She’s tired of you

I still think some interracial relationships and possibly some relationships in general don’t go well’s that if/when emotional labour’s disproportionately done on one person with little to no reciprocation that it’s going to tire them. If some black men marry nonblacks for validation, it’s going to tire the latter. Especially if they’re often expected to that they’ll get mad anyways.

(Considering there are high divorce rates between Asians and whites, if Asian women are stereotyped as submissive yet some white men tire of them then it’s likely seeking validation from others is going to be stressful.)

Also if female breadwinners are much likelier to divorce (especially if they’re fed up with their husbands treating them like poop), since whites outearn blacks then white women will likelier be breadwinners for better or worse. (In all likelihood, they wouldn’t be submissive and the ones calling the shots whether if black men like it or not.)

If white women are stereotyped as submissive but since whites outearn blacks, there’s a frighteningly good chance that white wives would be the ones bringing home money. (But if some black husbands don’t help them out, they’re going to be just as tired of them as they do with their white counterparts.)

In addition to high expectations not going well (like what if some black men have small penises, are unathletic and lack swag, even introverted and celibate), there’s also the lack of any real responsibility. Though not all black men in interracial relationships are like this, if some interracial relationships do go badly expecting a person to be submissive or receptive’s going to tire them.

Especially if that involves doing a lot of unreciprocated emotional labour that they get tired anyways.

On the rise

I’m not necessarily condoning witchcraft as much as it seems to be on the rise in Europe without shame. Oddly enough England only repealed its anti-witchcraft act sometime in the mid 1950s. (That does make me think a good number of people back then took it very seriously but in the sense of avoiding it.)

To be fair, not all Europeans necessarily condone witchcraft either. Some are even practising Christians. So it seems witchcraft’s rise is due to many factors but mostly the decline of Christianity. Other religions as well as the lack of it fill in a big void. This includes witchcraft.

Again I don’t condone it but anything could fill in a void for better or worse.

It’s not entirely good nor bad

Like I said, anything can have its upsides and downsides. It’s not entirely bad, though it can either improve or worsen. But again it’s not entirely bad as I think either anything is flawed or that it’s inevitable wherever you go. Not all people in Nigeria hate cats as some do like or tolerate them and it could be improving to some extent. (Likewise not all Cameroonians necessarily like or tolerate cats.)

Cameroon might seem more cat-tolerant than Nigeria is as a whole (based on two sources I’ve read, it’s not uncommon for Cameroonians to have cats around) though it’s not that much of a big economic power. So realistically and honestly, that’s still proving my point right. I could go on saying similar things about any other country really.

Iceland might have a language that’s closest to Old Norse but Norway has a significantly less inbred population (in the sense that it’s not uncommon for Sami people to have non-Sami relatives). Sometimes the problems are more or less the same. Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, France and Sweden have had histories of highly repressing minority languages until recently.

Germany, Netherlands and Austria have a big dog poisoning problem. Ad infinitum, ad nauseum. They’re not entirely good but they’re not entirely bad either.

Only in another world

I recall how one Reddit user said that the real reason why they turned to Japan isn’t just due to anime but also escapism (especially when they admitted to having a bad life). I’d say it’s a combination of both curiosity and escapism. Disappointments happen and it’s soul-crushing (this happened to me before). That doesn’t mean it’s entirely bad.

Just because a country has downsides doesn’t mean it’s entirely bad. Though that involves a much more rounded idea of it and frankly I did return after going through disappointment. It’s not entirely good nor bad as much as anything has its ups and downs. They can get worse or better.

But they’re not worthless as much as anything can have both good and bad sides really.

It doesn’t go well or as expected

I suspect why some interracial relationships don’t go well’s due to both high expectations going down, incompatibility and perhaps social immaturity. Though not all black men in interracial relationships are like this, it’s highly likely why some don’t go well’s due to a form of immaturity based around validation that it’s tiring. High expectations are another, often going well with either one or both of the reasons I said.

It’s like expecting all black men to be well-endowed, athletic, compassionate, be into hip hop and have swag but the black man you end up with’s nothing like those. (I even think some black men do have small penises.) Alternately speaking, you’re black and you want to go after people who you think will tolerate your nerdiness but again it doesn’t go as expected due to their own racist preconceptions (the fact that some white women do openly distrust blacks makes me think this is partly why such relationships don’t go well).

What does a nerdy, rock loving black man have in common with a racist white woman who pretends to be into hip hop to seduce black people? Nothing, really. It’s not any better should African Americans go after Africans, Latinas and Asians. But honestly, a black veterinarian would have more in common with a Mexican dog breeder and would work together well than with somebody who doesn’t take care of their own pets.

(If because it’s so tiring having to do all the work and still not be helped by somebody else. Constantly validating somebody can also be tiring.)

Yanomami: The Fierce Controversy and What We Can Learn from It (Extrait)

Both alone and in the company of Chagnon, I have made distributions of
goods near the end of a field season, and the immediate reaction of the
Yanomamö when they acquire such goods is instructive. As soon as distributions
are made, most of the men who are recipients either immediately depart to trade
those goods to neighboring villages or make plans to do so in the next few days.
Some may even give goods to covillagers who received little from us. So the
immediate consequence of payment of trade goods is intervillage trade. They
trade these Western goods for traditional items such as hunting dogs, hallucinogenic drugs, cotton, and hammocks. If the distribution of trade goods by
ethnographers and others immediately leads to trade, then one would have to
conclude that the motivation to attack a neighbor to attain these goods would be
sharply diminished

A Hallucinogenic Tea, Laced with Controversy (Extrait/Excerpt)

The indigenous and mestizo Amazonic hunters also trained and prepared
their dogs to specialize in a certain type of hunt. These animals were treated
in the same way that human hunters were, but the mouth of the animal was
also cleaned and rinsed with a combination of medicinal leaves. The animal
refined its olfaction to smell the prey at far away distances. The dog would
be submitted to a rigorous diet. He would be kept hungry for several days
and then made to smell the skin of the deer or whichever animal of the forest
the dog was to specialize in hunting. Different dogs would be trained to aid
in the hunt of a particular animal in this manner.