She didn’t like him unitl

She met him again at a fair

Selling him stuff and then

She cooperated, found

Commonality, bound by

Intimacy in their pain.


Anime’s heirs

As anime enters its twilight years, should it ever disappear there’ll certainly be heirs. There are already publications and productions aping anime but to varying degrees of suspicion and success. Not to mention any Western live action adaptation of anime productions are met with derision and failure.

Western live action productions could end up moving in the direction of anime rather than adapting from it in how it’s approached. Hiroki Azuma discussed about database consumption or grouping and assembling traits due to the consumer-producer’s desires and interests before. This is notably evident in fanworks as well as pornography.

This is also apparent in various fanvids of existing productions and other video clips often edited and sometimes combined to odd effect. It’d be interesting to have the YouTube generation move onto proper filmmaking and chances are their approaches will be eerily similar to what Azuma said.

There’s also a growing use of digitally recreating actors for film and live productions as well as actors portraying entirely different characters in stop motion. They could end up adhering to database traits as predetermined by animators, producers and directors whenever they play such roles.

Auteurs become an afterthought, roles are expected to be assembled to generate a response in viewers. To be fair, there were already stock stereotypes and characters in acting before but this takes it to a new direction hewing closely to pornography and moe. After all, the new filmmakers have grown up on a database model for so long that it’s showing in their stories.

Old-timers would balk at their approaches just as they did with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg when the latter two were younger. That and publishing and video game corporations start approaching films and television like informercials for their products. This was there before but anime has perfected it and could spread to other industries in the future.

Downfall of the church

It can be argued that some of the biggest attacks to the Evangelical church isn’t just external but also internal and hypocritical at that. At least in America, Evangelicals tend to be pro-gun and pro-war whereas Jesus insisted on loving your enemies. This obsession with violence actually makes them no different from their ISIS counterparts in some regards.

If taken to a logical conclusion, this would be their downfall in addition to admitting queer clergy. In fact, they’re practically the new Pharisees in that they profess to believing in God but not practising the faith without knowing it. For all their belief in loving warfare, it’s not going to do them any favours once they start persecuting fellow believers for suspecting and criticising it.