Should it ever happen?

I suspect that if ‘Kastle’ were to happen on Punisher, not only would it be the worst thing to ever happen to the Punisher franchise but also becoming the MCU’s version of ‘Olicity’.  A number of Arrow fans already hate Olicity and Felicity Smoak. With Karen Page being already fairly polarising among some circles, it’ll only worsen things.

The only thing worse than Kastle happening is Frank Castle getting sexualised big time. He may’ve been sexualised before, most notably in the Marvel Swimsuit Specials back in the day and to some extent, certain forgotten slash fiction between him and some other character before Daredevil and Punisher hit Netflix.

If Kastle were to happen, that’ll surely anger some Punisher fans because Frank Castle’s been turned into this dreaded romance novel stereotype. Arrow’s a good precedent where Oliver not only got sexualised but also paired off with Felicity thus ruining its reputation for good.

‘Kastle’ would continue this and maybe exacerbate it with more Frank nude shots and the like in a forthcoming calendar, should it ever occur at all.


Excerpts on Zimbabwean churches and dogs

Note: It varies between demography where those belonging to the Apostolic Church, the one that adheres strictly to biblical teachings, oppose both animism and dog ownership. I did recall reading a document involving a member of the Zimbabwe Apostolic Church who poisoned a dog. Some Zimbabwean tribes do associate dogs with witchcraft.

From Google Books, Zimbabwe’s Cultural Heritage (though about a different ethnicity, the Ndebele, this time):

Dogs, it is said, can also be used as familiars. A dog on such an evil mission is seen after midnight, often in the company of other dogs. It is however, bigger than the rest of the dogs. It howls in a strange way, ukuhlaba umkhulungwane.

From ‘Black cats mortify Zimbabweans’:

Random street interviews to see how young Zimbabweans viewed human-animal relationships showed a general religion-inspired wanton disregard for other life forms.

“Our church prohibits keeping dogs as they are considered impure,” said James Sithole, 23, without elaborating.

He is a member of the African Apostolic Church, one of the populous apostolic churches in Zimbabwe with close to two million followers.

Many, Tonderai Sigauke, 40, view dogs as unhygienic and as unsuitable for households whose religious beliefs demand cleanliness as part of its core tenants.

For yet others, dogs are such vicious animals that they cannot risk sharing living space with.

Middle aged Susan Sambo confessed a phobia for dogs emanating from a report in recent memory of a fatal dog attack of an infant in Chikanga high density suburb, which is also her place of residence, and more so because she also has young children.

From Google Books, Karanga Indigenous Religion in Zimbabwe: Health and Well-Being:

Members of the Apostolic church such as Johane Marange emulate Christ. They claim to be like the first apostles of Christ who undertook missionary journeys. They have no church buildings since God has not approved of them. They believe in baptism in the Jordan. They dress and behave like biblical apostles. They shave teir heads and keep their beards long. Their dress compromises long white garments or dustcoats. They put on sandals. They maintain strict rules like avoiding contact with dogs, which are evil and defile.


Size does matter

When it come to science, whether physical or biological, size does matter. Larger bodies require more heat conservation and larger, heavier bone structures to support it reasonably so. Especially if you exempt gigantism. At least among humans, if there are people predisposed to being tall enough to support heavy body weight it would be the Polynesians baring those in Indochina and the Philippines to a possible extent.

Tall, fat people do exist. The Samoans are stereotypical proof of this. So do several of my maternal relatives so to speak. Such characters are practically close to what’s needed for a biologically plausible humanoid giant (barring certain hominid species and arguably does with gigantism) as possible. Like I said, they have the ideal body to support excess weight for their heights.

They also make good rugby players. It seems this also applies to fashion where you need a bigger yard to make a longer skirt (I know this from experience) as well as having to adjust to taller, fatter or muscular men. If you’re going to make a maxiskirt for a taller woman, you’re going to be needing a wider waistline and a bigger yard of fabric for this.

