She’s tired of you

I still think some interracial relationships and possibly some relationships in general don’t go well’s that if/when emotional labour’s disproportionately done on one person with little to no reciprocation that it’s going to tire them. If some black men marry nonblacks for validation, it’s going to tire the latter. Especially if they’re often expected to that they’ll get mad anyways.

(Considering there are high divorce rates between Asians and whites, if Asian women are stereotyped as submissive yet some white men tire of them then it’s likely seeking validation from others is going to be stressful.)

Also if female breadwinners are much likelier to divorce (especially if they’re fed up with their husbands treating them like poop), since whites outearn blacks then white women will likelier be breadwinners for better or worse. (In all likelihood, they wouldn’t be submissive and the ones calling the shots whether if black men like it or not.)

If white women are stereotyped as submissive but since whites outearn blacks, there’s a frighteningly good chance that white wives would be the ones bringing home money. (But if some black husbands don’t help them out, they’re going to be just as tired of them as they do with their white counterparts.)

In addition to high expectations not going well (like what if some black men have small penises, are unathletic and lack swag, even introverted and celibate), there’s also the lack of any real responsibility. Though not all black men in interracial relationships are like this, if some interracial relationships do go badly expecting a person to be submissive or receptive’s going to tire them.

Especially if that involves doing a lot of unreciprocated emotional labour that they get tired anyways.

No spandex

I suspect if you believe what Ben Affleck said about his Daredevil outfit, the other problem with superhero costumes is that they risk looking perverted if not silly. Even if there’s fabric that’s exactly as tight as superhero outfits are in comics, that is micromodal, it can become too sexualised especially on characters that make it harder for them to be taken seriously.

To put it this way, Peter Berlin wore tight outfits before. Not because he wanted to fight crime but because it’s kinky. (I could go on saying that there’s a profound overlap between superhero aesthetics and BDSM outfits, if it weren’t for the odd fact that some writers like Chris Claremont were also allegedly into BDSM.)

The creators of Superman also did BDSM comics at some point so it seems the association of superhero outfits with BDSM’s inevitably in some ways or another. And partly why costume designers avoid putting characters in very form-fitting, almost naked oufits.