The lad’s left without his mother

And dog, got hazed in school

Mad at his father for not

Helping him out as he’s

In trouble, tries to help

Him but still regrets not

Intervening even as he

Struggles to make friends

With others but still distrusts

Everybody following misfortune.


She distrusted her mother

For not helping out her

After misfortune happened

She tried to forgive her but

Still can’t let go as she’s

Busy rebuilding her life

Mother tries to help again

And feels sorry for her

Then they get along.


She’s jobless following divorce

Penniless, helpless and mad at

Her mother for not helping her

Out, turning to somebody else

To assist her through whatever

Situations she gets into no matter

How awkward or reluctant but

Because she has nothing else

To do and to have for now.

She lost

She lost everything following

Divorce, her husband’s away

Burning away her books

She has nobody else to help

Her, even her dogs vanished

Until her cousin intervened

Despite such disputes but

Because she distrusts people

Even her own mother as

Her troubles escalated looking

To reinvent and renew herself.