Visiting other people’s houses

I do have a habit of going to Cubao every weekend, as early as 2005 I went to Cubao every Sunday and ate pizza there as well as reading books and seeing cats inside the church. I stayed in Cubao for weeks in 2009, then 2011 and 2014 respectively where I obsessed over Scotland and tried to recapture what’s lost there.

(I also washed my sister’s clothes there as well.)

I also went to a neighbour’s house and read books there, I saw their cats and got a book from there. I also have a habit of going to my cousin Nexus’s house where I read books, talked to him about anime and Pugad Baboy and saw his cats and dogs (the latter barked at me).

I also went to Ate Pia’s former house, where I stayed there and slept and then did the same thing in 2014 (this is also where I learnt to fold my clothes there) and came back there in 2017. I still go to Cubao every weekend, save for the time when there was another lockdown.

My cats

At some point in the 2000s, it’s the decade where we got a lot of cats and we lost Naomi and Piano to Ecru who killed them. I was very upset by what happened, even though my father stopped me from hurting them (I did have a habit of hurting animals whenever I got upset).

Then we got Oreo and Big Cat, the latter’s orange and then they found and then we found Pocoyo and Ridges, whom Oreo mated with and produced Calimba. My cousin came and she didn’t like cats, I got very upset and hurt by this. Nonetheless, we still had a lot of cats back then.

Then I lost Tweety, who died and the others, one named Spider, left the house for some reason and same with another cat whom I considered a new Bondyang and got my brother mad (he did the same to the real Bondyang and then resented dogs).

We have two cats now, after the other two left and two dogs playing with each other.

Selling stuff

I did consider selling stuff before in 2013 to keep myself from being lazy and unemployed, but now I do publish and sell stuff. I did have a habit of selling drafts to my relatives before, now I’ve learnt my lesson and began revising my draft and not selling it to them.

(I did have a bad moment of wanting my poetry cancelled due to my anxieties, but now I fulfilled it in a way through self-publishing.)

I started selling and making face masks in mid to late July, where I got helped out by Aunt Crisma, when I hung out with her, in making them from existing patterns and then came to use other patterns based off of books when making masks, selling them for 20 pesos each.

I’m still green in entrepreneurship but I did learn a lot from having a business, listening to Aunt Crisma’s criticisms and making good with them and stuff.


Possibly the darkest year in my life, where I grew obsessed with violence against dogs where it persisted up to 2016 and to some extent in later years. I also missed out on my young cousin’s acting performance, if because I wanted to go home soon and I also saw a beagle in my Uncle Joel’s condo.

I used to go there in 2005, now I feel like revisiting the bad days in 2013 where I was so obsessed with violence against dogs out of anger that I finally admitted this. The years 2014-2015 weren’t any better, as I bullied my cousins before with evil stories.

(I also regret getting the computer’s hard drive partitioned.)

Learning Tree

That’s where I used to go to school, made some friends there (especially Jeri Mae whom I went to Sunday school with her in Greenhills I think and hung out in her house) and was into science before (same in Blue Ridge, where I smeared ear wax). Okay I had my bad times where I threw tantrums, didn’t pay attention in class as usual and wanked in class, to the point where I missed a photo shoot because of it.

I also had a bully named Joaquin where he’d mock me for wearing red and sitting in a particular way (though I got bullied a lot in Blue Ridge, but I did make some friends there). I’d like to go there again, reliving my childhood memories even if there are similar books in Cubao where I can relive it at anytime.

Museum and restaurants

I went to a museum before with my family, where we saw paintings, artworks and taxidermy animals. I’ve been to a museum before, where I bought some books there and also ate bread in another museum. (I also went to my cousin’s play, bought some books again.)

Earlier before, we ate at restaurants where we had pizza and then in 2019, Philippine food to eat. I do go to family gatherings, to eat some food with them even as it rained in 2017 and 2019 respectively. Makes me want to go there again, maybe in the near future.

My father again

My father has a habit of losing his temper and spanking me whenever I throw a tantrum, although he technically stopped he’d still threaten me whenever I whine or medicate me whenever I’m anxious. (There was this time where I was going to my cousin’s house, he spanked me for misbehaving and talking ill about my mother.)

I was obsessed with my personality at the time, but he also got mad at me whenever I misbehaved and calling me names (he still does that whenever I pray or get anxious). He also kicked me for kicking a puppy, but at other times he lets me read the Bible and apologetics that for all his faults, he does allow me to read whatever I’d like to read anything.

There were times where we’d talk about animals and the Stooges, he also said he wants another dog and said about the surviving dogs having genes that make them strong (he said the same about Bighead but he died and thought he died because he ate Sandra’s ticks).

At times, I told him to buy me fabrics and he gave me fabrics as well as buying books for me and sometimes we’d buy books and magazines together. I ruined some of his books but now I don’t do it anymore, he’s planning on scanning some of them and I’d like to help him out in there.

Animal abuse

I used to hurt animals at some point, especially whenever I got mad or can’t go near them because they’re dirty. I remember how I’d try to poison and kick Pepper, after losing Bondyang to distemper and I threw away another cat named Pipo after fear of losing Tweety.

I also hurt another cat by stepping on it when I lost my password, which I’ve come to greatly regret as with kicking a puppy named Heino and poisoning him in a fit of rage after losing so many puppies (Jojo and another one). I also kicked a cat in Cubao out of anger, that I now regret about it.

The flood there and after in Cubao

The flood came in mid to late 2009, where we lost many things to the flood when it came to our house. I still feel bad about losing things to that natural disaster, even though my father still has some photographs of it as well as films of similar stuff in Cubao.

I did come to stay in Cubao soon after the flood, even though I still messed up there when one of my sisters got mad at me (I used to have tantrums where I threw books away). I did come to Cubao again and get my sisters’ clothes and my own, it also got semi-flooded there but the Ondoy flood makes me sad.

Especially when it comes to missing photographs of my youth, that I want them back from the films we have in Cubao.