He’s kind of short…

I think I remember a Comic Book Resources thread where posters discuss about characters having imperfect bodies. I remember somebody suggesting that Catwoman, being a gymnast, ought to be shorter and more muscular than Talia, another Bat character. If you wanted me to be honest, Barry Allen’s really the sort of man more at home playing football but that’s also implying that Barry might be more athletically inclined that most would realise as well as me being into football and my father running every weekend.

(Jay Garrick actually started out as an actual athlete who became a scientist though it could be his own authors/creators having some interest in or experience of it in some manner or another.)

Also, Nightwing’s supposed to be a gymnast and realistically he’d be much shorter than Batman and Red Hood but that’s also implying that he’s not ‘grown up’. Never mind that real life gymnasts are usually short anyways. I also envision Barbara Gordon to be tall and skinny, like fashion model skinny with some muscle tone. This might not be unique to superheroes as even other kinds of comics can be guilty of it.

There’s a reason why some fanartists give characters diverse body types because these don’t exist much in the canon to begin with. There’s also body fat percentages where while it may get skewered by gender, it’s also complicated by the exact percentage depending on how often they exercise and eat. Hunter gatherers, especially Pygmies are certainly fit but not excessively muscular and need more fat to survive.

I think Tigra and Caitlin Snow, being part carnivous animals, might be built more like hunter gatherers in this respect. (Comes to think of it, male Jojo characters have gotten slimmer and though still fit, it’s reasonable given the author references fashion magazines a lot and that they let their familiars do the heavy work so users themselves could and should justify having 12-15% body fat.)

Barry Allen would have as much body fat as most footballers and sprinters do. Ad infinitum. It’s not just how large their bones and muscles should be but also the amount of body fat they have that’s helpful for allowing more bodily diversity.

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