Downfall of the church

It can be argued that some of the biggest attacks to the Evangelical church isn’t just external but also internal and hypocritical at that. At least in America, Evangelicals tend to be pro-gun and pro-war whereas Jesus insisted on loving your enemies. This obsession with violence actually makes them no different from their ISIS counterparts in some regards.

If taken to a logical conclusion, this would be their downfall in addition to admitting queer clergy. In fact, they’re practically the new Pharisees in that they profess to believing in God but not practising the faith without knowing it. For all their belief in loving warfare, it’s not going to do them any favours once they start persecuting fellow believers for suspecting and criticising it.


The growing Evangelical corruption

It’s not just that Catholicism could reunite with Protestantism but that Pentecostals and Evangelicals will accept the Pope as their biggest political authority. It’s already happening to some accept which they unite under common goals. It’ll seem good unless if a new Pope gets elected but by then the Pope has become more of a political power and a big player in the conservative movement.

The Neo-Abrahamists are in opposition to this, focusing on spirituality and mysticism instead of politics. Jews will find this attractive because it doesn’t patronise and pedestalise them and it adheres very closely to the Torah and Talmud, which it takes inspiration in addition to Philokalia, Bible and Quran.

While the new Pope panders a lot to Conservatives, Neo-Abrahamists find it dubious as it’s against Biblical and Abrahamic teachings. They do agree on things but that’s only a few. Evangelicals will persecute the Neo-Abrahamists even though the former’s gotten heretical in its elevation of what the Bible deems contrary.

Neo-Abrahamists preach peace, Evangelicals and the Pope prefer warfare. This is result in some of the bloodiest religious clashes if only because the former adhere strongly to Christ’s teachings. That’s enough to start persecution.

The Neo-Abrahamic movement

Given the growing corruption in two dominant Abrahamic faiths, there is a possibility that both disgruntled Muslims and Christians as well as some Jews (the ones most skeptical of religious conversion due to negative experiences over the years) could unite under what’s called the Neo-Abrahamic Movement.

A back to basics revival movement that unites all three in response to growing corruption. Islam has Isis but Christianity’s going to be wrecked with not only the merger of Catholicism with Protestantism but growing apostasy in evangelical, Charismatic and Pentecostal movements.

Neo-Abrahamism would incorporate and adapt the practises of Sufism (itself already an adaptive version of Islam influenced by Christianity) to Orthodox, Catholic, Apostolic and Evangelical Protestant traditions and a strict adherence to traditional Jewish beliefs.

Just as Sufism is considered heretical by mainstream Muslims, Neo-Abrahamism is heretical by Evangelicals. The latter due to its eager adoption of Orthodox and Sufi/Islamic beliefs implementing varying degrees of Catholic and Protestant belief.

Neo-Abrahamism is a revival movement focusing more on spirituality, commonality between the three faiths and adherence to the main texts (Quran, Philokalia, Torah, Talmud and Bible). Like the old Jews as well as Muslims and Orthodox Christians, they could frown a lot on dogs for being unholy which is in opposition to churches that allow them in.

Not that there’s anything wrong with dogs but they’re often suspected in the Bible as well. They’ll also frown on immodesty and anything that’s worldly and unholy. In fact, they’d even make contemporary Christians look hypocritical. Neo-Abrahamism is detached from politics, which makes it all the more a target of the political Evangelicals and Pentecostals who are now in communion with the Catholic Church.

While Neo-Abrahamism is a renewal of Abrahamic monotheism built on Sufism and contemporary Christian mysticism as well as the Orthodox church (oldest Christian branch), Evangelicalism at that point could readily accept the Catholic Pope as its leader but that’s saved for another post.

Cartoon Cults

Fandoms based around fictional characters in comics and novels aren’t anything new, what should be alarming is the possibility of those morphing into a proper religious cult if Jedism (spinoff of Star Wars fandom) and the Rescue Rangers Gadget cult are any indication. While society’s becoming secularism, the expression of religion isn’t it’s just diverted through secular stuff and alarmingly close to proper idolatry.

In 20 years time, people will research on these cartoon cults where fandoms dedicated to fictional characters are increasingly resembling ancient cults complete with ordained priests and ‘mysticism’. These cults will aggressively assimilate other cults just like they did a millennia ago or so. Roman animism assimilated both its Greek counterpart and that of more obscure ones like the Etruscans.

Watch out if a Tim Drake cult emerges and swallows up the Donald Duck cult. It sounds silly but that could happen anytime soon and preachers will call out on it.

The true end

I am starting to think that the Evangelical Church will start to resemble the Roman Catholic Church a lot. Not just with idolatry but also in the sheer number of scandals it gets into. The Roman Catholic Church already has problems and has suffered through a series of clerical abuse.

That too is no different in the Evangelical Churches but would increase in the years to come as soon as it starts merging with the Catholic Church even. (To be fair within the Catholic Church, there’s the Charismatic Movement which should be taken as a sign of Antichrist’s arrival.)

Both the Evangelical and Charismatic movements will move further away from godliness, the Pentecostal Church will follow them in apostasy. Eventually there’ll be a new Abrahamic movement that unites both disgruntled but faithful Christians, Jewish mystics and Sufis.

For those who don’t know, the Sufis are Muslims that emphasise believing in a personal relationship with God. They’ll rise in opposition to the growing apostasy in their respective religions and churches. ISIS are already persecuting Sufis and the Sufis could find commonality with devout Christians.

This sharpens when the Church itself starts violating against what it used to believe in. Instead of Agnus Dei, they have Satanis Dei or Canis Satanis. Every Evangelical Church will host every sinful activity and defilement, which only worsens ties with the nascent Neo-Abrahamic movement.

They’ll persecute the latter until the former becomes its own worst enemy whether if it realises this or not.

The workshop

Yesterday I went to a workshop with someone and we spent time making jewellery. The first two were easy as it involved beading the wires, the last three were difficult. I think my fingers aren’t nimble enough or strong enough to deal with the wires despite the equipment. It could be my first time as I could gain more experience. It’s not the first time I did jewellery as I tried making a necklace.

The other three aren’t finished and my sibling messed up with my other work so badly I got mad at it. It’s more convenient for me to take a break and come back when I feel like it as it’s too tiring to recreate it immediately as I wasn’t in the mood. I could return but I feel like I’m not good enough yet. Maybe I should take more risks. I really wanted to go out more and take a break from the computer.

I got what I wanted but not what I expected.

They don’t grow on trees

Of all the professions and industries, dog breeding could become one of the most unsustainable and impractical enough to go extinct in the developed world especially when there aren’t enough children being born who’d grow up to be the next generation despite advancements in longevity, xenophobia towards immigrants even though they could take up that profession and the difficulty of giving robots human cognition.

Not that there’ll be less demand of dogs but rather we’d see an overpopulation of stray dogs that need to be spayed or sterilised. But that too gets complicated by the lack of resources and people for it in some situations. Dog breeding would eventually be phased out due to these factors.

Not just because due to the issues with inbreeding but because there aren’t enough people needed to replace that generation and difficulty of making robots more human. The developed world will end up dealing with way more stray dogs than they’d expected.