Haunting her

Lady Gaga is one of those musicians that tend to be overhyped or made to be more than what they really are, ignoring flaws and attracting haters. It’s not that she’s untalented but she’s overhyped at the expense of others who are on par with her and that she herself makes mistakes at the things she does. It’s also easy to doubt her and why it’s that easy to accuse her of plagiarism.


The things that she (and Madonna) does don’t exist in a vacuum as they have their precedents and alleged influences. Even at the height of her career, some found her fishy and it’s unsurprisingly regardless if she plagiarised from Ysan Roche, Azealia Banks or Lina Morgana some of her stuff isn’t new before and still isn’t today.


However in light of the revelation over Ysan Roche (who predated her) and Banks’s remarks, it opens up about Lady Gaga’s own failings. Even if she never intended to plagiarise, Gaga still fails but her mistakes jar with public expectations of her which will only worsen over time. This puts her in a really bad position and would probably haunt music for long.

Writing about Hype

Popular musicians thrive on hype but some depend on it even more. It’s almost as if selling their talent isn’t enough and not even marketing helps either. It has to be very persuasive and aggressive to get the point. What could be said of musicians who are just as talented and appealing as Lady Gaga but whose marketing isn’t as manipulative?


They endorse products just the same except being either less frequent or subtler than what she gets, which is why some get turned off by her. Very persuasive marketing has existed before and sometimes to great effect. One can understand how Pietro Scaruffi felt about the Beatles in his day and don’t be surprised if the Beatles had movies that existed to advertise them.


When looking past the hype, it’s likely that the musician being advertised in question might still be flawed be it talent, ethics or character. It might not even hold up well to scrutiny, hence such contrary opinions of them. Alternately speaking, critically overlooked musicians could be just as good or even better. It’s really how manipulative the marketing is to convince people otherwise.

Pia’s burial

Enzo dresses up in head to toe white as he heads out to the car, driving himself to the cemetary to join his relatives in mourning. He buys a bouquet of white lilies and sees his sister’s face as he places it on top of her coffin.

Then he sees their mother crying. He pats her on the back.

‘Kawa si Ate Pia.’

‘…Namatay siya sa aksidente.’

‘Gusto pakiusap siya. Bago nawala siya, meron siyang mga problema na gusto niya uusapan.’

‘Ayoko yun…’

‘Pero gusto niya kung buhay pa siya.’

Then he talks to her husband about it.

‘Namimiss ko si Ate Pia. Kung buhay pa siya, maguusap tayo tungkol sa nursing at ang mga ospital. Sinabi niya sa akin binubully siya ng mga matandang nars.’

‘Kahapon, bagong namatay siya umiiyak siya kasi naalala siya ang mga bullies sa ospital niya. Pagkatapos, ayaw niya maging nars.’

Then they see her getting buried and Enzo cries a lot until it starts raining and then they leave. But he still wouldn’t leave her, buying things that remind him of her and hoping for a glimpse of her again.

Then he dreams of her in heaven after he goes to sleep.