Daylight’s fading though still

Bright enough for someone

To read and write.


Or sew clothing and textiles

To form something else

While others take a nap.


The rats run as the dogs chase them

While the birds flee from a cat

As I take a nap myself.


The dogs howl and bark

Communicating with one another

Harassing trepassers and even amongst themselves.


The cats fight on rooftops

Till one of them stops and retreats

Back to his house, wounded and alive.


The moon shines brightly

The owls flies silently

Looking for mice.


The cool air moistens

Forming fog and frost

As the animals rest.

Lousiana Swamp

The man keeps rowing on a boat

Observing the trees

The algae and the alligators.


He keeps on rowing

Looking further into the trees

Till he sees birds up there.


He turns around and sees

The same things in a circle

And moves out as he walks.

In the woods

I got lost in the woods

Obscured by several bushes

And trees until I lit a fire.


I had to get out

But I also have to kill

The fire before it burns badly.


Now it’s gone and dampened

I shout really loud

Until somebody finds me here.


Pictures left to fade

In sunlight, turning bluish

Though I can still recognise them.


The colour of my jeans fade

With every wear and tear

Until I repair them.


Then I remember a place

I used to go to

And when I go there, it’s gone.


I don’t know you anymore

I don’t know where you came from

I don’t know who you are.


I don’t know this

I don’t know that

I don’t remember doing it at all.


I don’t remember it anymore

Everything’s alien

Everywhere’s strange.


But it seems familiar

Maybe I didn’t forget

About it at all.


Somewhere on top of a mountain

Something is rising and heating up

Lava spews and spills over

As smoke and ash rise.


The mountain nearly explodes

Spewing rock and magma everywhere

Lightning bolts emerge

Fires invade and destroy.


Everybody gets charred and covered

No one can survive this

Rocks ascend and descend

Until the place is no more.

The new anime industry

The growing parallels between American and Japanese animation are deepening with direct-to-video animation productions aimed at fans. These have existed before and needn’t to be too gratuitous as Disney’s own are any indication.


But with DC’s animated productions being an adaptation of comics, it’s safe that they’re heading a similar direction of being more explicit than their televised counterparts and appeals a lot to a niche.


Then you have countless flash cartoons aimed at older viewers. There was anime for adults before but these were either sporadic, artistic or propaganda. The number of anime for adults wouldn’t proliferate and calcify until the 80s and 90s starting with the OVA boom.


Late night anime are a spiritual continuation of this. American animation could be heading there, worsened by more mainstream companies pursuing webcomics due to their lower production costs.


It’s not far-fetched with several online novels getting published with telly programmes. Even webcomics in South Korea get this treatment. Animation could become a rarefied medium that’s only done by highly specialised individuals.


It takes more resources and/or people to animate a series. Far less for webcomics and online novels. Inevitably the latter become mainstream as animation retreats.