Murder, she committed

Like I said, should Caitlin Snow become a werewolf (from being raped by Ralph Dibny, who also killed her pets) that’s ironically when Snowbarry becomes a thing. I mean she tries to avenge her rape not only by killing Ralph Dibney (and then getting his DNA as well as those of dogs and wolves) but also allowing the Killer Frost persona to take over and cure herself of ALS. (That sounds a lot like what Alan Moore did in his Marvelman stories.)

Then she goes on impersonating Iris West from killing her (Twilight of the Superheroes) and uses her dogs to torment people with out of revenge only to have them and herself killed by Barry Allen. That’s where the comparisons to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures creep in especially with using animal abuse as a plot device and accusations of dog hatred despite contrary evidence though its own author might regret it.

Not to mention the inevitable Red Riding Hood undertones with Barry being that elephant in the room (it’s even played straight in DC Comics with Wally being her victim as well as in Young Justice and Justice League Action).

Digimon and Yokai Watch

Admittedly, I’m rather in the dark about Yokai Watch but having known Digimon (and watched it before along with Pokemon as well as witnessing merchandise even to this day as I remember), these are generally considered to be rivals to Pokemon. It’s not that they’re unsuccessful but that they can’t match Pokemon. It’s not that Pokemon’s unoriginal (itself inspired by the Capsule Monsters of Ultraseven) and isn’t influenced by Japanese lore (something like Froslass being Yuki Onna).

But when it comes to the latter, for most of the part, it’s not too heavily influenced by it the way Yo-Kai Watch is (a Reddit thread proved this). As to why Pokemon’s more successful than Digimon, another thread said that had the Pokemon games been mediocre Digimon could and should’ve the upper hand. But it didn’t in reality. It’s probably analogous to Street Fighter, King of Fighters and Tekken.

The other two aren’t unpopular and the former’s not without its own faults but that the former’s much bigger than the latter for some reason. Same for Pokemon, Digimon and Yo-Kai Watch when you think about it.

What’ll surpass Japanese ACG

Like I said, Japanese ACG/anime might not be around forever (at least en masse) but may become largely the domain of old people. I mean it’s going to be that way in 2050-2060 where the only people who know anime as it was before are now going to be grandparents and/or in retirement homes. There might even be a Chinese animation about anime-obsessed oldsters. I also think anime professionals might be onto something about Japanese anime being surpassed in quality and quantity.

In the near future, Japanese comics (manga) would be eclipsed by Philippine, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Indian comics not only in number of copies sold but also distribution outside of their countries. That actually already happened to some extent. Just not yet at this point but maybe so in the future should Japanese ACG die and or at least decline tremendously so. I think a number of anime fans might not like this, let alone if it’s said by an anime professional.

If Hideaki Anno and Hayao Miyazaki are any indication. Even if Japanese ACG doesn’t entirely go away, it might decline from facing stiff competition with other Asian countries’ ACG industries so it’s inevitable.

Anime is for old people

Something I said before in this blog that in the 2030s, especially in the West, anime would have a really ageing international audience assuming if Japanese ACG declined (and Chinese ACG rose). That makes sense as old people are now the only ones who know anime as it was in their youth. Their children and grandchildren would’ve known Japanese ACG either from them or through reprints and reruns.

(That’s how many people got to watch Silly Symphonies and Looney Tunes in the 1990s and 2000s.)

I would take a real catastrophe to kill off Japanese ACG. Even if it doesn’t, it’s enough to free up a near-monopoly on non-Western animation and comics for so long that it’s overdue. Stuff like Aya de Yopougon and Aurion does highlight a market for African ACG and may even be the surprising heir to anime’s passing. The new Naruto might be Ghana’s Ananse stories.

Viz and Vertical might publish and distribute more non-Japanese Asian media. Not just Korean and Chinese but also Indian and Philippine. (African already has a big market for Philippine programmes.) China and India would especially act as inevitable heirs to Japan once that’s vacated, leaving them to occupy what’s left of it.

Post-anime publishing aftermath

Should somebody predict the death of anime, I suspect US publishers like Viz Media and Vertical would end up mining Chinese, Philippine, Indonesian, Indian and Thai comics instead. They could distribute translations and copies of those to the US. (Viva Psicom might a minority stake in Viz and Shogukan-Shueisha whilst Disney and Warner take the other portions.)

I mean people would have to be prepared for the time when Viz’s used to distribute Philippine comics to the United States. Or when they start publishing translations of distribute African comics stateside. (Kenyan, Nigerian, Cameroonian and Ghanaian comics might strike gold this way.)

I even said before that Japanese ACG might generally go the way of old school science fiction. If it sounds damning, at this point there are a few sci-fi franchises with any real public staying power and I only know Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek so far. The same could befall One Piece and My Hero Academia in the future.

Okay I get it but

I guess when it come to diversity in superhero comics (anything else in general), I could get not wanting alternative takes on existing characters or introducing stuff like LGBT. At the same time however, a good number of media don’t really give people want they want. Not necessarily pornographic but more in the lines of lacking what they want to see because they’re tired of the same thing all over again. Or yearn for something else.

I admit to developing an interest in African comics because there aren’t enough nonstereotypical black characters around in American comics. These aren’t necessarily any better but hang out at the Children’s Library where they not only have an African comic book but also give a glimpse of that sensibility (however East African). It needn’t to necessarily be about politics (light or right).

But that one thing’s so deficient that it’s inevitably why people seek alternatives and why some people give up on games and comics if they don’t give them the representation they wanted like say non-stereotypical blacks and Native Americans. Ad infinitum.

The horror of being Caitlin Snow

I still think turning Caitlin into a werewolf’s still way worse than Iris West being black. In fact much worse given her becoming a werewolf has to do with being raped and having her pets tortured in addition to curing herself of ALS and using their DNA to augment herself, thus allowing her alternate persona to take over. Then she impersonates Iris West after killing her in an attempt to kill Barry Allen.

This is also what Alan Moore had in mind with both his take on Marvelman and his aborted proposal Twilight of the Superheroes, which the latter had a plot point where somebody gets killed after impersonating his victim. Kid Marvelman used to be heroic until his baser tendencies got the better of him through his alternate persona and then allowed it to take over after getting raped himself.

(Wait till Caitlin uses her dogs and wolves to kill Joe West and then Cisco Ramon.)

Not to mention once Barry kills her and her pets, you’d have accusations of dog hatred on the staff’s part despite contrary evidence (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures but its own author would regret it). Once Caitlin goes wolf, it’ll be catastrophic.