Rain keeps falling from the ceiling. Janet gets a pot and places it under the dripped floor. Then she opens the door and walks out. From down there she sees something else.

Janet [watching the place]: Oh…what’s that?

She gets back in and heads to her room. Then she reappears in a green dress and purple overcoat as well as putting a wallet in the jacket’s pouch. Going downstairs away from her room, she ventures out, wondering what the fuss’s about.

There Janet sees the unveiling of a new store. Stuck in a crowd, she waits. One by one, they move out as she moves in. Then she barged.

Janet [to the old man]: Sorry sir. Excuse me.

The old man makes room for her.

Janet [to the old man]: Thanks.

She comes closer and as everybody enters, she follows.

Janet looks at the many gowns and clothes. All very nice but as she realises the price and checks out her wallet, she doesn’t have much.

Janet [whispering]: Yikes.

Seeing that she only has 2000, she opts for the cheapest item available: a white skirt costing 110. Well within her reach she takes it and as she waits, people move out. She then gives money to the cashier and got what she wanted in a bag.

Now she’s home, she puts that skirt in her closet along with her old ones.

The Mess

Julian gave carrots and hay to his goats. He even had to shut the door to keep them safe. Whilst he was sitting, he heard a piercing noise. When he came, he saw a canine menacing his goat and he had to shoo it away. But he cried and cried when he had to take his goat to the vet.

Paying for it, caring for the goat and feeling bad that he couldn’t save it. He still had to look after the remaining goats whilst that dog came back to feast on that corpse. The dog ran away as duly upon seeing him.

Nightmares came back. He couldn’t take it and had to go away as possible. He came back and no more dogs so that he can continue tending for his goats. At the market, he waited and sat until a customer came.

She gave him money and he gave her cheese. Good news as he’s safe from dogs now.