Kind of harrowing but

Sophie’s Choice’s disturbing for many reasons but the biggest being that the mother’s uncertain whether to allow her family to survive or not. Eventually only one of them got taken away to spare the rest. Consider what’ll happen in the Flash should Caitlin Snow become a werewolf. After killing so many innocent civilians for torturing animals, Barry’s confronted with either killing Caitlin to spare people’s lives or let her live and kill a lot more.

He opts for the former, given he’s hellbent on punishing her for killing his closest friends and family. However wolf fans would be really outraged at this, never mind that those people are the ones he cares a lot and to make matters worse, people feel worse for the killer wolf rather than her victims being a bunch of POCs.

(Kind of racist given Barry cares about them yet wolf fans don’t consider the context.)

There’s a reason why Red Riding Hood and Wolf and the Kids have so much staying power. If that’s your pet or child killed by a wild beast, wouldn’t you be reasonably livid about it? Maybe not always but it does resonate deeply if you care about them. Anyways it’s inevitable in this context so fans should brace for Barry to kill Caitlin for killing so many innocents in her wake.

Barry’s choice

Given werewolf Caitlin Snow might end up killing so many civilians by allowing her baser tendencies to get the better of her, Barry Allen would be left with a Sophie’s choice. Either by allowing her to live and kill so many more people or to kill her himself and spare so many more. I guess it might be controversial if because more people pitied the killer wolf over the killer wolf’s black victims.

Never mind that those black victims are shown to be Barry’s relatives and allies. I mean it’s like black lives matter less than a wild animal’s never mind that with Caitlin Snow as an evil werewolf, Barry Allen’s justifiably mad at her for killing his trusted friends and family. Going so far to kill her as to avenge them. But wolf fans won’t like it never mind that Barry had to save more people this way.

Never mind the inevitable Red Riding Hood undertones. (Sadly almost nobody mourned the loss of Barry’s friends and family even if canonically he does care about them.) It’s going to be unpopular with wolf fans despite Barry’s intentions to save many more people in-story.

Bad Winter Weather

Like I said, turning Caitlin into an evil werewolf (albeit one occurring after she got raped only to kill her rapist and use his DNA as well as those of canids to augment herself and cure herself of ALS) would be really devastating. Not only would she become really livid from what’s done to her but in allowing Killer Frost to take over, she becomes uncontrollably violent and evil.

Until she gets killed by Barry Allen (twice if you include the comics). I mean it’s like Little Red Riding Hood when you think about it. Not to mention reminiscent of Alan Moore’s Marvelman stories when it comes to having similar plot points (as well as that of Twilight of the Superheroes). Though one wonders if it’s going to provoke wolf fans before. (Sadly enough, that overwhelms Barry’s good intents canonically speaking.)

It’s like a Sophie’s choice where Barry has to kill Caitlin to keep many more innocents safe or have her live and lose so many more. Given Barry opted the former, it leads to another problem over why so many more lost their cool over the killer rather than the victim. Especially if it’s a black victim at that.

Even if Barry’s actions were justified, it’ll divide people. Never mind that he risked saving more civilians this way by killing Caitlin Snow with an infinite mass punch, given she killed his family.

Murder, she committed

Like I said, should Caitlin Snow become a werewolf (from being raped by Ralph Dibny, who also killed her pets) that’s ironically when Snowbarry becomes a thing. I mean she tries to avenge her rape not only by killing Ralph Dibney (and then getting his DNA as well as those of dogs and wolves) but also allowing the Killer Frost persona to take over and cure herself of ALS. (That sounds a lot like what Alan Moore did in his Marvelman stories.)

Then she goes on impersonating Iris West from killing her (Twilight of the Superheroes) and uses her dogs to torment people with out of revenge only to have them and herself killed by Barry Allen. That’s where the comparisons to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures creep in especially with using animal abuse as a plot device and accusations of dog hatred despite contrary evidence though its own author might regret it.

Not to mention the inevitable Red Riding Hood undertones with Barry being that elephant in the room (it’s even played straight in DC Comics with Wally being her victim as well as in Young Justice and Justice League Action).

Mad Caitlin Snow

I think Caitlin Snow going wolf (from being raped by Ralph Dibny who also killed her pets and wolves only to avenge this from using his and their DNA to cure herself of ALS and allow Killer Frost to fully take over*) is ironically when Snowbarry becomes a thing. As in she goes berserk, trying to kill anybody who’ll harm her going so far to kill Barry’s entire family only to impersonate his wife (and have Barry kill her when he reveals her ruse).

I think there are a lot of Snowbarry shippers who can’t stand Iris and prefer Caitlin instead of her. But when it does happen, especially with Caitlin being a savage rape victim hellbent on killing so many people for allegedly raping her and torturing her pets is when they think it’s misogynistic. But it does bring up other problems, first it implies that their disdain for Iris West can be misogynistic.

Second with Caitlin being Gorilla Grodd’s werewolf spy in the comics and with her killing Wally, it makes her inclusion in the Justice League dubious when that gets found out (and Barry killing her for it). Third, there’s the inevitable Red Riding Hood undertones with Barry logically being Little Red Riding Hood himself. It even gets played out straight in Young Justice and Justice League Action.

I mean reinventing Caitlin Snow into an evil werewolf opens up a can of worms, considering the inevitable Red Riding Hood undertones.

*See also Alan Moore’s take on Marvelman and replace Caitlin with Johnny Bates.

Twilight of Caitlin Snow

Given I compared Caitlin becoming a werewolf from being raped to Alan Moore’s take on Marvelman and Twilight of the Superheroes to a lesser degree, it’s frightening that some of the things Moore pointed out in the latter only came to actual fruition with Caitlin Snow. I mean in DC Comics proper, Caitlin’s revealed to be a werewolf spy (whose DNA got tampered by Gorilla Grodd to make ice to better infiltrate the Justice League) who killed Wally West and gets killed by Barry.

On television, Caitlin Snow gets raped by Ralph Dibny (who also kills her pets) and in retaliation, she kills him only to get his DNA (as well as her pets and those of wolves) to not only avenge her rape in the most twisted way but also fulfill the Snowbarry ship (that’s when she kills Iris only to impersonate her to seduce Barry with) and to cure her ALS by allowing the Killer Frost to take over her. Again there’s Twilight and Marvelman killed with one stone.

Not to mention with the Flash being the elephant in the room, it also brings out the inevitable Red Riding Hood undertones when she becomes a werewolf at all. (Thus making her inclusion as a superheroine pointless when she’s revealed to be a spy in the comics.)

Snowbarry happened…badly

Ironically with Caitlin being a werewolf and a rape victim (of a drunken Ralph) is the only situation where Snowbarry becomes a thing as well as killing Iris West off. (However that’s when Caitlin kills her only to impersonate her to rape Barry out of revenge for what he did to her when drunk and after her pets died by killed by somebody else.) When Snowbarry does become canon with drunk Barry and evil werewolf Caitlin, that’s when it gets really twisted.

Caitlin gets raped and has her pets killed, she gets revenge from getting their DNA and her first victim (Ralph Dibny, a shapeshifter). She goes on killing so many lives, impersonating her victims (Ralph and Iris) on multiple occasions only to be killed by Barry Allen for the damage and suffering she’s done. To be fair, similar things have happened in Alan Moore’s Marvelman stories. But it’s also ironically where Comicsgate works it way up to the CW.

Sounds twisted but given their misogyny and transphobia, Caitlin becoming a crazed shapeshifting villainness from being raped (only to be killed by Barry) fits into it.