When in Italy, (don’t) do as what the Italians do

Whilst not entirely unique to Italy as the only other European country to have lots of adults still staying with their parents are those in Slovenia, it is a prominent feature though I don’t think it might not be true for all Italian men. (There are probably some Italian men who do live independently of their parents and/or don’t rely on them that much.) Whether if it’s the economy or the way they’re parented (even though not all Italian parents are like this) it does feel as if other Italians can’t leave their parents.

At other times, even if they wanted to be independent their parents won’t let them to (trust me, they’re not alone). I guess with some Italian parents, though this isn’t true for all, it’s like there’s a need to parent the person even if said person could be capable of being this self-sufficient if allowed to. You could be Italian and still want to escape from said overbearing, unloving parent but can’t as they overprotecct you yet show little affection.

This might not be universal to Italians to whatever extent but I think the odd thing about being overprotected that it offers little constructive maturity in the long run.

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