Maybe a lot more for you’re dressing a tall, very muscular man. But it still works in practise.

Japan on the decline

Like I said before, growing numbers of Japanese youths (and their peers in similar first world countries) are choosing to become childless for whatever reason. The biggest problem has to do with socioeconomic conditions not easily supportive of families to begin with. Women can’t always stay at home and remain sheltered.

They should do more than that. This gets complicated by men having long working hours which prevents them from truly interacting with their families. That the expectations of starting families can be too high for some people. Sweden isn’t any better in some regards but at least provides parental leave for both parents.

There’s a reason why growing numbers of people work at home. They need that balance between work and family life. Moreso if they have children. I haven’t been to Japan but it seems the circumstances are making it real hard for people to start families, let alone date.

It’s now impractical to be a housewife unless if you’re upper class or work in some child-friendly occupation. For both genders, it’s just easier to focus on creature comforts that to deal with familial responsibilities, even spousal ones at that. (And people wonder why their marriages fail.)

Mixed messages and feelings

I admit writing about this before which made me realise about somebody else. It’s one thing to admit being wary or afraid or dislike something, it’s another to proclaim you like something else only to have it be constantly abused in your stories. Like you don’t like it when cats scratch you or make fools of themselves even if you proclaim liking them yet having them die in your stories.

In other words you could have unresolved anger issues. I did develop a fascination with abuse aimed at dogs because I was mad at somebody for not liking what I like. That I was afraid of somebody else’s dogs whenever I went to its house at all. I do enjoy having dogs around inside my house but feel wary if irritated.

(Oddly enough, despite being shocked by his opinion of cats I somehow manage to understand how JJBA’s author feels about dogs given their portrayal being baffling to some readers.)

If you admit to being wary of something, that’s understandable. But if you constantly cast what you like in a bad light (abused or made evil), you could have unresolved issues with them on some level that you’re unwilling to admit.

It might not be outright disdain or dislike but more of a weird mixed feeling or love-hate relationship that has to be admitted and addressed in light of such stories, perhaps hinting at certain issues of sorts.


Google Books on Malian dogs

Derrière la porte – Page 138 – Translate this page
Claire Rozier – 2016 – ‎Preview
Ce dont elle était sûre, en revanche, c’est que l’islam poursuit les chiens errants. Le prophète avait même décidé de leur extermination. Le chien est considéré comme impur. Traiter quelqu’un de « chien » est une injure. C’est l’exclure de la société. Se faire mordre par un chien signifie la mort. Si le chien est mangé en Chine, il ne l’est pas au Mali et s’il y a des djinns dans l’imaginaire musulman, il n’y a pas de chiens bienveillants. La rage n’avait pas été éradiquée du Mali et, …

Les sociétés Songhay-Zarma (Niger-Mali): chefs, guerriers, esclaves, … – Translate this page
Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan – 1984 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
… l’ancienneté et que rien ne permet de rapprocher (à la différence des hollè) des djinns et puissances surnaturelles tolérés par le dogme musulman. Les hawka, quant à eux, n’ont que mépris pour les marabouts, et leur univers est celui du sacrilège : manger du chien, boire de l’alcool en sont des signes parmi d’autres. Le système symbolique des hawka est bâti non seulement sur la caricature et la dérision des occupants blancs mais encore sur la transgression et le rejet de l’Islam.
Actes du colloque, 16 février-22 février 1976: histoire et tradition … – Translate this page
1977 – ‎Snippet view
histoire et tradition orale, Project Boucle de Niger, 2e année, L’empire du Mali, l’empire du Ghana, l’empire du Songhay. M. Y. T. CISSE … Je donne un exemple : le grand Cheikh Chamrouch, qui aurait donné de si bons conseils à l’Askya Mohammed, était lui-même un Djinn ; et plus que ça, le chef d’une tribu de Djinn. Dans la littérature musulmane d’Egypte, on lui prête même une tête de chien, ce qui prouve qu’il n’était pas considéré comme un être humain. Par contre, si l’on …

