Traumatised in nursing class

All this bullying and teasing

Has driven her mad with

Nightmares, going solo before

Retiring elsewhere, still

Remembering pain and

Rejection every now & then.

Hazing Days

The athlete begged, they

Made him do silly things

To get it, he even got locked

Up and teammates will

Offend him to make him

Lose his cool, he scolds

Them to the coach, that’s

A bad day in football.

Pale and blind

Pale and blind, he left his

Mentor and had to keep

Focusing in sports even if

He repeatedly lost his cool

Feeling rejected, still

Struggling to do well until

He went solo in football and

Then vanished out of a need

To relax from learning and

Painful hazing moments too.

Celibate and Holy

Not that there’s anything wrong with not wanting to have children but historically (and even today especially among Shiva worshippers) if somebody were to get away with not having children, it should follow a vow of chastity as sex was understood as a means to get children even if some couples can’t (and still don’t) easily conceive of children. This is the reason why monasteries and nunneries exist.

If somebody wants to abstain itself of worldly vices so badly they don’t just have to be celibate but also become more self-restrained, self-disciplined and humbled in general. Among nuns there’s a vow of poverty and the need to be modest, which also explains the same in Muslim and Evangelical circles to some degree.

Again there’s nothing wrong with celibate especially in history where it tends to be done for a holier reason. Not when it goes hand in hand with worldlier vows which I think that’s the real religious issue with deliberate childlessness among some people.