Waiting for something to sew

I recently completed a skirt I sewed like months ago and I’m still waiting to get much more. I sometimes feel very lazy and I need to have something else to do. Something to kill my time with. I could finally get what I want when I go somewhere though I have to wait for a little while.

But that’s something that I’m openly looking forward to because I try my hardest to hope for something. That I might go there by tomorrow or that I could go there soon enough. That I might get the fabrics I wanted for free’s going to be nice and fine. I worry but then again good things may come by soon enough this year.

Kind of naive

I think ‘art for art’s sake’ in that whilst people who do make stuff for themselves and only themselves do exist but the fact that artists, musicians and writers are almost always paid for what they do and are expected to compromise to sell to the masses or their patrons (private individuals and institutions alike) makes this too romantic and idealistic to function in reality.

Even if it’s not at all sold, such people are expected to share or donate something to things like charities, other people, churches and the like. A comics artist might be compelled to donate his work to churches for instance. Ad infinitum, be it a woman making clothes for her future relatives or spouse or somebody making embroideries for the same people.

It’s not that there isn’t any room for self-expression but that there’ll eventually come a time you need to at the very least compromise to make ends meet.

She’s a naked witch

As to why female modesty’s so heavily prized in Christianity and Islam, it’s unconsciously tied to the fear of witchcraft which witches are often believed to show up nude or something to that affect. Even artistic nudity’s debatable though it’s honestly something men are better off at it than women are. That makes sense as historically many art models were prostitutes and nobody wants their daughter to turn out to be a prostitute.

The virgin-whore complex exists because of that. It wouldn’t always really matter what degree can be shown but that nudity proper is often linked to witchcraft. I guess that’s something most artistic minded Christians don’t really get and why people in art are also into pornography. This isn’t always or consistently the case but historically in Europe and currently in Africa, nudity’s often a mark of witchcraft.

If there’s a reason why Christianity and Islam favour modesty, it’s often linked to the fear of witchcraft if/when witches are believed to show up in the nude. If that’s the case, that makes the need for modesty all the more understandable.


If you wanted me to be honest, I actually feel tempted to wear spandex but then again that’s not really holy. Neither is cosplay. Not that they’re necessarily bad in and of themselves but I don’t think they’re both ever going to still well with the mandatory modesty thing. Neither does artistic nudity unless if you’re a man to be honest.

I guess modesty seems very much prized in Islam and Christianity as to keep women from being accidentally distracting and moreso in something holy like mosques and churches. (Though it can vary between sect and community, some churches and even some Islamic sects like Alevism aren’t that strict, relatively speaking.)

If you wanted to know why artistic nudity’s better for men than for women, blame the association of nudity with evil and witchcraft (especially for women) and there’s a reason why the virgin whore complex exists. Historically many art models were also whores and witches. Everything Christian women aren’t supposed to be.

Hard to say but it’s better for men to go nude for art and women be modest all the time.

A very, very specific mindset

Like I said, being into dark things doesn’t make one a Goth. Linkin Park’s a very mainstream example infamous for very dark, emotional songs and normal people are into it. Crime fiction also involves gruesome stories. Ghost stories even sell well in convenience stories at least in the Philippines which should suggest that a good number of normal people are into those and prove my point that being into dark stuff doesn’t make somebody Goth.

To make an analogy, drawing furry characters doesn’t always make you a furry. Liking stories with animals doesn’t make you a furry. Dressing like an animal doesn’t make you a furry. Most people who’re into Disney don’t become furries or lifelong animation fans. Having talking animals doesn’t make it furry either as children’s literature, folklore and political cartoons also do this.

Part of the reason why it can be hard to define Goth and Furry’s because these involve very, very specific mindsets and sensibilities to stick to those for life. It’s so oddly specific that it’ll always be lost on outsiders anyways even if they try their hardest to understand it.

Much more specific

Like I suspected, being Goth’s much more specific. A fascination with anything dark, be it spooky (ghost stories) or morbid (violent crimes) isn’t that specific to Goths. In fact, a good number of crime fiction involves violent murders and gore and with it being so widely read should suggest that many normal people are drawn to this as with ghost stories (especially in the Philippines from observing convienience stores). Not all horror fans are into Goth fashion and music.

Dressing in black and liking dark stuff doesn’t make you Goth either as metalheads do this all the time too. Being Goth’s very, very specific and there’s a reason why people who have Goth phases don’t remain Goth for long. They don’t have much of a sensibility for all things ‘Gothic’ to begin with and I did have a Goth phase which my favourite colours immediately went from black to blue, white and red. (Also beige and cream though it’s possible to dress in white and go all Ice Goth.)

It’s like being furry. It’s one thing to anthromorphise animals and normalfags do this all the time with their pets, so do their critics. Non-furry artists do and can depict furry characters well, see also Beatrix Potter and any children’s illustrator. Dressing like animals isn’t specific to furries either, even Goths do it (I’ve seen such characters in Wave Treffen Gotik photographs.) But furry’s much more specific than that.

It’s a sensibility so specific that it’s inevitably lost to outsiders and even those with a Goth phase like myself.

A specific sensibility

Like I said it’s one thing to dress in black and get comments, it’s another to remain Goth for life as it involves a much more specific mentality or sensibility. Same goes for being a furry. It takes an oddly specific sensibility to stick to something and why some people have Goth phases: they can’t pull it off well and don’t have the sensibility to stick to it forever. It’s the thing with Goth.

It’s one thing to like spooky stuff but it’s another to revolve your entire lifestyle and fashion sense around spookiness that it’s off-putting. I did have a Goth phase but it’s that experience that made me realise that despite my sympathies I can’t pull it off well and remain one for life. If folk and Islamic clothing’s any indication, it’s always possible to dress in black and still not be spooky (but the same can be said of Corporate Goth).

It’s another to revolve your entire lifestyle around spookiness that not too many people, even most horror fans, remain committed or willing to.