Epilepsie et exclusion sociale. De l’Europe à l’Afrique de l’Ouest – Translate this page
ARBORIO Sophie – 2009 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
D’autres animaux74, tels que le « chien rouge » ou le « bœuf rouge75 », sont également considérés comme des supports de forces maléfiques. Leur apparition dans les rêves est un signe de maladie prochaine. La « mauvaise maladie », ainsi qu’on nomme parfois l’épilepsie, découle alors de la puissance occulte que les sorciers déploient par l’intermédiaire de ces différents agents : « Les choses de l’air, ceux qui sont en haut. Les mauvais diables rentrent en support en eux.

La religion Bambara – Page 51 – Translate this page
Louis Tauxier – 1927 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
On prend alors un poulet, un chien et un bouc, ou l’un de’ ces animaux seulement, et on les égorge en sacrifice aux doubles ou esprits qui sont dans la corne. On fait couler copieusement le sang sur la cendre et l’on obtient ainsi … Un autre gris-gris contre les sorciers est le vinndié, vinngué, ou vinnké, qui se compose d’une queue de bœuf après laquelle le forgeron a attaché un morceau de fer travaillé par lui à minuit. Il y fixe aussi un petit morceau des racines d’un arbre quelconque …

Bambara Religion – Page 51 – Translate this page
Louis Tauxier – 1927 – Snippet view – More editions
We then take a chicken, a dog and a goat, or one of these animals only, and they are slaughtered in sacrifice to the double or spirits that are in the horn. It is poured copiously blood on the ashes and one thus obtains … Another gris-gris against the wizards is vinndié, vinngué, or vinnké, which consists of an oxtail after which the blacksmith has attached a piece of iron worked by him at midnight. He also fixes a small piece of the roots of some tree …

Contes populaire d’Afrique occidentale: Précédés d’un essai sur la …… – Translate this page
Victor François Equilbecq – 1972 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
Chez les Bambara, dans les cases où il y a des chiens noirs, on feint de leur préparer un repas, même alors qu’on ne prépare rien pour les gens du carré. On pense que, si l’on n’agissait ainsi, le chien ne remplirait pas son office de protecteur de la case contre les guinné. Les Bambara utilisent les chiens noirs non sans une certaine appréhension car ils les tiennent pour des chiens de guina ou de sorciers. Cf. le rôle du chien noir dans : Le canari merveilleux. Lorsque le mil fut mûr, …

Contes du Sénégal et du Niger – Page 191 – Translate this page
1913 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
La bête lui dit: « Je suis la femme d’un djinn (z) et je demeure près d’ici: quand je serai sur le point d’accoucher, veux-tu venir m’assister? ». « Volontiers, répondit la femme,mais il faudra m’envoyer chercher, car je ne sais où est ton campement ». La gennia accepta et, le moment venu, envoya chercher son amie par un djinn qui se transforma en chien et attendit que la femme fut sortie de sa tente. Alors il se changea en enfant et lui (1) Hyrax : Koulibali en bambara. (z) AI{ein — djinn …

Ségou sikoro balanzan: ville historique – Page 91 – Translate this page
Mamadou Karamoko Simaga – 1988 – ‎Snippet view
Les djinns le recompensèrent en lui donnant sept fétiches : Makoungoba, Man- goloko, Kondara, Biendjoukou, Babléforoko, Pétékoulou et Wéléguètèpéou qui devinrent par la suite les fétiches du royaume Bambara de Ségou. Les sacrifices qu’exigeaient ces fétiches étaient du sang de coq, bouc, chien et boeuf rouges ainsi que celui d’homme rouquin. En outre ils exigeaient de la kola rouge. Mamari, de retour à Kala, décida d’aller s’installer à Sé- koro, alors en forêt. Il sacrifia un …

