Good intentions

Sometimes even when she

Was mocking me, she had

Good intentions whenever

I did something daft but I

Can’t help if she’s been

Subjected to the same

Before, her friend did

Mock her for being a

Pervert and she got

Criticised a lot by nuns

She must be onto

Something but not

What she expected

Perhasp out of revenge.

The breakup

The marriage was supposed to

Turn out fine but she’s addicted

To smut her husband found out

She belittles him for discovering

It, he beats her up and they break

Up, now she had to control herself

He’s fed up with her before the fact

Confiscating her belongings, not

Wanting to be compared to Fabio

Smut has ruined a happy marriage.

She had friends

She had friends but had to

Act fake to gain their approval

She had issues but hid in fear

Of being scolded and mocked

Again like they did to her before

She wants them but now she

Got divorced, she’s losing trust

In everybody, Dad’s gone and

She’d adjust to wandering in

Search of stability and God.


She should seem fine but

She hardly sees her father

He’s always away in Arabia

She’s angry at the world for

Not helping her around, she

Talks back and mocks out of

Fear and neediness, even her

Husband can’t take it anymore

Now she can’t fake her emotion

She opens up to God after her

Father’s death, left alone and

Wandering around for love.

In the next decade

Should anime survive in the next decade, it’s not just enough that Japan’s loosening its restrictions on immigration given their declining population but also a very aware international demographic. Many more anime (and video games) are international co-productions.

It’s been done before but would change in quantity. The DMC reboot might not the last DMC game that’s an international co-production. The next one would be an Italian co-production and expect Dante to sport a hooked nose just like his namesake counterpart. (One wonders what or how will /pol/ and /v/ make of this.)

Japan’s already cooperating with the Philippines on an anime which proves my point very well. It could similarly happen if they worked with Italy on a DMC game to take advantage of such audiences.

Cooperative Futures

Japan’s already cooperating with other countries in some industries but would grow in the coming years. Considering that video games are far more popular and mainstream than anime will ever be, it’s unsurprising that Japanese developers are more willing to accept and co-opt Western influences in their input. With some games, they’re very willing to work with Westerners.

Don’t be too surprised if that’s how the DMC reboot turned out to be and if history repeats itself, they’ll work with Italians instead. Working with foreigners could be their way of seriously reaching out to others. But it’s not just reflected in their gaming, technology and clothing industries.

I won’t be surprised if Japanese studios also wanted to reach out to foreigners by making their products more marketable to those. This includes censorship but it’s a necessary evil to court certain markets.

And if anime studios are going to decline in the next decade, those that persist would have to cooperate more often with foreigners from now on.