Mainstream but never cultish

It’s like the weird thing about nerd fandoms and even popstar fandoms, they’re very visible and also have loud, dedicated cult followings. That’s not to say sports fandoms aren’t cultish, they certainly are to a degree. And there are technically other fandoms that are really mainstream but aren’t that cultish to that same extent.

I’m talking about crime fiction and romance novel readerships. Admittedly, the vibe I get from those isn’t that they ignore esoteric knowledge. But that they really don’t have much of a big dedicated following the way nerdier franchises do, at least not to the same extent. In the sense that romance novels actually outsell science fiction, horror and fantasy combined.

But there isn’t really much of a big Star Wars level fandom within romance novels that aren’t Jane Austen stories or in crime fiction, Sherlock Holmes at least to my knowledge. (Though to be fair, there are cultish fandoms around crime programmes like NCIS and Starsky and Hutch.) Though I think I get the impression that sci-fi/speculative fans are really spoilt in comparison.

They complain about certain flaws and then have Hollywood cater to their every whim. It’s not that romance novels aren’t adapted at all but that there hasn’t been much of an equivalent to Star Trek outside of Jane Austen when you think about it. To make matters worse, it’s actually not uncommon for some spec fans to work at Hollywood.

Many Hollywood studios have had done speculative fiction adaptations with varying degrees of success, perhaps helped by their newfound connection to information technology and that it’s also not uncommon for both IT and Hollywood to be just as involved in the American comics industry. (A similar situation exists for Japanese animation and comics and maybe anywhere else.)

Again, Hollywood adaptations of crime and romance novels aren’t nonexistent. The only recent romance novel adaptation known to the public today is 50 Shades, though there might be many more romance novel adaptations out there. It’s not so much that romance and crime novels aren’t niche. If anything, they’re practically mainstream.

But there’s also an odd quality to them that even if they do spawn porny fanart to some extent, it’s nowhere near where the stereotypically nerdier ones get. It’s not that romance novels are any less obsessive but the odd fact that Hollywood and geekdom are actually far more close-knit.

The State of Nerd Fandom

It does feel tempting to think that geekery thrives on the pretense of having and sharing esoteric knowledge and anything that seems mainstream is too corporate. I used to have that sentiment before but keep in mind that ironically a lot of geek fandoms are based on forms of brand loyalty, though the same can be said of any subculture. Whilst this might not be unique to sports and music fandoms, a lot of geek fandoms revolve around bankable franchises though some moreso than others.

There are geek fandoms that apparently aren’t that too corporate (Dune but also most especially the furries). Dune did sell a lot of copies in its heyday but do so a lot of crime and romance novels but most of them don’t attract that big of a dedicated cult following. Most romance novels are far more popular and widely read than any Star Wars tie-in novel. It’s just that Star Wars has a louder, vocal following to boot. Things like those make you wonder if geek fandom is the ultimate form of brand loyalty.

Maybe not exactly but one that practically puts most other fandoms to shame. Conversely speaking, there are already a lot of mainstream normies who aren’t too beholden to geek fandom but because they’re never pretentious about how obscure it is at least from personal experience to begin with. Not necessarily entirely uncorporate but that’s because they never truly cared about it to start with.

No more Mr Nice God

I even suspect we should have to accept that God isn’t always nice and loving. He can even spiteful, vindictive, violent and brutal. He’s so short-tempered that his punishments on humanity are bound to be brutal anyways. Like I said, in relationships where if you can’t always change the person you just let them be themselves.

Logically, you should give up the perception of God as all-loving and patient when he can also be agitated, violent and fierce. So volatile he makes Zeus seem calm and happy. (He could never be pleased with humanity.) That Jesus/God is hot-tempered and hard to please is something Christians should deal with and why there’s nothing they can do whenever God has a meltdown at all.

Dreading the angry God

I still secretly suspect Christians have a hard time fathoming God’s more violent tendencies is because they secretly expect him to cater to their whims. When I mean by that, if they see anger they think it’s ungodly and unholy never mind you can get angry and not be a jerk.

It’s even there in thew Bible and Jews (the very people Christians like) have made a habit out of complaining for as long as it’s done the right way (if you believe some Jews even if it’s not always effective either).

It’s like in relationships where if you’re dealing with an annoying person, sometimes the only choice’s to just accept them. Same with accepting God’s vindictive viciousness and hot temper. There’s sometimes little they can do about it.

I guess it’s not always that God’s anger is necessarily good at first but that to accept God as he is to accept that he can be violent, revengeful and petty. (It’s like that in the Bible.) So sometimes you just have to accept it.

It’s the Afro-Asiatics

Like I said before, if wolves and dogs are native to Eurasia so logically they wouldn’t be native in Africa which coincides well with the Afro-Asiatic arrival to Africa proper. There are African countries where Afro-Asiatic languages are the norm and Afro-Asiatics came to Africa historically thrice. First you have the old Afro-Asiatic immigrants then you have Jews and finally Muslims.

Unsurprisingly, Israel is the middle ground between Asia and Africa and is speculated to be near Narfut. I’m not even surprised if African village dogs are descended from both Middle Eastern dogs and wolves. I even recall this excerpt where dogs wouldn’t come to Central Africa until the Iron Age or something.

Not to mention several African countries not only have substantial Muslim and Afro-Asiatic speaking populations but also African communities (including Muslim ones like Tuaregs) proclaiming Jewish descent or at least a Jewish influence. Again dogs, pigs and horses are directly the result of Afro-Asiatic influence. As is the spread and evolution of Afro-Asiatic languages within Africa.

The wolf in scientist’s clothing

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, beware of Killer Frost posing as Iris West. I still swear should Caitlin ever become a werewolf, this only enables writers to retell Red Riding Hood and why Snowbarry as a canonical relationship would be really bad. It’s like what happened on Arrow where the producers eventually catered to certain fans’ whims that it ended up halving the viewership.

Not to mention by having Felicity Smoak replace Black Canary, it actually worsened things. Almost as if they shouldn’t have allowed her to recur on Arrow to begin with if you believe some fans. Alternately speaking, having Caitlin appear as a werewolf would allow Snowbarry to happen, just not in a way fans expected. If because that’s when she impersonates Iris to kill Barry Allen.

And Barry’s going to run away from her. I even think having Caitlin Snow as a werewolf makes her way more deceptive than Harrison Wells ever was if because she’s so beloved by the fans that if she were to openly kill Barry’s family and friends and then try to kill Barry, they wouldn’t like it. Yet that’s still proving my point. And if she does go wolf, that’s when things go south.

The problem with deepfakes

Technically it’s not wrong to do deepfakes as it’s used for fun by some people. But for others it’s used to deceive people so much so that it’s given pain to those who’re affected and impersonated. Not to mention they’re getting even better. Now it’s possible to animate a single image using this alone.

I won’t be surprised if religions already talked about deception. It’s not necessarily wrong to fake something but it’s used to dupe people, then that’s when it gets problematic that’s when it’s bad. It’s going to get worse in the future, especially as the technology improves.