This day and before

One of my dogs attacked a cat whenever it got food, Nana had to break the fight but not without being bitten and scratched when she got in the way. I also feel very mad at my sister for deleting my files without my consent two years ago where I even broke my terabyte out of anger.

My sister thought that I was raping her, at one point she deleted my files again when I was watching a documentary on how bad rape is in other places. My father said that she had psychotic depression, I was so mad at her that I deleted her blog and tore one of her books.

I’m a very unlucky person, stuck with people who don’t understand how angry I get without judging me and I feel like I’m stuck with somebody who was at one point or another very insensitive to my feelings that I can’t readily get over it. Wish that person would say sorry to me for good so that I won’t get mad at her again.

Father God

Father God, I want my father to get better soon so that we can go out together to Cubao and I want to go to Cubao real badly. Please stop the storm as well, I want to see Uncle Raoul again amen.


Lately there’s some controversy over the band Hanson with regards to some members having very politically conservative and insensitive stances compared to their fans being aware of things like Black Lives Matter (in response to the murder of George Floyd) and that one of them has a habit of deleting certain comments which called him out for his racism.

To address to you the problem, this is like some David Bowie fans realising that he’s a rapist and are still coming to terms with it, though I think David Bowie (still) has thrice the number of fans Hanson does and even if he loses one fan, he’d still have many more defending him for better or worse. Hanson’s in a bad position, if because it doesn’t have a lot of fans like when it loses a fan, it risks alienating many more fans this way.

Not to mention Hanson’s apologies are hardly sincere, with now former fans looking up to celebrities with genuine apologies on behalf of their mistakes. I also think another part of the problem’s the huge difference between the band’s politics and those of their fans, which the latter side with the more liberal side of things.

Which makes the problem worse, considering how big this difference is and why some of the fans have quit Hanson for good.

They don’t have a lot of fun, do they?

When it comes to blond hair in Japan it’s not always looked on favourably especially if you’re native Japanese where it’s often (though not always) associated with yankii delinquents though those who simply have a naturally lighter hair colour have a hard time and get discriminated a lot for looking different from the rest.

Those with albinism (as it’s one of the few conditions Asians and Africans will ever get natural blond hair and blue eyes from) have it worse as they end up looking this get and get discriminated a lot for this. Not to mention, both blond and brown hair are looked at with some amount of distrust by some people.

Especially with regards to work standards that those with albinism might have it worse as they merely look this way but get a lot of hell for this, not to mention whilst blond hair’s beloved on foreigners not a lot of Japanese men necessarily like (dyed) blond hair. That’s not to say blond hair’s necessarily entirely disliked, as much as it’s such an odd trait that stands out sometimes for better or worse.