Tales of Senegal and Niger – Page 191 – Translate this page
1913 – Snippet view – More editions
The beast said to him: “I am the wife of a jinn (z) and I live near here: when I am about to give birth, do you want to come to assist me? “. “Gladly,” replied the woman, “but I must be sent for, for I do not know where your camp is.” The gennia agreed and, when the time came, sent for her friend by a jinn who turned into a dog and waited until the woman was out of his tent. Then he changed himself into a child, and he became a child of Bambara . (z) AI {ein – djinn …
Ségou sikoro balanzan: historical city – Page 91 – Translate this page
Mamadou Karamoko Simaga – 1988 – Snippet view
The jinn rewarded him by giving him seven fetishes: Makoungoba, Manoloko, Kondara, Biendjoukou, Babléforoko, Pétékoulou and Wéléguètèpéou who later became the fetishes of the Bambara kingdom of Ségou. The sacrifices required by these fetishes were blood of rooster, goat, red dog and beef, and that of a redheaded man. In addition they demanded the red cola. Mamari, returning to Kala, decided to move to Sekoro, then in the forest. He sacrificed a …

Popular West African Tales: Preceded by an essay on the …

https: // … – Translate this page
Victor François Equilbecq – 1972 – Snippet view – More editions
In the Bambara , in the huts where there are black dogs , it is pretended to prepare a meal for them, even when nothing is prepared for the people of the square. It is thought that, if we did not do this, the dog would not fulfill its office of protector of the hut against the guinne. The Bambara use dogs blacks not without some trepidation because they hold for dogs of guina or wizards . See the role of the black dog in: The wonderful canary. When the millet was ripe,

La rencontre de Jésus-Christ en milieu bambara – Page 101 – Translate this page
Sotigi Penda Mori Sidibe – 1978 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Le «Saraka n’est rien moins qu’une aumône forcée faite sur l’ordre du sorcier à Dieu, aux jines, aux ancêtres… même sanglant le saraka n’a rien de sacrifice. L’égorgement d’une poule, d’un chien ou d’une chèvre, ne constitue pas à lui seul un sacrifice, il faudrait admettre autrement que tout boucher, tout cuisinier sacrifie. Il faut dans celui qui égorge l’intention de faire un sacrifice et cette intention est si nécessaire que le Noir l’exprime toujours : Sonni ‘ do, dit-il en donnant le coup de …

Bambara – Page 169 – Translate this page
Charles Monteil – 1924 – ‎Snippet view
Jeunes gens, comblez bien la fosse pour que « pas un sorcier (suba), pas une hyène, par un fauve, ne « puisse enlever le cadavre. » La fosse comblée, celui qui tient le bout du ruban du linceul le tire … Au retour de l’enterrement, on assomme le chien (1) du décédé, à moins de dispositions contraires expresses laissées par celui-ci. Il est des Bambara qui achètent un chien en vue de cet honneur posthume. Il semble que ce soit encore là une pratique magique pour conjurer le …

Les Secrets des sorciers noirs – Page 139 – Google Books Result – Translate this page
Vincent Ouattara – 2013 – ‎Magic
La culture Bambara, elle, est présente dans le texte à travers des interférences linguistiques. Décrivant par exemple le Kinkir … d’une compénétration culturelle. L’auteur emploie aussi le terme Samara qui est tiré du Bamana : « Si étant chaussé d’un seul samara on est aperçu par un chien et que l’animal aboie, on meurt.

