The burning planet

The fires keep raging

Everything’s being burnt

Reduced to ash and null.


The love of Lorenzo de Medici

Like others have said, Lucrezia Donati is Lorenzo de Medici’s muse and sometimes mistress (that is if there’s any further evidence for her extramartial affairs with him). She is the daughter of a certain Manno Donati and Caterina de Bardi, the latter who came from the same family that Beatrice Portinari married into before and one that begat Lorenzo’s paternal grandmother!

Caterina de Bardi might be somewhat more distantly related than I’d make it out to be but close enough to be suspiciously odd in hindsight. Perhaps Mrs Piero de Medici (Lucrezia Tournabuoni) might’ve smart enough to marry her son off to a woman from the House of Orsini instead though this could be on of the reasons, albeit unconsciously so. Unsurprisingly for Lucrezia Donati, she married somebody else instead and bore a godchild to Clarice Orsini.

Said godson becomes a secretary to one of Lorenzo’s children who’s now a pope at the time. A twist of fate for Lorenzo’s muse in a way of an amusing coincidence.

The odd thing

The odd thing about the House of Donati is that though it begat the oft-forgotten wife of Dante, it also begat Lorenzo’s muse (and would-be mistress of sorts). A really odd twist of fate as Beatrice Portinari’s considered to be Dante’s muse. The ‘house’ of Portinari might still be around in some form but it’s odder still that the family Beatrice married into (House of Bardi) begat both Lucrezia Donati’s mother and Lorenzo’s paternal grandmother.

Genetic sexual attraction much. (Stranger still, the House of Tournabuoni is where Lorenzo’s mum came from merged with a remaining Medici line.) Either that the house of Portinari eventually faded to obscurity or a sort of cosmic revenge for Dante Alighieri for not mentioning his wife (he actually did in a way when it comes to gems and Beatrice-personaggia’s behaviour).

The Bizarro Beatrice

I suspect if somebody were to create the Divine Comedy using modified X-Men characters where instead of being superhuman, they’re practically dehumanised by being currently furries I would re-imagine Kitty Pryde as a leopardess and Storm/Ororo Munroe. The former did turn into a feline before and the latter was going to be feline. But considering that the leopard/lonza symbolises lust and Kitty Pryde was named after somebody else’s classmate, Kitty would practically and essentially be Bizarro Beatrice.

The Beatrice character is commonly thought to be named after Beatrice Portinari, Dante’s crush and was initially a stand-in for her, moreso in his earlier pre-comedy poems and perhaps only once in the Comedy. It makes sense if/since the only other Beatrice in question is his own daughter who got sent to a convent. If nuns are associated with holiness, possibly the Comedy’s Beatrice could be regarded as one if she’s used to represent beatitude.

There’s somebody who replied on this blog that Dante’s own wife may’ve* (partly) inspired the Beatrice character too which makes sense that the Beatrice character is what Boccaccio accuses Gemma of. If that’s the case, it makes sense that the Beatrice character morphed from an idealised love of sorts to practically being the poet/protagonist’s conscience.

If Beatrice-personaggia leads people to holiness (especially if the other Beatrice’s a nun) by scolding them for their sinfulness, then Kitty Pryde the leopardess leads men astray by complying with their sexual fantasies. The latter has been considered to be everybody else’s girlfriend which makes sense that she dated several men before. I guess Kitty’s the whore to Beatrice’s the Madonna.

Their trajectories are interesting to warrant more contrasts. Kitty Pryde went from being intended to be a normal girl to a blank slate for writers’ sexual fantasies. Beatrice-personaggia evolved from being obviously inspired by Dante’s first crush to a strange stand-in for both his daughter and his wife as one alleges, considering her behaviour.

*The reproduced comment: Gemma è Beatrice, nn l’avete capito? (Gemma is Beatrice, did you not understand?)

Men’s Physique

There’s been some talk of bodybuilders being not that ripped before, which is evident in many earlier bodybuilding material and contests. Men’s Physique is a division sometimes considered to mark the return of old school bodybuilding. If that ever is the case, it’s the most successful one at that. Of course it’s not without its own problems where some contestants still do drugs.

A good number of bodybuilders today have started out at that division and are moving onto newer ones like ‘classic physique’. It’s strange sounding to most people but for some reason it worked especially for ‘lesser’ divisions like men’s physique and bikini. Like I said, these aren’t without their own flaws and all but they’re successful enough to pique the interests of newcomers so.

Antipathy for the devil (and his dog)

Like I said before, I think the Christian disdain and abhorrence for dogs should be noted because it’s very much in line with Biblical and Abrahamic tradition. Even if it’s not always the case, it should still be remarked. In some church material involving demons and witchcraft, dogs are associated with hypersexuality, witchcraft and anger.

Even in a few texts where the dog’s loyalty is mentioned, it is still viewed with suspicion because it’s one of the sorcerer’s and demon’s favourite guises. In fact in some texts, it’s actually the most common guise so much so that the dog might not really and precisely represent loyalty as much as it represents caution.

I think that’s better because though dogs guard houses but because they’re so often subjected to demonic influence and usage that even those that admire their loyalty still find them suspicious on some level. Save for some African countries, that doesn’t happen much to sheep (the very animal that might represent loyalty better especially from a Christian perspective).

Churches didn’t just employ people to beat up dogs, at some point in Naples they even prohibited nuns from owning dogs. I’d argue it’s almost on par with cats in some regards especially if they share the same ecology to the point where they’d be interchangeable*.

*The Akan word for cat (okra) is the same as the one for soul and the word for dog is ‘okraman’.