No politics in my stories

I guess that’s true in theory but among some superhero fans, the only politics they’ll ever tolerate and endorse is conservative at that. It’s possible to have nonpolitical stories, it’s actually not that hard. Though the suspicion is understandable and yes it’s possible to have LGBT, disabled or Muslim characters without being blatantly political. In fact, the game Dramatical Murder has almost everything without being too political.

Whatever that is though one suspects these characters show up for fetishistic purposes. The thing is it’s always possible to have such characters without being too political, at best implicitly so given the context. But the biggest problem isn’t a matter of shoving politics (the X-Men stories are guilty of this before the SJW thing and Mystique was going to be Nightcrawler’s father).

But that a good number of superhero fans tend to be seriously politically conservative. You know adhering to the love of warfare, all-American/European stuff. What’s really blinding them isn’t so much of SJW politics but rather idealised, cherry picking nostalgia. It’s a coincidence that fans who detest SJW politics a lot endorse seemingly conservative minded stuff.

That includes GI Joe, Cable and The Punisher. Again not always the case but seems like it to me.


The Disney Monopoly

There’s been talk of Disney turning into a near monopoly once it completes its merger with Fox Studios. Even before that, there were already possible warning signs to what it can buy like with Hasbro. Though that one never came through, it’s a damning possibility considering how big Disney Studios has gotten.

Who knows how much bigger Disney can get but its close competitor Warner Brothers has suffered two breakups in our lifetimes. First it merged with Time Inc to form Time Warner and again with AOL then shortly breaking up twice. Warner Brothers considering spinning off DC Entertainment as its attempts to merge with AT&T hasn’t come through.

(Time Inc could snatch up DC Entertainment and turn it into a webcomics portal and Disney would do similarly with Marvel once Dark Horse loses the licence to Alien.)

As Marvel and Fox are owned by Disney, the latter could aggressively monopolise the media landscape more effectively. DC, now being a subsidiary of Time Inc, would be another small fish but on par with King Features Syndicate and Universal Features Syndicate in having lots of recognisable comics characters like Peanuts or Superman.

To be fair, the same thing will happen to even lesser powers like Image and Fantagraphics should they ever become webcomics portals proper. If Disney were to become a near-monopoly, Marvel could easily become the world’s largest webcomics portal containing a plethora of characters from Ellen Ripley to Mickey Mouse and Tigra.

That’s the thing people are worried about Disney when it comes to streaming. Though Netflix has grown handsomely, but with Disney having substantial stake in its rival Hulu things could get worse for competition once Disney completes its merger with Fox.

Not necessarily Disneyified

I don’t think Disney will tamper a lot with the Alien franchise but would have comics made by and distributed through Marvel instead. That already happened to Star Wars and Dark Horse could revoke its licence again with Alien. Judging from the more explicit Marvel Netflix productions, I suspect Disney would turn Marvel into a surrogate Touchstone.

In the sense of making more adult stories not under the Disney banner. (Stuff like Blackhawk Down and Splash were technically and arguably Disney films, just under the Touchstone label and ironically some of them made money.) Logically Disney already does with ABC, where Desperate Housewives should arguably be as Disney as Mickey Mouse is.

So is The View where one suspects it’s been used to publicise Disney and Marvel developments especially with regards to Female Thor (though there’ve been other Female Thors before, both canon and fandom so). As Disney acquired Fox, one suspects it would’ve effectively make Touchstone redundant.

Disney won’t tamper with Alien as much as it’ll continue releasing it through Fox and have Marvel replace Alien in producing and distributing associated comics instead.

No one can hear you

Since Disney bought Fox, I have a feeling that like with Star Wars via Lucasfilm Dark Horse would revoke its Alien licence and give it to Disney instead. That already happened before with The Star Wars being published by Dark Horse using a prototype of the better known product. After all, scripts often undergo revisions so certain elements may either be lost or altered.

Unsurprisingly that would’ve been true for Alien and Star Wars where the plot and characters themselves could’ve turned out differently. It may not always be perfect with Disney characters proper being published by other publishers such as Egmont Media and IDW Comics.

But it could happen anytime as Disney will eventually turn Marvel into a webcomics portal to house many of its acquired properties from Fox. This already happened to Star Wars before, it could happen to Alien anytime soon.

