Stop the Uncle Tom Madness

Like I said, Shawn James gave a pass for what’s practically a black stereotype. James Olsen is really a glorified Uncle Tom in that he mostly exists to assist Kara and you don’t see him hang out with other blacks so often. It’s very much like the way Uncle Toms are portrayed in that they’re differential and loyal to their white counterparts as to be their pets and helpmeets (which is what James did).


However some fans would think he’s selfish for wanting to spend more time with his own family (specifically an orphaned relative) even though that ironically makes him more important and interesting. James is now a character people don’t necessarily like but can relate to. There are orphans and single parent families. James is going to be in that camp. If he’s played by an unusually pale black character (it happens due to a defect), he’d be very nonstereotypical.


Too bad fans would rather stick to a stereotype than to an iconoclastic type.

Uncle Toms? In My Telly?

Shawn James is getting ridiculous in that he’s getting mad at one racebent character but goes after another who’s also a stereotype which is even worse. I say so because James Olsen is practically an Uncle Tom whereas Iris West actually got a family to hang out with. Maybe that’s premature as James will have a family to hang out with and look after too.

That’s one of the things that’ll keep a black character from being a token as well as making it accountable for its mistakes. It makes it interesting to discover and relate to. Otherwise if you take those away, it’s very boring. A shame why with S1 James (as things would change), Shawn James gave a pass despite being more stereotypical than Iris West will ever be.

(I’m also starting to think that while his complaints are justifiable, he’s also self-loathing.)


As I said before, the writer Shawn James has ridiculously high standards for what he wants in a woman. Instead of becoming disappointed by reality and moving onto something else for good, he keeps on complaining about women that don’t fit his standards. While these are reasonable, I somehow feel like he’s jealous because he’ll never get married and stuff.

Here’s his opinion, with my commentary:


Ad, you can’t get fired for dating in the workplace. But men who do so do it at their own risk these days. In today’s age of feminism dating women on the job is a crapshoot and should be avoided at almost all costs.

In Spinsterella, there were advantages to Shawn dating Matilda.

A character that’s based on himself and getting to do things he barely gets to do in person. I’m getting a strong Sonichu vibe where some androgynous eccentric invents an idealised self that actually gets into relationships and stuff.

1) she made more money than he did, (economic benefit)

Then he contradicts himself with complaining about a woman who makes more money than he did and not working in his department. I also think he’s projecting  his gold-digger tendencies onto others and it shows.

2) She did NOT work in his department, (No conflict of Interest/ did not see her every day)

Like I said in no. 1, he contradicted himself.

3) She knew the company better than he did and was looking to teach him about the corporate culture (Career advantage)

I wonder what would happen if he knew more than she did. Wouldn’t it be weird if this was reversed?

3) She initiated the relationship, (no case for sexual harassment)

She’s a dirty temptress and you fell for it.

4) she offered cooperation and respect and was looking to work with him in building his career, (Respect & Cooperation)

Why doesn’t he offer her cooperation and respect in return?

5)She had good family/Core values. (Helpmeet & Support)

What would happen if she hated kids and is a bitch to him?

6) She agreed to have a relationship on his terms. (Understood her role as a woman)

Then he came home seeing her masturbate with sex toys. (And realised she has a kink for something else.)

Matilda brought things to the table most females in the workplace today would not. So it was worth a risk.

I still wonder if Matilda were real, she wouldn’t be much better either. Alternately speaking, some of the women Shawn James complains about might have a lot more in common with him like being in a single parent household and stuff but he projects his woes on them.

The only time a man should take a risk pursuing women in the workplace is when the woman is NOT working in his department and makes more money than HE does. In that situation the woman has more to lose than the man. Moreover, when a woman offers respect and cooperation a man and brings strong values to the table he can consider her for a relaitonship. Matilda Crowleys are the exception, not the rule. It’s a miracle if you can find a woman like that anywhere.

If he doesn’t to date a woman who makes more money than he does and doesn’t work in his department, why would he want one in the first place? I read Spinsterella and the character seemed more like a bland waifu type for his self-insert protagonist. I actually read an anecdote about a married man whose wife enjoyed sex toys and it’s more interesting than this.

Tired of him

Shawn James is a writer that I follow but I increasingly disagree with his opinions and why I’m starting to think he’s got a really screwy idea of what a woman and relationship should be like. Not necessarily because he lacks dating experience but because his expectations are weirdly unrealistic. I do have my own unrealistic expectations but I’m generally not too open about it when it comes to romantic relationships at this point.


I wouldn’t say he has a fetish but he still has a peculiar idea of what a woman should be like given the probability of finding one that fits his requirements and stuff. It’s either he needs to be more open and change himself to attract more women or simply just lose interest if none of them match his ideals. There are Goth women who’re also feminists/SJWs, which jar with his standards.


You can have a girl next door type who’s also a demanding bitch and women who instill traditional values but are really bossy. Ad infinitum. His real problem has to do with finding an ideal but if it doesn’t exactly fit in one way or another it’s idealised to begin with anyways.