Vive la difference

There’s been a comparison between Robert Mapplethorpe and Rotimi Fani-Kayode, both of them are gay photographers but then again Fani-Kayode’s black so his approach to depicting black men’s much more nuanced and much less othered than say Mapplethorpe’s take. Likewise I could say many of the same things about Ajamu X and David Gregham where I think the latter does fetishise and other black men.

David Gregham’s white and fascinated with black men that he others and idealises them, the black men presented in his photographs are often very muscular with little to no room for any real variation in body types (unlike say in Ajamu X where he does allow for some diversity in body shape). Mapplethorpe also idealised black men in a similar manner where they’re often muscular and well-endowed whereas Fani-Kayode mocked this.

Especially whenever the penis is either obscured by a fish or painted, to put it this way when it comes to Ajamu X though he’s fascinated with male sex organs he’s also done modest portraits of black people and that’s a real diversity not found in Gregham’s work. There’s a repetitive, idealised quality to it where the black men there are often very muscular and nude giving an idea of his ideal black man as some white gay men have.

Maybe that’s why black gay men are irritated with their white counterparts, they don’t fit the stereotypes themselves (there’s room for black drag queens as opposed to the expected gay stereotype of hypermasculine, muscular thuggish characters). Gregham does have room for nonblack men but he does idealise black men a lot to the point where you notice an expected stereotype of black men in his work.

Ajamu X doesn’t idealise black men that much, he’s black himself and has a more nuanced take on black men where they range from non-sexualised face portraits to cross-dressing (there’s one photograph of a man in a bra, another in high heels) that’s absent in Gregham’s work. Both of them are gay, but Ajamu X doesn’t present a stereotype of black men as much as he provides an alternative to the stereotypes people have of black men.

Ajamu X does photograph himself in the nude, but I still think that’s different from Gregham’s idealisation of black men that’s when you see the difference between the two approaches and why Ajamu X’s take’s the less othering of the two.

Michael Jackson’s paedophilia

Something of an open secret, even though some of his fans are in denial when it comes to Michael Jackson’s sexual attractions he doesn’t seem strongly attracted to adult women as he is to underaged boys. Actually even without the paedophilia Michael Jackson’s an irresponsible man who has a habit of dumping boys whenever they got older and leaving out porn in their presence. I’m inclined to think that his attitude to children’s not sincerely loving, let alone sincerely platonic if it weren’t for James Safechuck and Wade Robson stating that he molested them as children.

There’s an essay on implying that Michael Jackson didn’t just identify with Peter Pan but also the inspiration behind him being Pan, the god who lusted after youngsters and so identified with paedophiles with a magazine bearing his namesake. If true, then Michael Jackson did identify as a paedophile albeit in private where he did things alluding to things other paedophiles are into. Whether if it’s him reading paedophile books (to the point where he may’ve masturbated to those) or him molesting children makes me think his attraction to boys isn’t innocent.

He’s willing to groom boys and their families, exploiting them a lot and having sex with them as alleged by other people. His attraction isn’t innocent and he does sexualise young boys, that’s if it weren’t for his collection of books that become child erotica (those kinds of books are borderline porn with sexual innuendo and appeal to other paedophiles). For a while in my life, I listened to Michael Jackson’s music, defended him and thought he’s innocent.

But now thanks to the likes of Leaving Neverland, Michael Jackson’s paedophilia becomes blatant whenever he identified with Pan (a character that appealed to paedophiles, giving a strong clue to Jackson’s true sexual orientation). I don’t think Michael Jackson’s gay in the sense of being attracted to adult men as gay and bisexual men do, but rather he obsessed over young boys and sexualised them enough to be molested by him. He even groomed them with video games and movies, the better to manipulate them.

And why I stopped supporting him upon watching Leaving Neverland and similar media.

What she and he said

My lola said that God gave us abilities and talents which we should use to glorify and honour him, as well as her telling me about Moses being found as a baby in a basket by the pharaoh’s daughter who was bathing there. One of the women who helped Jochebed (Moses’s, Miriam’s and Aaron’s mother) is Saffra, that’s what my lola told me today. She told me that we should read the Bible every day, attend church and then when coronavirus is over we can go to Montalban.

I was having a hard time in Cubao where I was nervous because I wanted Paul to suffer in a fire, so I compulsively read verses that confirmed and affirmed my desires and Lola said that God will answer it in time. When I went to the car, I told my uncle that I got a job of sorts by selling facemasks but he told me that these are of poor quality whenever I used yarn strings and that made me want to improve on something if I were to make another facemask,

That was a good day and I hope you enjoy reading this.

Complimentary Colours

I feel as if when it comes to computers and printing presses, the actual complimentary colours are different from those learnt in art class. For instance cyan compliments red, yellow compliments blue and magenta compliments green. In printing, red’s born out of yellow and magenta then green’s born out of cyan and yellow and blue’s born out of cyan and magenta. In computers, magenta’s born from red and blue, yellow’s born from red and green and cyan’s born from blue and green.

In a sense that art class can be wrong when it comes to complimentary colours and why I feel computers have this right. Magenta is a colour that appears in the absence of green, whereas red and cyan compliment each other a lot as do blue and yellow. Red and green don’t complement each other as well as red and cyan do, this is something art class gets it wrong when it comes to colours complimenting each other especially whenever red and green are so close to each other to create yellow.

