Eulogy for a friend

Your time has come my friend

I’ve done my best to extend your

Time, helping you make the most

Out of it as I continue to care for

You but still worried for you and

Your legacy, I prayed for you, don’t

Know if I’ll let go of you and move

On because I fear losing you badly

I want you to get well but I still

Feel bad for losing you so soon.

Plea for a friend

I’m worried he’s sick and

I keep praying for his

Survival, he’ll recover

But God I’m so worried

For him that I want him

To survive long enough

To make the most of it

He could have his time

I just want him to survive

I fear losing him and

Please help us both, amen.

Eulogy for anime

Since some Japanese animation insiders and professionals have been saying that anime is dying, it should be unsurprising that something else would have to take its place. Africa is one such continent that nobody would’ve expected to churn out successful franchises but it has come close and achieved twice.
You have South Africa’s Supa Strikas which aired on the Disney Channel and Nigeria’s Bino and Fino. There are also others like Uganda catching up on that but one would have to wait for the biggest African animation franchise to date which could be a watershed moment for the entire industry over there.
The former two have some degree of international appeal but it would be amusing to have an African animation take the world by storm big time. It could even affect anime channels. Animax by then would have to diversify its offerings to include more non-Western and non-Japanese animation.
It could even rebrand itself as the channel for international animation as it can’t go on reairing old Japanese programmes anymore. Conversely speaking, even Western animation will step up and produce more adult-oriented productions that rival their Japanese counterparts in quantity and quality.
It’s probably already happening as Cartoon Network has been reported to be the fastest growing channel for young adults of all things! Should this trend continue, more anime fans would have to accept the fact and adapt to new trends or give up anime altogether.


At this point, Japan’s already cooperating with other nations to ease its ailing gaming and animation industries. It’s been done before but it’s going to done en masse this time even if it can’t entirely save those two anymore. It makes sense given that Japan’s got a rapidly ageing, declining population that it would’ve inevitably accepted immigration if or when things get worse.
The same goes for working with foreigners. For franchises like Devil May Cry, it’s never going to be the last and only time they’ve worked with Westerners. More alarming is if DMC developers and producers start working with Italians, as the protagonist is based on Dante Alighieri (evident in his appearance and backstory) be prepared if he gets a nose job and a customised appearance based on said poet.
Working with foreigners could be their way of trying really hard to reach out to foreign markets, even if it doesn’t always succeed and given a declining, ageing domestic population they’d have to rely more on outsiders for help in times like these.

It has changed

At this point, it’s far more feasible for both DC and Marvel (heck any comics publisher) to forgo print for webcomics since they can easily avoid piracy this way. Why bother making others pay for online subscriptions when they can read comics online for free. DC and Marvel are big enough to easily support such stories.

But if they did seriously pursue webcomics, it might change the way they approach media adaptations. By then, it’s the telly and cinematic productions that are the research and development part with webcomics acting as the prototypes for video games. Be warned if the gaming industry outgrows and outstrips both television and cinema.

That makes sense as more and more people prefer to stream clips, with YouTube and the like catching up on it. That might be the case in the developed world but be warned if countries like Ethiopia immediately catch up on this. Now that’s something DC and Marvel need to pay attention to especially with recovering or rising economies like these.