Banking in Florence

Florence was at some point one of the earliest banking hubs in history largely due to people finding a way around the usury ban as it was forbidden before (and still is in some Muslim countries if I remember). Usury is the practise of charging interest, albeit one that had to be circumvented for others as they have to find other ways to make their ends meet. Especially if it’s for survival reasons.

I suspect that’s how the Medici family started out as, assuming the earliest Medici (Medico di Pontone) was actually a doctor and though his subsequent relatives still dabble in medicine via medical gardens, it probably wasn’t enough to make their ends meet. They certainly did have a habit of selling medicines before but had to diversify to make more money.

I suspect that’s actually how they got into banking. Though the same can be said of any once struggling family that had to resort to the most dubious tactics. Dante Alighieri may’ve suspected it but one of his relatives had to to support its family from losing a lot of money before.

(As somebody who had aristocratic aspirations and pretensions, he may’ve lucked out through a direct descendant of his marrying into aristocracy.)

Built like her

Again I can vividly remember going to a Comic Vine forum about how built should Wonder Woman be and to be fair, with Gal Gadot having military training beforehand should make her just right enough for the role. Her acting skills could be dubious but at least casting directors actually found the right person to portray Wonder Woman this time around.

On the second thought, as Kellie Everts/Rasa von Werder is one of the very few very muscular women with naturally big breasts (these would also include the Williams sisters) most other female bodybuilders get breast implants. It’s almost as if every superheroine (in comic books at least) are built like Kellie Everts.

Marvel’s Elektra was actually inspired by another bodybuilder Lisa Lyon though one supposes this didn’t last long once latter cartoonists arrived and didn’t get the reference or inspiration. Not that flat-chested superheroines don’t exist but that there aren’t enough consistently flat-chested ones at that even what they’re doing should shrink their breasts as most can’t be bothered to get breast implants.