Underestimating the cheetah

It’s not that I hate cheetahs but that there’s a tendency to underestimate the damage they do to people. The real problem might be that they’re not that numerous in number. Though cheetahs can tame easily, they’re not necessarily any less harmful. There are reported cases of cheetahs attacking people, including attacks on a teenager and a pre-teen as well as a report about a cheetah killing a 3 year old.

Another reason why that cheetah’s able to kill him/her isn’t just due to carelessness and the like but since physics dictates an object increases its mass upon speeding up thus gaining more strength, assuming cheetahs weigh anywhere from 75 to 140 lbs and the child weights around 35-40 lbs the former easily overpowers the latter. And not in a good way for those who’re related to it and/or care for people.

(That might explain road kills and why it’s as bad as Usain Bolt running over a little child, which illustrates how deadly this is as cheetahs are fast.)

Physics is partly why cheetahs might be deadlier than one assumes, especially if victims are of a lighter weight. Not to mention cheetahs can still inflict harm if one’s not careful.

Nazism, it’s always fashionable eastwards

Keep in mind that not all Asians condone Nazism and some might be opposed to it just as there are some Japanese opposed to WWII whitewashing and show awareness of victims. Some even show empathy for Jews. Some may’ve already shown awareness enough to cancel or undo certain businesses that’ve hurt their image abroad. (It can be argued that conversely speaking, the hooked cross’s still a good luck sign in India.)

Even then it’s like how due to some kind of instability India (as well as Japan, Taiwan and China) look up to Nazism whereas much of Europe would do anything to criticise this and show awareness of it. Likely as the Holocaust infamously took place there and even if there are white supremacist movements growing, there’ll always be attempts to not only combat those but also combat everyday racism.

Sometimes in the form of politically correctness. While not necessarily any less problematic either, that’s still miles better than glorifying or trivialising Nazism given as it tends to show up fairly often in anime to varying degrees which in turn attracts Alt-Right types. This even shows up in Indian media where you not only have Hitler ice cream but also Hitler’s named being used to refer to anybody bossy (or something).

A Hitler impersonator showed up in one Adnan Sami music video (the fat bloke eventually slimmed down). This might not even be the only instance of it in Indian media and culture. The same can be said of Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and China to varying degrees.

Keep in mind such attitudes against or for Nazism/racism in general’s not always entirely consistent. A good number of black Americans despise both white supremacists and Jews. While both white supremacists and conventional right wingers oppose blacks, the latter pedestalises Jews.

But given such Nazi imagery are banned and despised in Europe, it should also be taken seriously especially with regards to the European context elsewhere.

Just because

I think I already have this suspicion that just because you’re wealthy doesn’t necessarily make you any more well-adjusted, likable or competent if a good number of celebrities are any indication. Whilst not entirely helpful, celebrities are only human. They can do both good and bad things or do something bad because it seems good. That’s being realistic.

Not everybody, even celebrities themselves are perfect or nearly perfectly conforming to fan expectations which I admit getting angry over at some point or another. Hard for me to say but I suspect such characters aren’t inherently bad as much as they might be spiritually or morally lost at times. Who knows, a popstar might give up singing in favour of leading religious congregations and actually helping people.

An athlete will speak more awareness about persecuted minorities. For all their flaws and virtues, they’re human but it’s also a matter of either wishing them luck and become better or having to understand their plight (which I’ve done it before).

The weird thing about companies

The weird thing about companies is that even if they pander to their customers/fans every now and then, they sometimes do things differently from expectations. That’s understandable though keep in mind that for those who wanted one character to have another’s ‘skin’ might end up getting something else from the official company. I suspect that’s the case with Capcom where they did fulfill some fans’ expectations and sometimes defied them.

(Perhaps it sometimes seemed as such given they’re going by what they intended to do, not what the fans want.) Capcom’s still fallible but keep in mind that as disappointing or frustrating as it is (I’ve been through it about similar things too), companies and sometimes people still think differently than fans. I’ve been through it and I can understand how they feel but sometimes it works like that.

I’m not really good in art

Though I’ve been drawing for a long time, I’m really not good in art. I know people who draw better than me and I’m fine with it. I’m somewhat good but just not as good as say being able to write and learn languages quickly. It’s not that I’m not accepting myself as much as I don’t really like being complimented on things I’m barely that good at.

I’m not a big fan of compliments much even if I don’t like being criticised either. But the thing is I’m not really exactly as good as some people make me out to be. I’m not yet a good enough writer but I’m still better at writing than at drawing. In fact much better at writing to the point of easily diversifying my writing when I feel like it.

Drawing not so much as it’s often repetitive and crude.

Let’s face it

Let’s face it, women aren’t really that visual by nature. Maybe until recently but men are more visual than women are. That’s why men gravitate to visual media more. Women who do love art tend to be less feminine on average. Women are losing femininity by doing man things like art and drawing.

Let’s not forget that men do better on visual-spatial tasks and women are genetically more verbal. That’s why women art students are failures. Nobody cares about female artists much and why so many female art students become amateurs. I suppose to take more advantage of femininity or to enhance it, women must learn new languages and write more often to balance masculine tendencies like drawing.

If women don’t take advantage of their inherently verbal nature, they lose femininity all the way.

Writing is feminine, drawing is masculine

I am often of the opinion, actually fact, that writing’s more feminine than drawing is and will ever be. In the sense of being more in line with expressing sentiments and the old adage that men are more visual than women are. There’s a reason why men dominant visual media like film and illustration a lot whilst women do well in writing and caring.

There’s no real shortage of female writers, especially when it comes to romance and children’s literature. There’s actually less of a shortage of female writers, especially in more non-visual media than there are in visual ones. I suspect when it comes to such inclinations, we might have to accept writing as inherently feminine/genderless whilst drawing’s inherently masculine.

To put this to the test, here’s an enlightening excerpt from Reddit:

I can’t make a statement that applies to everyone, but I can give you some generalities.

You’ll find subreddits like r/dirtypenpals that are often full of requests from women. r/gonewildaudio often attracts women. In general, written stories and audio is what women seem to be more attracted to. Romance novels, all the talking on the phone women do, it all ads up that women are very communication driven.

By contracts, you have subreddits like r/gonewild that are very popular for men to browse. r/ladyboners is no where near as popular among women. r/sexytimechat connects redditors in an online live chat setting, and hands down, men want women to cam, and are willing to get on cam…. but women overwhelmingly state ‘no cam, rp only’.

There are exceptions to all of these rules. r/ladyboners does have a significant following. But, even then, it’s not composed of lots of nudes like r/gonewild. Men, in general, just seem to get more dopamine reward from the brain for seeing an attractive woman than women seem to get from seeing an attractive man.