Something’s shocking

I think if a famous mangaka not only converted to Christianity but also began reading The Divine Comedy because he had dreams of other cartoonists like Osamu Tezuka in hell for indulging in something shameful and then adapting the Bible, while he’s not the only one to be influenced by Dante nor is he the only one to adapt the Bible. There’s even an anime called Superbook.

What’s alarming however is that he’s one of the least expected. Go Nagai should be a likelier choice as he’s influenced by Dante but he never converted to Christianity to my knowledge. This one however would take the Divine Comedy seriously and may do anything to retrace those steps in a way as well as understanding what Dante meant.

(I get the feeling that the Divine Comedy’s an early example of those hell testimonies though not the first one either.)

To make matters worse he starts denouncing the anime industry for being depraved and one wonders if he’s going to do his own version of Jack Chick cartoons soon.


Could be better

Like I said, Tigra’s a decent character (or a decent idea) that’s not executed well due to her usual presentation. Where I think making her look uncanny valley would be enough to have her be taken seriously and could’ve been one of the few female comics character to get away with body hair as she’s supposed to have fur. She’s sometimes seen as having fur, paws and prick ears and Killing Bites is proof that it can work well to its advantage.

Same for Darkstalkers’ Felicia who’s consistently shown with localised fur and paws in addition to cat ears and tail. For those who dread Pawsy Tigra, that’s understandable even though paw-like hands have worked well for the likes of Felicia and hasn’t stopped her from being a fan favourite. (Though it could be that Felicia’s well-designed enough to pull it off and get away with it, well most of the time.)

Romantic Yearnings

As for whether if Harry Potter and Dungeons and Dragons promote witchcraft, as somebody well-versed in folklore it’s actually more of a vague no in that the witchcraft and folklore they represent’s very watered down and even bastardised from how they were in the Early Modern Period. (I actually think Early Modern folklore has more in common with contemporary African demonology.)

As for Japan, when it comes to stuff* like Devilman and Devil May Cry, since Japan’s Christian population is really small they might generally be rather ignorant rather than deliberately flirting with the occult. But I’ve also come to think that the flowering of highly fantastical works, especially in secularised societies, has more to do with the rise of Romanticism.

That’s been around since the 19th century, especially when Europe got heavily industrialised with a higher literacy rate than before so you have people yearning for simpler times. Fantasy fiction, including HP, continues this.

*Since the dominant religion in Japan is Shintoism, stuff like Princess Mononoke but also Devil May Cry, Devilman and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures can be assumed to have animist tendencies in the sense of being connected to or descended from spirits.

The harshest critic within the anime industry

I think should a well-known mangaka (who recently converted to Christianity) condemn the anime industry for being evil and sexualised, he’s arguably not the only one around but one who’s also the most shocking and least expected. In that he began reading the Divine Comedy after he had a dream of cartoonists like Osamu Tezuka in hell or something. One would’ve expected Go Nagai since he references Dante Alighieri a lot.

But then again that’s not Nagai. Not to mention that while there are some Japanese cartoonists that have adapted Divine Comedy and Bible before, this one’s unlikelier as he’s the author of a famous franchise. One wonders if he’s ever going to do his version of the Jack Chick cartoons because of how Christian he’s now. It would be even weirder if that’s a famous mangaka adapting Christian works.

Much weirder than another mangaka like Nobuhiro Watsuki being outed for paedophilia because of how sexualised the anime industry’s gotten. The Lolicon and fanservice problem proves at how deeply entrenched this is in anime. So much so that it produced a criminal named Tsutomu Miyazaki. (There are also other anime fans arrested for child porn like Thaddeus McMichael.)

If that ever happens, anime fans would have to brace for the harshest critic within the industry since Hayao Miyazaki.

Waiting for the next to criticise

I think the next person to criticise the anime industry might be someone very familiar yet unlikely in some regards (him converting to Christianity and reading the Divine Comedy because of one dream he had about cartoonists and animators in hell or something). He could be the author of a popular series that’s gory and violent, even blasphemous at times.

Keep in mind that at this point, he may’ve changed his mind and learnt to refrain from writing those due to various factors and circumstances in his life. But it would be really shocking for him to not only do a 180 degree in his works but also condemn the anime industry for being gross, perverted and evil. Let’s not forget that other anime professionals have condemned it for similar reasons.

He might be the next person to chastise the anime industry since Hayao Miyazaki and his cronies.

Some shower thoughts:

If the Flash were to popularise kemonomimi outside of anime (and Japan as there were probably commercials featuring those if I recall) by turning Caitlin Snow into a werewolf, it could either hire a good makeup artist (Rick Baker) and/or call up Jim Henson Company for prosthetics. The latter not only made puppets but also prosthetics in some productions if I recall.

The combined forces of Rick Baker and Jim Henson Company would be enough to make the accidental Killing Bites influece in the Flash more believable. With Killing Bites, you have animal hybrids built through gene therapy and mutation and for a kemonomimi story it doesn’t look that silly as far as character designs go.

So much so that it looks plausible in live action as well, if pulled off well. Along with mandatory hair-punching needed to make more believable looking paw gloves and maybe start a big fad this way. Though by then, the Jim Henson Company would also be known as the live action kemonomimi company for some.

Killing Bites goes mainstream

Comes to think of it, with the Flash reinventing Caitlin Snow as a werewolf due to osmosis from anime like Killing Bites as well as Marvel Comics’ Rahne Sinclair the Flash (and DC in general) would help popularise the KB kemonomimi aesthetic. While anime eared and pawed characters are nothing new, Killing Bites more or less makes it look decent enough to be believable.

Given the Flash’s budget, if makeup artists were to turn Caitlin into a werewolf she’d accidentally look like a Killing Bites character but because Killing Bites character designs, if translated in live action, might not look that silly. That is if they went for punching hairs onto paw gloves to make for a more believable look.

(Assuming if the actor/actress doesn’t have enough body hair to believably pull off Killing Bites kemonomimi look.)

That’ll also effect others like Marvel Comics’ Tigra (there’s already a tiger character in KB and Tigra herself has been depicted more animalistic before) and DC’s Cheetah (the same thing).