He lost his mother and pet

He got hazed and bullied

In the university he studied

With nobody else to befriend

Feeding animals he’s allergic to

Waiting for God to give him a friend.


I have problems with James Olsen,¬†one for being interchangeable with others and that he’s just a token black sidekick stereotype. I suppose if he was a hardworking but harried black rookie journalist (with albinism) who looks after his orphaned brother, that would’ve improved his presentation a lot.

But the flaw here is that he might become too independent for his own good he’s obviously not a superhero and can’t always be there for either Supergirl or Superman. Supergirl can go on with her other friends, Jimmy’s mostly stuck with what’s left of his family. At this point, it would be cruel to call him ’emo’ because he only has one surviving family member.

Crueler still if you also insult him for having a defect and how Conner feels so strongly about being brought up by a relative who doesn’t look like him at first. Alternatively speaking, the only way they’ll get away with him if he’s based on a real life journalist like Mr Anaman (or Mr Sevareid and Gareth Jones). Either way, it’s a matter of firmly establishing his voice from the start.