Certainly they do exist

I suspect that there already are effeminate male heroes in romance novels and even straight ones though it might still be hampered by editorial expectations. There might be even more romance novel heroes based on David Bowie and the like, especially in heterosexual romance novels than one would realise but these characters only exist in first drafts and in the cutting room floor. If because they’re changed beyond recognition.

In the like manner, lighter haired romance novel heroes do exist though they’re often overlooked by the go-for dark-haired stereotype especially in the Western world. (Ditto all the women who were infatuated with such men before even if their tastes may’ve changed.) Again marketing and editorial expectations can alter characters beyond recognition even if there’s an audience for it.

There are publications that do allow these characters’ existence but some more or less compromise or alter authorial intents.

The other muses

Though not always or exactly entirely (or consistently the case) and that it’s not that there aren’t any woke romance novelists and readers that bother to stray away from the conventional norms by offering less conventionally attractive male protagonists and they certainly do exist. But I sometimes get the impression that although lifelong Backstreet Boys, Hanson and Duran Duran fans can sometimes overlap with most romance readers there are noticeable differences, especially in marketing.

There are likely some romance novelists and readers who do clamour for more lighter-haired heroes but can’t due to editorial and business restrictions even though there are a significant number of straight women especially in the Western world, who have had crushes on blond or lighter haired men and still do. There are also already some romance novels that break away from standards to varying degrees too.

There could be a romance novelist whose muse for one of her stories may’ve been David Sylvian but said character got changed beyond recognition to meet publication demands. I won’t be surprised if there were romance novelists who based their heroes after their girlhood crushes even if tastes do change over time. There’s probably already a romance novel featuring a David Sylvian like character.

There might already be a number of gay romance characters based on the Backstreet Boys, Hanson and Duran Duran (and David Bowie too). But I suspect the real biggest difference might be not just that they’re sometimes not always the go-for muses for romance novel heroes especially of the heterosexual sort (and if they are, they’re muses for less stereotypical ones). But that a good number of DD, BSB, DB and Hanson fans are nerdy.

Again not all and there are nerdy romance novelists and readers. But sometimes especially if you’re Nick Rhodes or AJ McLean, a man who’s really that in touch with his feminine side to the point of crossdressing and/or wearing makeup isn’t much of a perfect romance novel muse the way Jason Baca is even if more people are familiar with Backstreet Boys and Duran Duran. Same for Hanson and the rest of the BSB and DD to whatever degree.

(There’s a reason why David Bowie’s more of a muse for comic book cartoonists and fashion types.)

Red Running Hood, Wolf Frost

I think Caitlin Snow into the werewolf would bring out the Red Riding Hood undertones if Flash’s her Red Riding Hood. That’s going to stick because that meme’s so potent especially when it comes to people we trust or like having contrary intentions. In DC Comics, she could be Gorilla Grodd’s canine spy out to kill humanity and get beaten up by Barry.

On telly, she’ll turn into a werewolf to kill humans for abusing dogs and setting her dogs on them, only to anger Barry. Ad infinitum with similar scenarios in Bombshells, Justice League Action and Young Justice. In Cait’s case, turning her into a werewolf makes her the biggest traitor especially when pissed and out to harm humanity for harming dogs. Her idea of revenge is by not only turning into a canine herself but also setting dogs on them.

Revenge best served cold for a dog.

Caitlin Snow’s future

Should anybody ever reinvent Caitlin Snow as a werewolf, it’s going to stick forever if the Flash’s expected to be her Red Riding Hood which is already familiar by the time people were coming up with Jay Garrick in the 1940s. The Flash never really set out to become a Red Riding Hood retelling but once Cait becomes a werewolf, it’s going to be inevitable when it happens and might be permanent (same for turning the Flash into a deliberate retelling of the Divine Comedy).

Now here’s an excerpt from National Geographic’s interview with Jamie Tehrani, who wrote about the real origins of the Red Riding Hood stories:

Ultimately, the predator is metaphorical. The stories are really about how people aren’t always who they seem to be, which is a really important lesson in life. Even people that we think we can trust can actually be out to harm us. In fact, it’s precisely because we trust them that we are vulnerable to what their harmful intentions might be toward us.

That’s exactly what’ll happen to Caitlin should be reinvented as a werewolf at all, the excerpt alone gives an idea of her future.