California dreaming on such a bad winter’s day

I suspect if the prediction of America reduced to third world status and especially California were to come true, whilst I don’t think America would become that poor I have a feeling a declining economy might affect many other things. If California were to be the worst thing, expect Hollywood to decline real badly and possibly having some studios be bought by Mexicans, Indians and Chinese.

(Something like Warner Bros being on its way to be an Indian owned company under Tata Warner I think.)

Great American cities might still exist but not in forms we’d expect it to be. Detroit might and should serve as an omen in that it was this badly affected by the recession and got stray dogs running about. If California and much of America in general were to economically decline, it would quadruple many of the problems Detroit already had.

Perhaps Mexico might be poised to get back those states as they used to belong to it. But in time, any Californian would be considered Mexican citizens by default and happenstance. One might except Los Angeles to go from one of the most prominent American cities to one of those Mexican cities.

(If this badly affected by earthquakes, unless if some people move away to safer places or by sheer luck, Los Angeles would be reduced to rubbles then countryside.)

If an earthquake were to hit America real badly, it would be Detroit magnified really.

Uncle Sam heads to Mexico

Like I said before, if America were to split and get really poor Mexico might get back some of the states that originally belonged to it like California. Not only that, should Hollywood and Silicon Valley continue to exist the latter might stay unchanged but the former would be changed beyond recognition. In the sense that some companies will decline entirely.

Some will be bought by China and India (I have a feeling DC Comics might end up as partly owned by Chinese and Indians). This might not be a stretch in hindsight as I recall some British clothing brands being bought by Indian companies. But if California rejoins Mexico, most Hollywood studios would be bought by the Mexicans, Indians and Chinese by now.

As for Silicon Valley, Mexico could become a leader in Information Technology this way. But by getting back California, Mexico might become a world power and probably is on its away without it for the time being. If true, then Mexico could emerge as America’s worthiest successor.

The Future of America

If you believe some people, America and specifically Hollywood might be worst affected by divine wrath along with possible separation that makes somebody else wonder if the city-state days are to come. So to speak, Italy has been through this before and so was Russia too. Bear in mind that Italy was home to city-states and fiefdoms that had varying degrees of affiliation and ties to the Holy Roman Empire.

Likewise the Soviet Union consisted of those truly affiliated with it as well as Soviet satellites (I think in my opinion, this is the closest to what Italy was like in relation to the Holy Roman Empire encompassing Spain, Austria and Germany). Supposing if America were to turn into a really poor nation, Mexico might get back California as it was part of it before.

Possibly similar to the other states (Colorado, Texas and New Mexico). Mexico might even take up Florida and Louisiana but that too is uncertain. Likewise New England and the Pacific Northwest might affiliate themselves more with Russia, European Union and Canada at the very least. A much weirder one’s that America might go from the home of immigrants to the launchpad of emigrants.

There were already Americans moving to other countries before. But I think in the future this would result in a mass emigration to other countries and especially Hollywood stars that might be worst affected. Not only that, many more of them will marry into royal families (look no further than the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, Meghan Merkle and Nicki Hilton).

The future is full of possibilities and probabilities. Should America collapse, parts of it will go to Mexico and Canada. Those who move flock to European royalty and those who stay will become Mexican/Canadian citizens by default/happenstance.

Who’s got to obey?

I think God does make men obedient to women in other cases. As in if Paul’s got a raging porn addiction and his girlfriend tells him to stop, so he should. I think if Christian men were to take it to heart some of the same standards apply. In the sense that if women are expected to obey men in some circumstances, why can’t the reverse happen?

Like if Paul watches a lot of porn but his girlfriend demands him to stop so he should. Either that would involve actually being considerate to her or if men like him have to have any self-restraint, if they can try at the very least. Some of the standards should apply to men also. But that would involve greater self-responsibility.

They suck at empathy

I think from my experience, Christians tend to suck at empathy. Like if Toby plays music Cory doesn’t like, especially if the latter has anxiety. At times the latter wants to be understood but forever blamed for their own bad circumstances. Paul is anxious but since nobody really understands him, he delves further into porn.

Like I think Christians are badly equipped to handle people’s anxieties like it makes secular people all the more empathetic. It’s like if Paul’s well-aware of his tendency to lust and becomes afraid he wouldn’t get the right girl for things like looking at female nudes. I actually wish Christians should be more sensitive in this case.

Otherwise people’s problems keep on piling over if not helped.

Putting him in his place

I think God does allow women to take lead. As in if their boyfriends don’t help them with their choirs or are into heavy porn addicts that they’re not doing their duty as expected. In the sense that if you’re her boyfriend, you shouldn’t cheat on her in any way.

But that would involve actually showing empathy to her (treating her well as they say and some will). For every Jimmy who gets to treat his lady respectfully in time from their mistakes, there’s another bloke who doesn’t respect her. Especially if he continually cheats on her that he’s got to submit the next time.

Who’s the immature one now?

I have a feeling that should God allow women to take charge, there are cases that either demand this or inevitably allow it to happen. Like if Paul has a raging porn addiction that his girlfriend has to take charge of it by keeping him from wanking to porn and going so far to confiscate it. There are likely situations like those that do happen.

The real problem may be that some men really aren’t open to that idea, even when it’s inevitably necessary. Like if Jenny tells Paul to stop watching porn, he should obey her in this regard. Or if Paul turns out to be the more immature, dependent partner if because he can’t control his porn addiction.

There are women who do try to take care of themselves and take on hard situations on their own. Then there are men who can’t take care of themselves and can’t take on harder cases. But even if God allows vulnerable men and strong women to coexist, some will not be open to this. Even if it happens in real life.

No room for strong women

I think when it comes to things like a dearth of strong women in certain religious institutions and the like that some things need to be (re)considered. Like if a man like Paul can’t control himself (he can’t stop his porn addictions) that God allows his girlfriend to take charge and keep him away from it.

The singer Nick Carter had something similar when it comes to alcoholism that his girlfriend had to help him successfully stop this. Or if God allows female leaders like he does in the Bible. Like if he allows Suzy to lead Kevin to sterilising some stray critters, then that’s permitted.

What if those situations arise and God allows women to lead that it’s necessary in those cases.

When men get to be the more obedient ones

I think God does allow men to be more submissive to women. Like if Paul has a raging porn and sex addiction and his girlfriend tells him to quit, so he should and does. But that would mean these are one of those situations where God allows women to be in charge.

Like if Paul’s not good with money that it’s up to Jenny for all the financial decisions and what to spend on. If God allows Jenny to be in charge of Paul whenever he has a porn decision or bad with money, he allows her to take the lead. Same with other characters really.