Big Mouse

That’s been around for a few months and is already showing to some extent with Disney offering merchandise for Fox’s Avatar, which would’ve been something like ‘laos’ by now if you’re Filipino. The film was big like nearly a decade ago, about the same time Twilight was still hot enough to be mocked. I guess with Fox subsumed by Disney, Disney would end up distributing Fox’s ‘adult’ movies too.

Ironically Disney itself was distributed by the late and lamented Radio Pictures studio. That was when it was a struggling animation studio, though with an Italian branch underway as well as licenced book and comic book merchandise. As Disney was a struggling animation studio, it inevitably recycled certain animations for productions like Robin Hood.

Eventually it got much bigger in the last decades of the 20th century, acquiring and starting brands that made a lot of bank. Not just the Disney Renaissance but also Pirates of the Caribbean which was originally a park attraction. It acquired ABC and eventually Marvel Comics, which itself was a struggling publishing house with several franchises licenced to various production houses.

Disney could’ve bought MGM, which is now a struggling production studio with many of its library snapped up by Warner Brothers (including Tom and Jerry). It’s now left with James Bond, Pink Panther (as I recall) and a few others. A weird reversal of fortune considering that MGM was a big production studio before on par with Warner Brothers and Universal.

This makes sense if someone read mid-20th century film books to know how hot MGM was before. But Disney ended up with Fox, which is arguably already a successful film studio in its own right. So for whatever reason, as predicted by the Simpsons, Disney bought Fox and not only has the rights to Star Wars’s soundtrack (having bought Lucasfilm before) but also to other Marvel properties like X-Men.

Disney has yet to integrate the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it’s too early to say. But since Alien’s a Fox property and Disney both bought Fox and Marvel, Dark Horse will not only terminate its Alien licence but also would hand it to Marvel as it did with Star Wars before. That’s a possibility given Disney would do with Fox in the future.

Modest for merchandise

Superhero costumes for movie productions and the like may differ from the comics in some regards. I suspect putting Catwoman in a catsuit’s the best thing to ever happen to her once it hits comics and animations it would’ve been easier to draw her this way than if she were in a gown. This would’ve been the same reason why Raven in most of her animated appearances wears a leotard instead.

Poison Ivy’s similar in that some of her costumes were either too difficult to draw or too skimpy to show up elsewhere so much so that her first live action appearance is that of Uma Thurman in a modest, plain green catsuit instead. Black Canary has sensibly switched fishnets for opaque tights in cartoons and should’ve been the easiest to redesign without altering much details.

So a good number of superheroines become modest for various reasons, whether for animation ease or censorship as well as dealing with actresses’ preferences and stuff.

Golden Queens

I’m reviewing Shawn James’s Isis: All That Glitters Script and to be honest, it puts many published comics to shame. Published comics are just as sexist but this one seemed to be downright daft. I mean both Power Girl and Emma Frost (characters similar to ‘Golden Shine’) wear skimpy white clothing but also have their modest moments based on what I can remember as I hardly read comics and am pretty forgetful in reality.

Poor Power Girl could’ve been subjected to having things bounce off her chest (as I remember, it probably didn’t happen much) so much so that there are attempts to put her in a more modest outfit because of that and lately really has something permanent to cover that boob-hole. As for Emma Frost, she certainly has her frumpy moments (whatever that means) but if she were to replace Golden Shine, she’d just turn into diamond instead which is saying.

Like I said, published cape comics aren’t any better but are generally doing their best to tone down sexism and other offensive content as much as they can (they actually care about their readers, something certain sexist fanboys don’t get). As these get wider distribution, it’s inevitable that DC and Marvel aren’t as tone-deaf as some make them out to be and are trying their hardest to pander to every demographic.

(I said before that the real problem with Marvel is that it can’t please everybody, not because of SJWs.)

The only other way is to publish actual pornography, which DC and Marvel for all their moments, will never subject their characters to that as these appear on children’s merchandise! (Class Comics and their ilks are more willing to publish superhero smut but they’re never intended to appeal to children so.)

Shawn James may not write pornography but the way he writes female characters seems as if he doesn’t have much experiences with women. He certainly does but mostly of the negative variety to the point where the sentiment alternates from wariness to idealisation especially towards certain women assuming he had been abused by one of his female relatives or something.

If that’s the case, that could explain why he and his MGTOW cohorts can’t stand certain women and idealise some, especially if these are more complacent and stuff. Either way, it explains the way he portrays female characters.