The shrinking middle class

There are some reports about the middle class shrinking in some parts of the West, especially those hit hardest by the recession like Italy, Germany, Spain and America whilst some are growing or at least are stable enough to withstand it.

As what some warned that if the middle class continues to shrink due to a variety of factors (and possibly why many more people over there go celibate), Western countries could end up having a two tiered society.

Even worse, while there could still be a middle class it would start resembling medieval feudalism in that high earning pastors, plutocrats (and wealthy aristocrats) outrank their low-earning but still well-off counterparts and they themselves outrank the peasants that live on welfare.

The highest rank belonging to government officials and politicians. Along with robots in the industry, these changes will end the Western middle class as we know it for good.


A strange dream

I can vividly remember a strange dream I had last year after praying for people that annoyed me before. The first part had me encountering a former classmate who admitted to me about having similar struggles and why she had to throw something away upon becoming a nurse. I told her about it before but it seemed in this case she realised it.

Then the second part I saw my cousin masturbating. She teased me about my crush before and that she’s said to be reliant, not very open about her feelings most of the time. That she has difficulty remembering what happened in school. (Her parent’s like that to an extent.)

Later on I eventually researched about why she’s like that and it’s got to do with avoidant attachment. As expected, it involves the desire to be independent but to the point of leading to issues with intimacy. According to a paper called ‘Friendly Antagonism’, sometimes people who tease don’t tend to be very open with how they really feel.

I could be mis-remembering but I myself tease people when I’m upset. An outlet to express anger without being angry. She did recall being teased by classmates and told them to stop and followed them but it’s likelier that by teasing, she’s trying to fight back from being teased and scolded before.

That she could be hiding something is agreed to be part of avoidant attachment, specifically dismissive avoidance. Not that she’s a bad person but rather she’s in a bad place, however that’s only knowable to people well-versed in attachment theory.

A bigger Gamergate

I think I talked about it before but should the music industry ever receive its version of Gamergate it’s going to be bigger than the first especially if it involves higher profile characters. There were already suspicions of plagiarism in the music industry before, but in order for a rockist gamergate to happen, it has to be the biggest musical theft to date.

This would derail the careers of musicians accused of plagiarism so badly that they’ll never recover from it. Maybe even worse than with Gamergate as some will commit suicide from it. If a musician was caught dead doing crimes, that’s when the musical Gamergate will happen and adherents will do anything to expose what’s hidden to the masses to have its target shamed.

They’d even save victims like Ysan Roche and patronise her as their ‘Eron Gjoni’ if you know where I’m getting. They’d even create their version of Vivian James and seek its Christina Hoff Summers to try to ward off any dissenters. If it happens, it’s going to be far bigger than Gamergate will ever be.

Ysan Roche and the new Gamergate

I talked about this woman before and like I said, should the public ever fully discover her an bigger problem is how they’ll ever make sense of her anger. At this point, Ysan Roche is generally patient with Lady Gaga (who allegedly stole from hers) though how long will she maintain her composure is a bigger issue. If she ever gets mad, that’s going to alarm everybody else.

The revelation over her could lead to a new form of rockism, albeit one that’s closer to 2014’s Gamergate in spirit. Just as Gamergaters sympathised with a certain man’s anger at a game developer despite becoming misogynistic themselves, rockists will sympathise with Roche’s plight even if they’ll start harassing any perceived plagiarist in her defence.

It could even effectively expose the very problems with the music industry and how they exploit certain musicians at the expense of other, more worthy characters. Something that others have suspected all along.

What next

Considering that marriage in the West is increasingly more common among the well-off, one could predict what’ll happen next. Like I elaborated before, dating among the wealthy especially if they plan on getting married later also involves having to support and help each other’s families before they walk down the aisle.

An extra set of familial obligations before settling down albeit having gained enough experiences from helping in-laws in preparation for the next generation. In a sense, marriage has returned to its roots where it’s a matter of helping each others’ families in order to support the next generation.

Dating becomes increasingly practical, a matter of assisting in-laws before getting wed. A brilliant way to prepare for a married life and for their children too. The next logical step, especially among the rich but currently bankrupt is to arrange marriages.

If the rich can afford to get married, some can afford to arrange marriages especially if they’re financially desperate. Be prepared for the day when a bankrupt Hollywood actor arranges his daughter’s marriage to an aristocrat’s son! That’ll happen whether if people like it or not.


Dating and Marriages in the future

If marriage were to become a status symbol among the more well-off, like I said it would lead to strange practises that almost recall arranged marriages proper in that whenever people start dating, they are also expected to support each other’s families before marrying. Dating becomes regulated with familial obligations going hand in hand with romance.

The saying is ‘you date my son/daughter, you also get to support us in return’ which means helping future in-laws. It makes for a more satisfying marriage and family life with both of them having known and supported their in-laws before the fact. Not all upper class marriages won’t exactly arrange marriages, they however expect duties for their partners before marrying.

However a few, especially desperate upper class families will arrange marriages. Don’t be surprised if a bankrupt Hollywood actor arranges his daughter’s marriage to a richer person, whether if it’s a business magnate or by change, an aristocrat! That’ll cause controversy but would also be a sea of chance.

Not quite arranged marriage

I have a feeling in the future (and maybe in the present) that in order for couples to prevent divorce and to deal with relationship troubles they don’t just do the research or at least some of them would but would also become more obliged to help each other and their respective families.

It’s close to an arranged marriage without actually reinstating it but there are already a number of marriages like these, arranged or not. This is close to Robert Epstein had in mind and wouldn’t be surprised if he came close to doing it. In marriage as well as in dating, it’s not just a matter of passion but also compassion and obligation.

The willingness to help each other out as well as their respective families isn’t just historically obligatory, it’s also useful for keeping relationships alive for longer especially if they don’t want to depart. Hence the old phrase ’till death do us apart’ as the couple’s obliged to support each other and their in-laws till the very end.