The power of suffering

I think it’s better to go through suffering in marriage than to deal with bliss in the sense that it’s better that God would use Paul’s suffering from AIDs to make you come closer to him than if he didn’t suffer. Let the trials in your marriage happen whenever Paul falls gravely ill to AIDS due to his adultery, so that God will come closer to you upon the hour of Paul’s death.

Better that Paul would die so that you could try to live through his legacy, better that Paul would suffer so that you’d come closer to God and move on from his death, better to deal with Paul’s AIDs than to run away from it. I chose to live with Paul, even as he suffers from AIDS and an early death as there’s more to suffering than to worldly bliss and pleasure.

Suffering Together

Let’s say God makes you marry Paul but with the intention of going through his suffering from AIDs, promiscuity and and early death. Better to become a widow for God whenever Paul suffers from AIDs than to enjoy worldly bliss with him, better to go through the suffering of AIDs than to avoid diseases entirely as a trial.

Better that God will use Paul’s suffering from AIDs to motivate you to come closer to them, especially when at the hour of Paul’s death you will see God’s face. Let God comfort you whenever Paul suffers from AIDs, if your marriage to Paul fails there’s always God to be by your side after Paul dies as part of your trials.