In the grey zone

I’ve come to the conclusion that cats and dogs, as well as keeping them, may sometimes constitute a grey area in the sense that whilst they are capable of hunting on their own (sometimes making pests out of themselves), some people take advantage of their predatory nature and make them hunt pests, including those perceived as vermin like snakes and deer.

Whilst some hungry or malnourished cats and dogs hunt on their own, some owners deliberately starve them to get them to hunt. Likewise there are cases where feline and canine predation may be justified (hunting down rats), there are cases where vermin control borders on the red flag area when it comes to things like snakes and some deer species.

An owner sees those creatures as pest and set their cat/dog onto those, sometimes for the worse without realising why. That’s not to say cats and dogs are bad for as long as you find ways to keep them from preying on creatures, if you can manage them then power to you. But sometimes good intentions have weird consequences, especially whenever said pest’s actually endangered.

Underestimating the impact

Whilst cats and dogs aren’t necessarily bad animals in and of themselves, they can prove themselves useful and even if not all cats and dogs prey on animals, if they try to catch cockroaches and mice then the capacity and possibility’s there on some level. If a puppy tries to chase and eat a cockroach, it has the possibility and capability of preying on animals in the future (same with cats).

I even have a dog that got fenced from learning that it killed a lot of frogs in the backyard and one other dog ate a skink, so at least some dogs (like some cats) are still capable, adept predators in this regard. They could have the capacity to be invasive species, like if a cat or dog tries to kill and eat guinea pigs then they are invasive to the guinea pig farm environment.

Actually that should also go for dogs, since I feel their capacity to be ruthless predators gets underestimated time and time again that if a dog kills deer from the forest but the dog’s not native to it*, then that’s an invasive species in the practical sense of the word.

*That’s on the condition if that dog’s native environment’s that of its owner’s garden and backyard.

It’s still a predator

I still think some people underestimate the possibility of dogs being ruthless, invasive predators and animals that even with all the red flags some won’t take it seriously. Like if a dog hunts a cockroach, it wouldn’t necessarily be an invasive predator but the capacity’s there. I’ve got a dog that ate and killed a skink, another ate and killed frogs so much so gates had to be installed to minimise this.

If a hunting dog brings the wrong prey, then not only are dogs capable of hunting on their own but also give grief to both the environment and to humans like cats do. Like if cats can take on house geckos, dogs could also take on things like cockroaches and frogs (these are what I’ve experienced) then they are still predators. If a hunting dog kills the wrong animal by chance, then it’s an independent operator and predator at that.

If a dog could kill and eat a rat on its own volition, it’s still an independent capable predator that it might not be a stretch for it to kill let’s say endangered ungulates by chance, though I’m afraid some will not be open to this even if the capacity’s there.

It goes both ways

I think when it comes to belief systems, one can hold onto it and not let it challenged, it could be a religion but it could also be a secular obsession. Fandoms aren’t religions in the proper sense of the word, but they can function as such. A person who says that dogs are ruthless predators might as well be an atheist in a sea of people who refuse to believe in it, but that would mean their beliefs function as a religion from them.

So to speak, some fans do build shrines of sorts to their favourite characters so much so that those characters work like Christian saints. There’s Saint Wolverine of the adamantium claws, Saint Peter Parker of photographers and Saint Hulk who guides people to challenge anger effectively. Anybody who questions their miracles is automatically an apostate of the highest degree. The belief system can be expressed in ways they aren’t aware of it.

Maybe it’s not much of a stretch that officially published stories are canon but the fan fictions are apocryphal, so much so it does constitute a belief system in this regard over whether if it’s true or not. You think homosexuality is bad and somebody challenges you over it, then you’d guard your belief system and hold it true enough to be canon.

But that does reveal things some people aren’t aware of, if they are to realise it anyways.

Belief systems

It doesn’t have to be a religion for somebody to have a belief, at least in this regard where somebody tries to challenge and question their beliefs but where it doesn’t go well.  You could tell a cynophile about dogs being ruthless killers but in this case you’re the questioning apostate and they’re the clergy who hold on those beliefs without resistance, it goes both ways really.

X person thinks homosexuality is natural but you don’t, so there’s a clash of beliefs. The same principle can be applied to telling people that dogs kill wildlife a lot and they won’t accept this, like you don’t question the Word of Dog about it. This goes both ways, when it comes to belief systems secular or not.

But that would realise something about such an opinion held as truth that nobody ever dare challenge this.

Belief systems being challenged

It’s not so much a matter of religion but rather a matter of not letting one’s belief be questioned. Like if you point out that dogs are serious wildlife killers, they will not accept this as they don’t want their beliefs challenged. The truth might always be there, but they will not accept it. You could lay it out, but they’ll not accept it.

If an Israeli biologist points out to somebody that dogs are noted wildlife predators, that’s a serious threat to one’s belief that the Israeli biologist becomes a blasphemer or apostate. You don’t question those beliefs, even if it can be turned against oneself. Maybe dogs aren’t that domesticated, but they will not accept it.

Dogs are confirmed to be ruthless predators but they will not accept it, for it challenges their belief systems and why it’s such an obstacle to tell the truth in front of people who refuse to accept it.

Dark Side

Somebody might admit to being into the tarot stuff that it corrupted them or something, I actually had this dream where I had to write down something that this person has been influenced by demons their whole life that compels them to do things like sacrificing animals. Actually even if they might not be formally into the occult, this dream I had combined with musicians into the occult (they’ll admit this) makes me think this is a very strong association.