Things I want to see in comic books

–Comic books are becoming less superhero centric as according to data, a good number of readers have left superhero comics for Japanese manga and other comics for genre diversity. That’s not to say superheroes themselves will entirely disappear, but I have a feeling that it takes some factors to make them less superhero centric and more on different kinds of stories that other readers will read. Expect superheroes to become a minority in American comics publishing, expect DC and Marvel to actually publish more than superheroes as they’ve done before.

–Less emphasis on interconnected, complex continuity in favour of self-contained miniseries to be the norm in American comics. This will shake up the industry and also those of other comic book scenes elsewhere in the world where self-contained miniseries become the norm in comics publishing as they’re less intimidating to those not so well-versed in age old continuity. If this becomes the case in comic books all over the world, that would be a good thing for first time readers as they don’t have to deal with decades of continuity.

–Comic book artists and writers get paid like their prose and storybook counterparts, where they also receive royalties in writing those kinds of stories. Also I think even if work for hire remains in comics, they’ll become the minority as more and more comics are creator-owned for the better. If work for hire becomes the minority in comics, that’s going to shake up the industry along with paying writers and artists much more along with their royalties being paid.

What to do with comic books?

Somebody said that comic books and especially those in America aren’t that lucrative a career choice not helped by that many comics magazines appeal to a narrow audience and coupled with poor pay makes it harder for many cartoonists and writers to live comfortably, hence Hero Initiative helping those souls out. A career in say comic strips wouldn’t be any better except that it does help a cartoonist live comfortably, that’s something where they can near full control over with regards to royalties.

That same person said that one must have a second job to support oneself in comics, especially in more lucrative fields like animation and toy design that makes somebody live more comfortably. My take would be that it’s better to turn creator owned comic books into a lucrative brand when it comes to licencing stuff and having royalties be paid or something. If I were in his position, I’d say it’s wise to take up a career in picture books as that’s more lucrative and also a good transition to comic books.

If I have a comic book, I have to licence it a lot with merchandising in the form of notebooks, pad paper, calendars, clothing and greeting cards to make ends meet. It wouldn’t be perfect but it does help in getting money, especially for creator-owned properties like these. My suggestion’s to expand the brand to include more lucrative products such as story books and calendars to help make ends meet, especially if going into comic books is a risky venture.

This too wouldn’t be perfect but creator owned properties need to be treated like brands just so creators can earn more money in the side. You wouldn’t necessarily be a millionaire but at least you can lead a comfortable life enough to buy more resources needed to spend on the comic books you’re making. Especially when it comes to more merchandising and licencing of creator owned properties.

Blond Hair, Blue Eyes

It’s a cliche where if somebody has blond hair, they must have blue eyes in many cases that may be so but then again when it comes to Solomon Islanders having blond hair and brown eyes, shouldn’t there be room for blonds who aren’t blue eyed in general? If blond hair can go with brown eyes as with Solomon Islanders, it can also go well with green and hazel eyes in other cases. The genes for blond hair isn’t located on the same chromosome as the gene for blue eyes so there ought to be room for blonds with brown and green eyes if this is to be believed.

Though recessive traits do go hand in hand, I still don’t think blonds are necessarily nor exclusively blue eyed as there’s room for brown-eyed blonds among the Solomon Islanders and there’s room for blonds with green or hazel eyes. But blond hair and blue eyes is a classic cliche that can’t die, even if it’s possible for blonds to be brown and green-eyed the blue-eyed cliche won’t die down even if not all blonds necessarily fit the bill. If not all blonds are dumb, there’s room for smart ones out there or at least the more levelheaded variety. Not all blonds have blue eyes, so there ought to be room for those with brown and green eyes as well.

Selling stuff

I began selling stuff for around 20 pesos in 2020 where I sold face masks to my relatives and now I want to sell more stuff, I’ve sold a skirt to one of my siblings and I want to sell more skirts for around 200 pesos apiece. I need to brush up on my selling skills so that I can support myself and buy the things I wanted, I need to have two jobs to support myself and buy whatever I wanted or needed.

I may not be a millionaire but enough to support myself and buy the resources I needed when it comes to selling and making more stuff for people to buy, I need to expand my customer base to include nonrelative customers so that I can do business with them more often. It will not be easy given the situation of COVID but I still want to sell more stuff to people, earn money along the way and buying more to make more.