So in computers, yellow, cyan and magenta are the secondary colours of blue, red and green which’s reversed in printing presses and why I think more artists need to take note of this. Red doesn’t compliment green, it goes orange whenever it’s near green and why cyan makes red look redder.

Iginio Straffi

He’s the creator of Winx Club, a popular animated cartoon that once aired on Cartoon Network if my memory serves as well as the founder of Rainbow SRL an animated studio that bought another one called Bardel. He used to do comics, especially for Editore Bonelli where he did some illustrations for a magazine I think. Iginio Straffi eventually came to do animation, especially when it comes to Tommy and Oscar which started out as a CD-Rom before expanding to an animated series.

He did other animated series such as Huntik, Prezzy, Monster Allergy and 44 Cats/44 Gatti, the latter’s based on a children’s song as well as films which one of them centered around gladiators called Gladiators of Rome. His studio Rainbow SRL has come a long way from being a humble studio that did a couple of animated series, with Winx Club raking in a lot of merchandise and brand awareness that propelled it to more success. Although he still owns Rainbow, it’s also co-owned by ViacomCBS an American company.

So by then, Winx Club airs on Nickelodeon (something owned by ViacomCBS). Rainbow SRL recently does some live action, which I forgot the names but don’t be surprised if Straffi’s eager to expand and encompass different media and genres.

Desire for cartoons

If I ever got to do animated cartoons, I’d write for animated specials that I’d oversee. I also want full creative control over the animations I’d do and overlook, or at least a good majority of it goes to me. There are creator-owned cartoons where they have near-full control over those, as well as comic strips being the subject of cartoon specials ranging from Peanuts (especially Peanuts) to Doonesbury at some point, the latter being relatively lesser known and more politically charged at that.

I’d like to look up to the Peanuts filmography for making cartoon specials based on my works, though I also really want them to be computer animated at that. Be it 3D CGI or Adobe Animate, that’s a sign that I want to reach out to animation, write scripts and watch over things. I don’t have enough experience in screenwriting, but I want to try it out just to do cartoon specials and stuff that I’d like to do in the future that’s should any of my comics work be adapted for animation.

Frock Flicks

It’s a website that does reviews of historical costumes in film and television, ranging from medieval times to the 20th century or so based on what I know from reading articles there. The most interesting one for me’s the one on the costumes in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast film where it points out how anachronistic Belle’s gown is, where I have a nagging feeling the costume designer also wanted something more historically accurate.

That’s a good point especially when it comes to wanting something that’s true to history but also compromising a lot by trying to evoke the design of the gown in the original animated film, which was shamefully given a more modern looking gown. The other gowns are on point, though that’s their opinion. Their review on the costumes in Wonder Woman is interesting as well, though I feel Wonder Woman’s gown is kind of very modern.

That’s my opinion of course, but Frock Flicks is a fascinating website for those who’re very interested in the presentation of historical dress in cinema and television.

Black male misogyny, again

Even if not all black men are necessarily this misogynistic, one way some black men are misogynistic is whenever they promote stereotypes of black women namely they often think of them as belligerent, unsubmissive, unfeminine/unladylike, going after thugs and attacking things they’re into such as Scandal so in this regard they do discriminate against women of their own kind.

I know one black man who often promotes stereotypes of black women in his work, often depicting fatter ones as hood rats despite being against stereotypes himself. (The same man also hates single mothers a lot, accusing them of every social ill some never committed.) If that’s not hypocritical, I don’t know what it is other than cattiness and spitefulness on the side of these black men spiting their own kind.

Not all black men are like this, but some are so misogynistic that it deserves to be notified and called out.

Black Male Misogyny

Though not all black men are this misogynistic and sexist, some of them are like this from my experience where you have those black men complaining a lot about domineering women, sneering at women and the things they like a lot and giving them flack whenever they date interracially. Some black men get so mad at black women dating white men that they insult and disrespect them a lot, which I’ve come to not stand at all.

Alternately speaking, some of these men pine after rather inaccessible women or women most women aren’t which’s unfair and misogynistic a standard given not everybody can fulfill those desires not even a hundred percent. You could be good looking but also assertive, butch and smelly or bad looking but obedient and cleanly even, things not too many of these men even consider because their standards for women are this high.

Some of these black men have a habit of nitpicking women, especially the ones they dislike and put the ones they like on a pedestal that it becomes an unfair standard for women who don’t fulfill this a hundred percent. They also blame single mothers a lot, even if that’s unfair for some of them as they could’ve lost their spouse to an early death and try their hardest to raise their children as much as possible that it’s disrespectful and demeaning.

In short, these men keep on chastising women for the littlest of things, have unrealistically high standards they can’t fulfill a hundred percent and they also chastise single mothers a lot.

Dual citizenship

I actually want dual citizenship, especially between the Philippines and Cameroon the latter for staying in an African country for so long as to know the culture and geography more intimately. Cameroon is bilingual in French and English, it’s called Africa in miniature as it contains different environments in a relatively narrow strip of land it has. I want to go there to look up on the way they currently treat their animals, what’s the situations of cats and dogs like there.

I want to know if cats and dogs are treated there, since I feel that the data about them’s scant so I want to go there in case if there’s not much known about them. As well as absorbing the comics scene there, I really do have a strong desire to go to Africa in the future to know more about comics and animals there. Aside from Cameroon, I want to go to Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire/Ivory Coast, Togo, Uganda and Rwanda to check out the same things I want to do in Cameroon.

If you’re Cameroonian, you can tell me about the animals there and I’d like to hear from you or read up on your comments soon.