La Pierre barbue et autres contes du Mali: édition bilingue bambara … – Translate this page
G. Dumestre – 1989 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
Mais aussi le bouc, le lion, le chien, mais aussi l’orpheline victime de la méchante coé- pouse, les jeunes gens amoureux, la vieille femme un peu sorcière, les amis inséparables… On y trouvera encore une pierre barbue, une hache qui parle, une tourterelle qui protège une enfant, un bras qui court, un python qui tatoue, bref tout l’appareil merveilleux sans lequel, nulle part, les meilleures histoires ne deviennent de vrais contes. La version bambara reproduit fidèlement le conte …

The Bearded Stone and other tales of Mali: Bambara bilingual edition … – Translate this page
G. Dumestre – 1989 – Snippet view – More editions
But also the goat, the lion, the dog , but also the orphan victim of the wicked co-wife, the young people in love, the old woman a little witch , the inseparable friends … One will find there still a bearded stone, a talking ax, a turtledove that protects a child, a running arm, a tattooed python, in short all the marvelous apparatus without which, nowhere, the best stories become true tales. The Bambara version faithfully reproduces the tale …

The Secrets of Dark Wizards – Page 139 – Google Books – Translate this page
Vincent Ouattara – 2013 – Magic
The Bambara culture is present in the text through linguistic interferences. For example, describing the Kinkir … of a cultural interpenetration. The author also uses the term Samara, which is derived from Bamana: “If wearing a single samara is seen by a dog and the animal barks, we die.

The meeting of Jesus Chris

Bambara – Page 169 – Translate this page
Charles Monteil – 1924 – Snippet view
Young people, fill the pit well so that “not a sorcerer (suba), not a hyena, by a wild beast, can” remove the corpse. “The pit filled, the one who holds the end of the ribbon of the shroud pulls it … On the return of the burial, the dog (1) of the deceased is knocked down unless expressly stated otherwise by the latter. There are Bambara who buy a dog for this posthumous honor. It seems like it’s still a magic practice to stave off the …

t in Bambara environment – Page 101 – Translate this page
Sotigi Penda Sidibe Mori – 1978 – Preview – More editions
“Saraka is nothing less than a forced alms made on the order of the sorcerer to God, the jines, ancestors … even bloody saraka is nothing sacrificing. The slaughtering of a hen, a dog, or a goat does not by itself constitute a sacrifice, it would be necessary to admit otherwise than any butcher, every cook sacrifices . It is necessary in the one who slaughters the intention to make a sacrifice and this intention is so necessary that the black one always expresses it: Sonni ‘do, he says while giving the blow of …

Epilepsy and social exclusion. From Europe to West Africa – Translate this page
ARBORIO Sophie – 2009 – Preview – More editions
Other animals, 74 such as the ” red dog ” or ” red ox” 75, are also considered to be carriers of evil forces. Their appearance in dreams is a sign of future illness. The “bad disease,” as epilepsy is sometimes called, then flows from the occult power that wizards deploy through these different agents: “The things of the air, those who are above. The bad devils support them.

Behind the door – Page 138 – Translate this page
Claire Rozier – 2016 – Preview
What she was sure of, however, is that Islam is pursuing stray dogs . The prophet had even decided on their extermination. The dog is considered impure. To treat someone as a ” dog ” is an insult. It is the exclusion of society. Being bitten by a dog means death. If the dog is eaten in China, it is not in Mali and if there are jinn in the Muslim imagination, there are no benevolent dogs . Rabies had not been eradicated from Mali and, …

Songhay-Zarma societies (Niger-Mali): chiefs, warriors, slaves, … – Translate this page
Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan – 1984 – Preview – More editions
… the antiquity and that nothing allows to bring (unlike the hollè) djinns and supernatural powers tolerated by the Muslim dogma. The hawka, meanwhile, have only contempt for the marabouts, and their universe is that of sacrilege: eat dog , drink alcohol are signs among others. The symbolic system of hawka is built not only on the caricature and derision of the white occupiers but also on the transgression and rejection of Islam.
Proceedings of the conference, February 16-February 22, 1976: history and tradition … – Translate this page
1977 – Snippet view
history and oral tradition, Project Loop of Niger, 2nd year, The empire of Mali , the empire of Ghana, the empire of Songhay. MYT CISSE … I give an example: the great Sheikh Chamrouch, who would have given such good advice to the Askya Mohammed, was himself a Djinn ; and more than that, the leader of a Djinn tribe . In Muslim literature in Egypt, he is even given a dog’s head , which proves that he was not considered a human being. On the other hand, if one …


