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The clitic nature of person-gender-number markers in Naro: Language …
by E Kari – ‎2016 – ‎Related articles
May 3, 2016 – This article discusses the phonosyntactic behaviour of person-gender-number (PGN)2 The following symbols and abbreviations are used in this … 3C = third person common, 3F = third person feminine, 3M = third person masculine, 3Pl.C = third person plural common, 3SG = third person singular, 2FEM.

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The Gunnän-Gurage Languages – Page 150
Robert Hetzron – 1977 – ‎Snippet view
11. ” kwa sayMSO!-C kakkwa sayMSO!-C openMSO! ” when-3Fsays, hyena-the 3Mwas+afraid-C when-3Mgoes (when- 3Mescapes)* ACCUSATIVE-cat-the 3Mcrushed-C 3Mkilled-him-MVM. 12. … The hyena, the leopard, the cat, the dog, the jackal and the macaque gathered together and went out. 4. In the house, there were two sheep. 5. The sheep had … Soddo The hyena and the macaque 1. b-att zabdn att gdcd-nna (o(a ndbbdram. 2. (o(-i-nna gdd-i ta-yalfam ta-yalfam gdC-i att …

Studia Aethiopica: – Page 296
Verena Böll – 2004 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
IMP+it Other South Ethiopic languages, which can be subsumed under the typological classification coined by Hetzron as Gunnan-Gurage, comprising the Northern and Western Gurage groups, all employ a prefixed object clitic placed at the front of the noun phrase, which is identical to the case marker for the dative: \y\d- with variants rid- /I’d- in Soddo. As an object marker, this … PAST Soddo e) gac-i y-angacc-i gdddaldnnat ‘the hyena killed the cat’ hyena+DEF OBJ+cat+DEF kill-3M.

Gurage Studies: Collected Articles – Page 528
Wolf Leslau – 1992 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Original biradicals of the standard language becoming triradicals through an inserted r are: drebbd-m ‘ give ‘, from abd-m 1 give ‘; uragga-m ‘ pierce ‘, from ivagga-m; urdta-m, ivurdta-m 1 cat, drink, bite ‘, from watd-m 1 swallow ‘ … miss ‘, from qdbbatd-m; uwassad/i-m ‘ take ‘, from wdssada-m; (td) ‘rabbea-m 1 receive from Ui ‘ebbed-m, root qbl; (ac)cwabMsd-m 1 toast from tdbbdsd-m (for {::{, see § 3.15); fratUimd-m * close ‘, from fdtUimii-m (Soddo) ‘ patch a hole of a curtain ‘. 2.13.