Lack of self-awareness, lack of empathy

Like I said before in another post, why some people lack empathy and become judgmental’s because being compassionate’s harder to do. This might even stem from the lack of empathy for oneself so it’s easier to feel self-righteous than to actually understand. Even if they’re right in some regards, they’re also wrong for the same reason. Not necessarily having the same vice but rather a general vice of being too aloof and awkward with people.

Not necessarily always due to a learning disability or being abused but that for some, certain people who sometimes don’t have their crap together annoys them to the point where it’s easier to condescend to them at times. It’s like with MGTOWs and their anger at women, whilst they do make some good points that doesn’t stop them from being bitter or something.

Even if they’re not projecting (and they certainly aren’t at times), they still lack self-awareness of their own flaws (even if it’s not the same as others). So the lack of empathy might also be attributable to a form of social ineptitude (low empathy when handling other people) and lack of self-awareness.

Other reasons for lack of empathy

Lack of self-awareness

That’s the one I pointed out before why some people who lack empathy become judgmental’s because they’re not that aware of their own shortcomings. It’s one thing not to relate to people because of lacking said experience, it’s another however to be unaware of their own shortcomings even if it’s not exactly like somebody else’s at times. It needn’t to involve projection. It’s being this ignorant of their own faults.

It’s like how some mock people for having a diaper fetish whilst not realising their own social ineptitude. It needn’t to involve projection as it’s based on the lack of not realising their own shortcomings which explains why they’re so judgmental to others. If that’s the case, it might explain the lack of empathy better and why emotional intelligence’s so valuable. Especially for those tending to be callous when others mess up.

Overcorrecting, overcompensating

That’s the vibe I get with some perfectionists in that if they’re people pleasers, that’s nearly implying that a good number of perfectionists are socially inept in one way or another that they strive to overcorrect and overcompensate. That they do get offended by not wanting to remind them of certain things, especially whenever it goes hand in hand with repressing emotions, suggests that some do have had a history of anger problems or something similar.

Perfectionists, even if you take away the mental health thing, are still maladjusted in the sense of overdoing what’s right. It’s not wrong to correct yourself and control yourself in certain areas. It’s just that perfectionists overdo it out of insecurity over their prior social ineptitude. If that’s the case, perfectionists do overcompensate and/or overcorrect themselves a lot. These aren’t bad in and of themselves, it’s just that perfectionists do have a habit of overcorrecting or overcompensating.

Especially if they’ve had prior struggles.

The inbreeding years

Like I said, anime actually took much of its inspiration from US productions a lot beforeĀ  that I think the true anime look emerged sometime between the 60s and 90s which was also when it started getting inbred (being heavily self-referential to the point of copying just a few styles). It make sense that in that same era, just some cartoonists (sadly I can only name a few like Junji Ito and Hirohiko Araki) broke from that mold if because they’re influenced by many other things (Araki and fashion magazines).

Even today that’s still true but it does make you wonder if many of the later anime artists came from a fanzine background since it’s evident to me that most anime produced from the 1990s onwards seem to be specifically made by anime fans with little outside influence. I actually think a lot of direct to video productions have more of a stereotypical anime look than their more mainstream counterparts do. If that’s the case, then it makes sense that the OVA era transitioned to the late night one (which lasted right up to today thanks to streaming services).

There are still anime with outside influences but very rare now too.

Recreating old school anime

Writing about punk fashion got me into considering what it would be like to reconstruct old school/early Showa era anime. Anime in its early years was very much inspired by Western animation, namely French and American ones. I think American animation had an even bigger impact on anime’s formative years, evident not only in many of the surviving early Showa era productions but that there were US air bases there as well as close proximity to the American West Coast.

Even anime and animation historians noted this. And it still does today to some extent though it’s much more evident in the beginning. The likes of Osamu Tezuka (and the people he came to influence) were also influenced by Mad magazine, Disney, Hanna Barbera and Fleischer cartoons (there’s even a Japanese production that has a samurai resembling Betty Boop). How the Stands came to be in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures was due to a certain X-Men scene involving somebody’s astral battle.

The idea that anime’s inspired by American animation’s very much noted among several Japanese commentators and some of their overseas counterparts that it’s much more evident before.