Google Books on lonely women and their dogs

Though much of it is in German, it’s valuable:

Hagestolz und Alte Jungfer – Page 120 – Translate this page
Katrin Baumgarten – Preview
Max Bartels attestiert und suggeriert dem Leser an dieser Stelle zugleich, man könne eine Frau anhand bestimmter körperlicher und charakterlicher Mängel zuverlässig als Alte Jungfer ausmachen. … mitunter geradezu penetranter Bemühungen um die Männer nicht zum Ziel kommt, kompensiert sie ihr Liebesverlangen durch übertriebene Zuwendung zu einem Haustier, dem berühmt-berüchtigten Schoßhund, der ihr, so mutmaßt Bartels, sogar unzüchtigen Ersatz174 leisten muß.
Die Gegenwart – Page 43… – Translate this page
1888 – ‎Read – ‎More editions
Das antike Liebespaar Barbara Petrowna und Stephan Trofimowitfch — sie lieben sich wirklich, eben wie nur eine alte Jungfer und ihr Schoßhund — erfreut sich je eines aus einer früheren Ehe hervorgegangenen Sprossen. Nicolaus Wßewolodowitsch und Peter “Stephanowitsch sind regelrechte Potenzirungen der Eigenfchaften der Barbara Petrowna und des Stephan Trofimowitfch. Der Sohn der Generalswittwe erscheint als der Repräsentant des indolenten russischen Adels.
Wana – Page 58 – Translate this page
Willy Pastor – 2017 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
»Ihre Maschinen, lieber Herr Krauts, gut, das lässt sich hören. Wenn man nun aber sich in dem andern Menschen zu sehr geliebt hat, wenn die Maschinen nicht alles aufnehmen können – was dann?« »Dann gibt es noch eine Menge anderer Blitzableiter. Schaffen Sie sich ein Segelboot an, oder ein Pferd, oder machen Sie’s wie ich, ein Aquarium.« Mit einem Ruck war Hardanger wieder er selbst. Das Bild einer alten Jungfer mit ihrem Schoßhund fiel ihm ein. Der gute Krauts kam ihm …
Erinnerungen an merkwürdige Gegenstände und Begebenheiten, verbunden …… – Translate this page
1855 – ‎Read – ‎More editions
Isidor, mit allen Vollmachten von Lottchen versehen, nahm gegen Aushändigung der Verzichtsurkunde an den alten Grafen und im Beisein der beiden angeblichen Brüder, die sich darauf als Zeugen unterfertigen mußten, das Geld in Empfang, und versprach … alte Jungfer, ob sie ledig bleiben will; eine alte Aktrice, ob sie ins ältere Fach übertreten will; einen Preußen, ob er ein Deutscher sein will; den Schoßhund einer Stiftsdame, ob er ein Mann sein will; einen Sterblichen, ob er ein …
Heimgarten – Volume 3 – Page 376 – Translate this page
1879 – ‎Read – ‎More editions
Welch anderes Bild zeigt uns hingegen die alte Jungfer! In neunundneunzig von hundert Fällen … Der Hagestolz hätte heiraten können, er wollte aber nicht ; die alte Jungfer wollte heiraten, aber es war ihr versagt. Nun mögen allerdings auch die alten … Wie wohlfeil ist doch unser Spott über die Zärtlichkeit, mit welcher alte Jungfern an einem kleinen Schoßhund, einer Lieblingskatze, einem Papagei oder einem Canarienvogel zu hängen pflegen! Diese Liebe zum Thiere ist doch …
