would intensify for years to come, especially for the upper class to end up functioning similarly to a proper aristocracy complete with lower class people working for them in their communities.

Social Experiments

Like I said earlier, the idea of children being too expensive to raise is already leading to an interesting social experiment where people raise pets in lieu of children. The next step however would reverse feminism especially when children become a luxury. By then, the upper classes are more likely to start and raise families and even practise stricter gender norms.

Not only that, they’ll employ servants be it human or robots so in a sense that aristocracy’s back. When combined with that the upper classes generally have a higher fertility rate than the poorer ones, we’d see families grooming their children to be heirs to their fortunes. If they ever own pets, it’s mostly practical.

When combined with a declining middle class, feudalism and fiefdoms will return as they’ve not been practised for years until now. Even France could return to that stage whilst its ex-colonies like Cameroon and Cote D’Ivoire are achieving social mobility similar to Renaissance Italy and Revolutionary France.

Colony and Coloniser in the 2030s

I feel like wanting to compare and contrast Italy and Ethiopia or rather what they’ll turn out to be in the future. Italy did colonise Ethiopia before, maybe not successfully but it did make its mark. Ethiopia’s actually not only recovering but also grow economically and may even become one of the world’s biggest economies, if not a world power. There’s even growing internet access over there in tandem with a rising middle class.

Italy’s in the developed world and has a shrinking middle class. Should this trend continue, it’ll not only contribute to a growing oligarchy but could have accidentally reversed certain achievements that it took to cultivate a middle class many times before. When it was a collection of city states, trading and banking cultivated and sustained a growing middle class.

Not that their positions would be reversed especially when Italy receives immigrants but when it does en masse they’ll continue to exert their influence until the government gets and needs it to offset the declining native population. Something that former colonies like Ethiopia will eventually supply.

I am afraid

I am afraid that the middle class in (some) developed countries will eventually self-destruct. While immigrant intermarriages could help mitigate the effects, it gets complicated not only by class and ethnicity but also the number of people willing to start families with children. Children are inevitably the next generation of adults.

Without a substantial number of children, some countries might (and will) not have enough of them growing into adulthood to supply for the next generation’s jobs. Should childbirths decline any further, there might not be enough people to be hired for dog breeding. Immigrants could help but that still depends on each one if we take them as individuals into account.

Like I said, if there’s a shrinking number of breeders people would have to contend with skyrocketing stray dog populations instead. While this is complicated in practise, it’s going to turn out that way for whatever reason and circumstance.