Fighting back with examples

As to why God can be irritable and vindictive I’ll give you examples for you to get this.

Ex 1:

Caitlin Snow gets kicked out of the Justice League for killing people and livestock as a wolf, she even killed Amanda Waller and had the superheroes scolding her for it.

Ex 2:

Stephanie Brown flies into a fury whenever Tim Drake flirts with other girls and/or if he lazes around to the point where she nags at and slaps him and his other girls for it.

Damn those wolves

Bear in mind that some of the Christian and Zoroastrian distrust for wolves still holds today. There are people who do welcome wolves but there are others who don’t especially if they farm. As if the suspicion of wolves taking sheep makes sense.

And most especially the wolf in sheep’s clothing. As if Caitlin Snow tries to appear good to the Justice League even though she secretly steals and kills people and livestock that once caught she got kicked out for it. The farmer will always find ways to deter wolves.

Let’s not forget that if it weren’t for farmers constantly guarding livestock, we wouldn’t get leather, cheese, meat and wool which some people continue to rely on and treasure. As if Superman’s often wary of Caitlin Snow, seeing as she’s able to kill livestock in wolf form.

Again wolves can’t be trusted in those cases and neither does Caitlin (especially if she’s caught dead threatening to kill Amanda Waller).

A deal with the bad guy

It’s actually been said elsewhere that not only do some musicians dabble in the occult themselves but also allegedly make a deal with the Devil. In some form or another if you believe some Christian bloggers. Possibly the most blatant examples are David Bowie and John Lennon.

Both were struggling musicians who seem to insult Christianity and dabble in the occult or Hinduism. Both of them became rich and famous fairly soon. So to speak, it’s as if DC’s Caitlin Snow actually made a deal with Trigon to gain Captain Cold’s powers and to join the Justice League despite her young age.

To put it this way David Bowie made a deal with the Devil whenever he dabbles in the occult and took on some of Aleister Crowley’s characteristics. Not all musicians and celebrities in general do this, let alone for long if they’ve changed for the better. But it seems some musicians do dabble in the occult to gain power.

However risky that is.

Fooling you all along

To give you the idea of Satan deceiving people, what if DC’s Caitlin Snow’s actually a magical werewolf who steals people’s powers to better deceive them. In this case, she actually stole it from both Louise Lincoln (one of her victims) and Captain Cold (an actual ice metahuman linked to Firestorm). She’s also a shapeshifter.

Satan appears as an angel of light, Caitlin Snow appears as a heroine and has been shown to impersonate heroes and victims like Louise Lincoln and Raven. (She’s also the same age as Tim Drake.) Or if Tim deceives Steph so that he can date other girls. Until Steph beats him up for it. So it’s not a good idea to trick people.

Especially when you do something shady.

She’s definitely a predator

Some of these are takes on familiar Bible verses (to some people):

Caitlin Snow is a ravenous wolf. Every morning she devours prey and every evening she causes havoc. (Genesis 49.27)

Caitlin, like wolves tearing prey, by shedding blood and gaining somebody else’s powers. (Ezekiel 22.27)

There Bart Allen will destroy them. Caitlin Snow will destroy them, but Bart watches over the cities. Everyone who goes out of them shall be tom to pieces, because their transgressions are many, their weaknesses are numerous. (Isaiah 5.6)

Beware of Caitlin Snow, who comes to you as Louise Lincoln but inwardly she’s a ravenous wolf. (Matthew 7:15)

Wonder Woman and Black Canary are like long-suffering farmers whose livestock are often attacked by Caitlin Snow. After their departure, Caitlin Snow will come in, not sparing any life. (Acts 20.29)


Don’t trust the she-wolf

To speak about false prophets, as if DC’s Caitlin Snow actually manipulated her way into the Justice League with the intention of eating them as a wolf. Caitlin is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, a predatory pretending to be prey. She pretends to be a Justice Leaguer so that she can kill them.

Like any wolf, Caitlin’s sneaky enough to take advantage of situations like preying on livestock, somebody’s pet bird and wild animals whenever the team’s not looking. And there are consequences for it. Once caught killing animals and people, she gets kicked out for what she’s doing.

No matter how innocent they seem, wolves still pose a threat to not only the food industry but also the fashion industry when it comes to wool. Caitlin poses a threat to the Justice League, especially when she’s actually Gorilla Grodd’s spy.

Not a Mary Sue

Honestly, characters like Carol Danvers aren’t Mary Sues. But in the sense that whereas fanfic Mary Sues are loved and arguably this treated well from the get-go to the end in a way, Carol Danvers was often a punching bad until recently. If you’ve got a character who’s been underestimated and mistreated for so long that it’s about time to treat them nicely.

That’s not to say Mary Sues aren’t always treated nicely, flawless or whatever but there’s an air of idealisation (that’s if such a character’s supposed to represent the fan) that escapes Carol Danvers. Danvers, to my knowledge, wasn’t meant to be a fan and had lots of problems like alcoholism before. Not only that, she was also treated badly.

This isn’t because I like her but because I don’t think she’s a Mary Sue at all.