I heard a man saying to a woman at the cashier that he’s not ugly or something, she said she was kidding while we were paying for the food we bought today. We bought a lot of food on a P1000 budget, which we bought things like yogurt and cupcake.

My younger brother’s busy looking after his cat by stomping his foot, lowering the laptop lid and stuff to protect his cat Kong away from the dogs which one of them always chases and scares him away.

My other brother’s feeding yogurt to one of our dogs, Sandra and then she swallowed and licked it. He patted her to comfort and greet her, now she’s somewhere else in this house. (I also regret pulling the finger in one photograph, but I don’t want it gone either.)

We’re all busy using the computer but I do regret doing some things before.

Dead mice and hunting dogs

At one point in 2014, one of my sisters said that there’s a crying dead baby mouse in the trash bin and recently one of my dogs caught a dead baby mouse. My dogs do have a history of hunting where the late Snoopy hunted down and ate frogs, the late Bighead hunted and ate a skink and the late Emul tried to catch a cockroach.

Likewise, one of my former cats Ridges caught a bat and one of my cats caught a bird and a rat. My cousin said that his dogs are semi-feral, they hunted down rats I think but I could be misremembering things. Today, my dog caught a mouse and it’s dead, there were times in my life where the dogs ate and hunted animals.

So that’s what they did, so did the cats too.

I saw this and others

I saw two dogs outside while I was going to Puregold and then going back home, one was a white dog running about which I called Snowy (as in Tintin’s dog) and the other’s yellow and barked at people. There were two dogs that guarded the garage, one dog caged and other dogs roaming about in the green pasture I think.

My sister said that she picked up a cat and then dropped it off elsewhere, my father said that he knew of a woman doctor who worked on the Big C magazine who developed allergy to meat that her intestines got enlarged, had to be hospitalised and became vegan later on, that’s what he said.

Kittens and dogs

My aunt would show me photographs of her kittens, cats and other things we did before outside. Nana said that they’re beautiful, one of them had a beautiful pose and I remember the time when Kuya Nexus was playing with them. At some point, they didn’t have cats because they thought he’s allergic to them.

Aunt Crisma did say that she had a cat named Meow-Meow before she gave birth to Kuya Nexus and afterwards, she had the cat be taken care of by Lola Bellie. Kuya Nexus used to mock me over things like cat meat siopao but he also said to me about how bad crush videos are whenever they involve popular pets.

They lost a few cats to death and disease, where Aunt Crisma said that she learnt her lesson from it and that they currently have 12 cats which they feed and take care of along with their 5 or 6 dogs. Several of their puppies died, leaving behind Burbur who’s the sole survivor there.

I admit to being scared of them before, even going so far to scream but now I don’t scream and run away whenever they bark at me and how Kuya Nexus said that I’m a ninja because I managed to go there stealthily and silently.

My pets the hunters

My pets do have a habit of hunting, one of my former cats (Ridges) ate a bat, another (the orange cat) ate a rat and a lizard or a shrew, another one (Aiai) ate a lizard but my dogs are also hunters or rather were hunters as three of them are dead. Snoopy had a habit of hunting frogs that my father had to install fences to minimise this, his son Bighead ate a skink.

Another one, Emul tried to hunt and eat a cockroach. My own cousin said that his dogs are semi-feral and they even hunt rats, though at this point he and his family feed their cats and dogs with proper cat and dog food in addition to scraps the dogs get to eat. I kind of feel bad writing about them, since they’re dead due to my mistakes.

But someday, I’d like to get another dog to hunt rats in the future.

Animals in Heaven

That’s been debated by some people with regards to animals going to Heaven with varying degrees of uncertainty, there are some people who do claim to see animals in Heaven and there’s this one woman who said that she saw a tiger in Heaven when she asked God about seeing animals in heaven. She rode on that tiger, then the tiger walked back to Heaven.

That tiger was once alive and suffering on Earth, now comes to think of it I did see Jesus take my puppies to Heaven with him and he said, when I threw away a dress Lola gave to me, that a kitten will go to Heaven with him so she died. I think my late pets are frolicking a lot with him in Heaven, along with my mother and grandfather there.

I’ve been to my mother’s and grandfathers’ funerals before, so far only two of them went to Heaven and I admit wanting to go to Heaven to see them again but I might have to wait a little bit to go there. Maybe when I have dream visions, I’ll go there myself.

Thundering white about heaven

It’s a very stormy, white afternoon where it’s raining real hard and it thundered real loudly, I’m not sure when will it end but a few days ago it did rain but it wasn’t so stormy and rainy back then. I could be nostalgic for the days when it was warm and sunny, well it was warm and sunny hours before.

I’m feeling very depressed and moved by the idea that animals do go to Heaven, maybe they’re happier now but I do know I’ll be reunited with them in Heaven during the Rapture. But for now, it’s a stormy day where I started reading up on animals in Heaven, my sorrow’s there.

One day the storm will stop, but I’m still waiting for the time that I’ll see animals in Heaven.

One of our dogs

One of our dogs, Naning, gets called ugly (same with the late Bighead who had a habit of eating cat faeces) but she’s also called Piggy, gets carried and made to stand up by my sister and Nana feeds her and her mother Sandra with sardines and rice everyday.

(She also feeds the cats the same way.) I will always miss our former dogs, who were there with us for a few years and I would like to see them in Heaven. God knows they’re happy in Heaven, playing and rolling around with Jesus there and I would like to see them again.

Maybe I will see them in my dreams, but for now we just have two cats and two dogs respectively.


There was a time in 2014 where I complained to Kuya Nexus about crazy dog owners sharing their beds with their dogs and I’d even call him up at midnight, even though ironically I’d come to share a bed with a dog at various points in my life. Kuya Nexus said that complaining can be a good thing if it helps you calm down then fine.

Then I talked to Cousin Nexus about the bias against black dogs, he said that it’s due to superstition that they’re overlooked, demonised and the like and there was a time in my life where I cursed a lot. But now I don’t do it anymore, I don’t rant about dog owners a lot anymore as my anger towards Ate Pia declined.

(Though the pain of her saying ‘I hate cats’ lingers.)


Nana said that she had a book where it went like this: the dog says arf arf, the cat says meow meow. I used to have Bighead whom my sister called him ‘depraved courtjester’, ‘ugly dog’ (my father also called him that) and ‘sad clown’ due to his habit of showing his genitals to people after moving them and my brother also called him ‘pinhead’.

(There was also a cat named Pickle who lived with us, which I wanted Pipo to be dead but I screwed up by putting alcohol on him so Pickle died in March 2017.)

His brother Ellen/Alien was called Procopio and Poopoopio, my brother called Emul Baby Brown, Baby Bear and Bear Cub and Snowy Milou and Polnareff after another character in another series outside of Tintin. They all died in a rapid succession within weeks and months, now I miss them terribly so.