Kon and Jim are brothers

Jim’s older but he too

Needs protection and

Had to hold onto Kon.


Jim’s very pale and he

Mustn’t fail at what he

Does for Conner as

Their parents left.

Big brother

Jimmy had the burden

Of albinism as he’s

In the garden but

He had Kon on his mind.


Reminded to care for him

Wearing his father’s shoes

Grew into a brilliant man

A grueling time to mature.

Little brother

Jimmy and Conner lost

A family that it costs

A lot for Jimmy to

Look after Conner.


Buying him books

Getting overworked

Trying not to forget

Flying together.


Conner pitied Jimmy

He’s witty and pale

Mailing him with sunscreen

Away from demeaning strangers.


Jimmy had to focus

Feeling concussing

Discussing about it.


Pale and disabled

Never failing and unable

To be a good brother.


Can’t smother Conner

Can’t bother him either

Dearth of their parents.


He had to prevent badness

Mad at not being able to catch

Up but he hatches new ideas.

Brothers together

Jimmy and Conner band

Together as they landed

Jimmy handles Conner.


Their parents died

Jimmy tried his best

Staying out of the sun.


Not letting Conner be

Shunned, never forgetting

As they’re family forever.


Jimmy had to protect Conner

After detecting something bad

Glad to be together but still

Sad at their parents’ demise.


Conner had to give Jimmy

An umbrella as he’s living

With albinism, paler than

Most but never failing to parent.