Knowing she’s ADHD

Assured a lot as well

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Dark Morality

I think de-Mary Sueing Kitty Pryde, as presented in the comics, would reveal a more disturbing side to what else she can do with her power given her training and upbringing. Especially if she hangs out a lot with dubious or troubled characters so frequently that would affect her for the worse.

Whether if they’ve got their own issues or manipulate her against her will (though this isn’t unique to her) would be enough to screw her up especially in her formative years, in the earlier stories. If she’s trained to assassinate people, has a temper herself and especially if she’s close to somebody who goes berserk like Wolverine, she’d easily have no issue delving into sadism.

She’d have no issue murdering or stabbing people. If she had been abused many times over in her own life, especially by Emma Frost, Sa-Tyr-9, Ogun, Belasco and Stryker added to that she was trained by Ogun she’d willingly abuse them back. She may’ve already done this to Emma and Ogun before.

But if she has no issues with killing and hacking, then she’d have no issues with stealing, rape and kidnapping. She’d be necessary evil taken to a logical conclusion because she’s does this to protect mutantkind. Even if she does this by having no real regard for the law whatsoever.

She’d be like Robin Hood without even trying considering the nature of her power and conditioning.