Bd. Literarische Herzenssachen – Page 487 – Translate this page
Ferdinand Kürnberger, ‎Otto Erich Deutsch – 1911 – ‎Snippet view
as eine alte Jungfer oder Wittib für einen Schoßhund zu tun imstande ist, gehört zu jenen Grenzbeziehungen zwischen Menschheit und Tierreich, wo der intime Verkehr zweier Nachbarvölker die Grenze schon aufhebt. Ist aber der Schoßhund – ein Dichter, so gehört es in die Literaturgeschichte; wenigstens glauben es Deutsche! So las ich demnach in einer deutschen Literaturgeschichte, daß sich eine überaus gemütliche Freundschaft, Platoliebe, Geschwisterzärtlichkeit und …
Die Wittwe – Volumes 3-5 – Page 27… – Translate this page
Frances Milton Trollope – 1841 – ‎Read – ‎More editions
Mehrere Stunden dieses langweiligen Morgens mußte Oberst Hubert in dem quälendsten Zustande der Ungewißheit verharren, weil die Abwesenheit der alten Lady aus dem Gesellschaftszimmer sich so sehr in die Länge zog. Endlich aber, nachdem Sir Edward und seine Gemahlin ohne seine Begleitung zu ihrem zweiten Morgenspaziergange aufgebrochen waren, wurde er durch den Eintritt der alten Jungfer, seiner Tante Kammerfrau, erfreut, die ihren Schoßhund nebst seinem …
Das Tierreich: in zwei Bänden – Volume 2 – Page 1224 – Translate this page
1897 – ‎Read – ‎More editions
… aber durchaus nicht etwa winziger und gebrechlicher, sondern stämmiger und untersetzter Bursche, ist der Mops allerdings kaum mehr als Schoßhund zu betrachten; wenigstens muß der Schoß schon recht geräumig sein, auf dem er mit seinen sieben oder gar zehn Kilogramm bequem Platz hat, und noch weniger dürfte, wie dies doch aus früheren Zeiten geschildert wird, eine alte Jungfer von heutzutage im stande sein, ihren vielgeliebten und noch dazu sprichwörtlich fetten Mops …
Sexualethik: – Page 289 – Translate this page
Aurél Kolnai – 1930 – ‎Snippet view
… (alte Jungfer und Schoßhund, bizarre Liebhabereien, die offenbar die fehlenden Liebeswerte ersetzen sollen), und auch nicht die angebliche Deserotisierung durch Arbeit und Sport. Abtötung allein hat etwas Widermenschliches, Barbarisches1; man vergesse nie, daß etwa die Mönchsaskese, wiewohl sie einen kunstvollen psychophysiologischen Training der Enthaltsamkeit ausgebildet hat, vor allem die geistig erfüllte jungfräuliche Hingabe an Gott und einzelne religiöse Werte …
Wort und Wahrheit: Monatsschrift für Religion und Kultur – Translate this page
1962 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
Die alte Jungfer mit dem Schoßhund, den sie wie ein Kind behandelt, ist keine lächerliche, sondern eine tragische Figur. Wer wollte ihr dieses armselige Surrogat eines menschlichen Du mißgönnen oder gar wegnehmen? Daß es so etwas geben muß, ist am Ende eine Anklage gegen unsere eigene Herzenshärte und Gleichgültigkeit — und gegen eine Gesellschaft, die es zuläßt, daß Menschen ausweglos und für immer in eine grausame Vereinzelung verbannt werden. Aber es gibt …

