I think about her

I sometimes think my older cousin acts the way she does is actually due to bad experiences. From my experience, I’ve been stonewalled from her especially when I asked her about her school experiences she either denied it, mentioned a few instances, glossing over it or stonewalling me about it (though it could’ve been far worse than she’d admit). She admitted to being mocked by her own peers over her name which she eventually got over and got along with them.

But with her own mother stonewalling her for being too emotional (she did the same to me before) I suspect her tendency towards self-sufficiency might lean from distrust and that she turned to her peers as the kind of mother she never had. In the sense that her own mother rejected her for being emotional. Assuming if she’s been encouraged by her own mother to repress bad feelings (she did the same to me), then there’s a chance her tendency to tease and gossip might be some of her more socially acceptable outlets to express anger.

Even if it risks being passive-aggressive since I know it from experience. She could be independent out of distrust especially if she’s got so many bad experiences she doesn’t want to admit (assuming if the bullying she got’s worse than she admits). It seems she might not be that well-adjusted but in the sense of being secretly distrusting at times which manifests as teasing, gossiping and stonewalling.

That her independence comes from a big place of hurt that she’s not open about.

Something to admit

Or rather something I already knew all along. Something like Ariana Grande being actually sintonado or bad at singing like where she tries to reach higher notes and sounds awful when she does that (though to be fair, some of my favourite musicians aren’t any better either). Or that Lady Gaga might be an average singer, given there are likely far better musicians than them but don’t get much anglophone credit. (Somebody in France might find Mylene Farmer overrrated.)

I’m not any better in my music tastes but I swear even Sarah Geronimo sounds much better than Ariana Grande and Pilita Corrales’s better than Lady Gaga. (Karen Carpenter also played piano so there’s that.) Not that Prince’s a much better singer but he and Carpenter are proof that pop stars publicly playing their own instruments aren’t anything new and so are those that sing well before Grande and Gaga showed up.

Not to mention others are way better than Grande and Gaga would ever be.

Not that Tim lacks a personality

Like I said in another post, it’s not that Tim Drake lacks a personality. He does but contrary to his fans and respective author(s) he’s actually more sexual, aloof and temperamental than they expect him to be. (Jotaro Kujo by contrast is aloof but helpful and merciful.) In the same manner, Kitty Pryde’s rather temperamental and gullible to boot. It’s not so much that Jotaro’s any more well-adjusted either (or at least not without unlikable flaws like aloofness).

But being that unfond of Kitty and Tim makes it easier to see their flaws. The same can be said of anything or anybody else even if the critics sometimes aren’t always that hateful. It’s like knowing that person might be maladjusted because they tend to be independent out of distrust (bad experiences, overly scolding/demanding peers, neglect, bullying/abuse) and tend to stonewall you for wanting to know them more (or that they don’t remember things when asked).

Basta, it takes more indifference (or suspicion) to nitpick flaws more easily though keep in mind those making the criticisms aren’t always that hateful either.

Something about that drake

I think I have a draft version somewhere in my other computer about Tim Drake. For some reason based on what I’ve read, he seems hornier and more emotional than fans make him out to be. I even felt like comparing him to Jojo’s Jotaro Kujo in that he actually resembles the very character Tim Drake fans make Tim out to be. (It also helps that Jotaro’s one of those Jojo characters that I know of who are neither that emotional/irritable nor as openly perverted/horny, given my weak memory.)

Not that Jotaro’s flawless as he can be careless to his own daughter (though she may’ve been imprisoned against her will) and he’s aloof. Tim’s also aloof but he can be a bit of a jerk and a grumpy jerk at that. (Jotaro’s a stern jerk but helpful to his relatives.) In the like manner, whilst some Kitty Pryde fans seem to describe her as upbeat and spunky she comes of as gullible yet moody/temperamental to me. Maybe it’s me being unfond of them enough to nitpick their flaws.

It (also) doesn’t help that so far only Wolverine, Bart Allen and Conner Kent actually live up to fan hype well. My impression of Tim Drake’s that of an aloof yet sexually active and sometimes temperamental young man. My impression of Kitty Pryde’s that of a naive yet temperamental young woman. Both of them may’ve changed a lot but since I’m not too fond of them I see their flaws more easily.