The things Disney owned

I did have copies of the science magazine called Discover where at some point in the 1990s it got owned by Disney but then again it also changed ownership and probably is owned by some other publisher now. Then again the same can be said of the other things Disney used to own.

Especially now that it has divested some divisions and brands as to avoid b being a monopoly in other markets when it comes to the antitrust thing, since it bought Fox some years ago. (Fox used to own Endemol Shine, which’s now bought by another group called Banjay.)

If there’s one other thing that Disney technically owns but is about to lose it’s Touchstone as in this was the division used to make films for older audiences but the acquisition of Fox makes it redundant in some way. That’s if you buy Fox but you have to divest something to avoid being a monopoly.

Especially since Disney went from a humble animation studio to a proper conglomerate.

When God doesn’t allow you to have a family

It’s like if God doesn’t allow you to have children with Paul, due to him suffering from AIDS and sterility, that rather than desiring children it would be better to look after somebody else’s children instead. If God doesn’t let you have children with Paul, then there are other things in life.

Children needn’t to be part of having a family as there are those who do fine without children, some Christians don’t have children for various reasons like sterility and some are even called to forgo family and sex as with many Catholic nuns and monks.

If you know Paul’s going to die young, then that’s part of what you have to face as he’s not going to live long for another week but family needn’t to have children as some Christians do well without kids.

Men with cats

That’s always often possible, however usually if those male cat owners have them for practical purposes and in my opinion some of them were and still are farmers, monks and sailors who have cats around to hunt vermin in churches, monasteries, farms and ships.

This may not always be the case, but it does make sense in other situations where some men may have cats (and dogs) for practical purposes like hunting down vermin in barns and abbeys. That’s still the case to some extent with monastics and farmers of both genders.

Neurotic, introverted dog owners

I still think it’s always possible for some dog owners to be neurotic or introverted or both, in fact it makes even more sense if some of them might have allergies to cats that unless if there are situations that demand a degree of tolerance to cats (churches, monasteries and farms) they’d usually gravitate to dogs more.

(To be fair, that makes sense for those allergic to cats.)

Logically, it might always be possible for some cat owners to be extroverted or conscientious especially if they have cats around for practical purposes that it makes sense in this regard. Somebody might be influenced by their peers into getting a cat or dog to hunt mice and rats in the farm or monastery.

That’s always possible given those situations.

A bit unfair to childless people

I do think a good number of Protestant churches are unfair to childless Christians in that they always expect Christians to have families and children but some people can’t have children due to certain disorders like androgen insensitivity syndrome.

Like if Margot can’t bear children due to this very disorder that the church’s habit of expecting women to have children becomes unfair to her, actually unfair to any Christian who don’ have children for other reasons.

Not that the Catholic and Orthodox churches are any better, but they do allow a choice for people to be single and childless like it’s their calling but not many Protestants will realise, even if that’s true for others.

I can’t chastise others anymore

I actually realise that it’s not always people’s fault for liking cats, dogs, hunting, sports and the like either they might be called by God to this (somebody might use dogs to hunt vermin in monasteries like how God uses dogs to hunt Jezebel), some preach in football stadiums and the like.

So I can’t fault people for being into the things they like, especially if they might have a good reason for doing it (comparing sports to Christianity for instance) or if it’s their calling. Somebody like Paul always berates you for liking what you like.

But then again it’s your business and not his.

Dealing with somebody who disapproves

It’s like if God does use Paul’s habit of disapproving the things you like or gravitate to as a way to test your faith where he doesn’t approve of comics, hunting, animals and sports as he finds them immature and annoying. He also doesn’t approve of crying and whining where he might send you to therapy for doing it.

Paul’s cold to a default but God does use Paul’s coldness to test your faith where he repeatedly berates your interests because he finds them unfeminine and unladylike even though it’s the things you like and there’s nothing he can do to change it, especially if it makes you happy.