Hagestolz and Alte Jungfer – Page 120 – Translate this page
Katrin Baumgarten – Preview
Max Bartels attests and suggests to the reader at this point at the same time, one can reliably make a woman based on certain physical and character defects as Old Maid . … sometimes with almost painstaking efforts for the men does not come to the goal, she compensates for her desire for love by exaggerated attention to a pet, the infamous lap dog , which, it surmises Bartels, must even pay for it lewd.
The present – Page 43

https: // id … – Translate this page
1888 – Read – More editions
The antique lovers Barbara Petrovna and Stephan Trofimowitfch – they really love each other, just like an old maid and their pet dog – each enjoys a sprouts from a previous marriage. Nicolaus Wodewolodowitsch and Peter “Stephanowitsch are veritable potencies of the characteristics of Barbara Petrovna and Stephan Trofimowitfch.” The son of the general widow appears as the representative of the indolent Russian nobility.
Wana – Page 58 – Translate this page
Willy Pastor – 2017 – Preview – More editions
“Your machines, dear Mr. Krauts, all right, that’s easy to hear. But if one loved oneself too much in the other, if the machines can not absorb everything, what then? “” Then there are a lot of other lightning rods. Get yourself a sailboat, or a horse, or do an aquarium like me. “With a jolt, Hardanger was himself again. He remembered the picture of an old maid with her pet dog . The good Krauts came to him …
Memories of strange objects and events, connected …

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1855 – Read – More editions
Isidore, with all the powers of Lottchen, received the money in exchange for a certificate of surrender to the old count, and in the presence of the two alleged brothers, who had to testify as witnesses, and promised … old maids if they were single wants to stay; an old actress, if she wants to transfer to the older subject; a Prussian, whether he wants to be a German; the lap dog of a collegiate, whether he wants to be a man; a mortal, whether he is a …
Heimgarten – Volume 3 – Page 376 – Translate this page
1879 – Read – More editions
What other picture shows us, however, the old maid ! In ninety-nine of a hundred cases … Hagestolz could have married, but he did not want to; the old maiden wanted to marry, but she had failed. But how old are we? How cheap is our ridicule about the tenderness with which old maidens tend to hang on a little pet dog , a favorite cat, a parrot, or a canary bird!* This love for animals is …
Bd. Literary Heart – Page 487 – Translate this page
Ferdinand Kürnberger , Otto Erich German – 1911 – Snippet view
What an old maid or Wittib is capable of doing for a pet dog belongs to those border relations between humanity and the animal kingdom, where the intimate intercourse of two neighboring peoples already abolishes the frontier. But if the pet dog is a poet, then it belongs in the history of literature; At least Germans believe it! So I read in a German literary history , that a very friendly friendship, Platoliebe, sibling tenderness and …
The widow volumes 3-5 – Page 27

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Frances Milton Trollope – 1841 – Read – More editions
For several hours of this boring morning Colonel Hubert had to remain in the most torturous state of uncertainty, because the absence of the old lady from the drawing-room dragged on so much. Finally, however, after Sir Edward and his wife left for their second morning walk without his companionship, he was delighted by the arrival of the old maid , his aunt, chambermaid, who had her pet dog along with his …
The Animal Kingdom: in two volumes – Volume 2 – Page 1224 – Translate this page
1897 – Read – More editions
… but by no means tiny and frail but burly and stocky fellow, the pug, however, is little more than a pet dog to look at; at least the lap must already be quite spacious, on which he can comfortably sit with his seven or even ten kilograms, and still less, as has been described from earlier times, an old maiden of today should be in her, her beloved, and still to this literally fat pug …
Sexual Ethics: – Page 289 – Translate this page
Aurél Kolnai – 1930 – Snippet view
… ( old maiden and pet dog , bizarre hobbies, apparently to replace the missing love values), and also not the alleged deserotization through work and sport. Killing alone has something inhumane, barbaric1; It is never to be forgotten that the monkish sect, for instance, although she has cultivated an elaborate psycho-physiological training in abstinence, above all the spiritually fulfilled virgin devotion to God and individual religious values ​​…
Word and truth: monthly for religion and culture – Translate this page
1962 – Snippet view – More editions
The old maid with the lap dog , whom she treats like a child, is not a ridiculous figure, but a tragic figure. Who would you begrudge or even take away this paltry surrogate of a human you? That there must be such a thing is, in the end, an indictment of our own hardness of heart and indifference – and of a society that allows people to be routinely and forever banished into cruel isolation. But there are …

*Looney Tunes’s Granny, Sylvester and Tweety Bird.