Too insular, too rarefied

Maybe that’s inappropriate but I think whoever said that (most) anime seems to expect audiences to be familiar with really, really specific cliches and be put up with the misogyny might have a point. Not all anime are misogynistic, racist or whatever but these kinds of anime are going to be pretty rare as per Sturgeon’s law. Even some anime professionals feel similarly or something like that.

There was one Japanese columnist who pointed out that some anime do subliminally sexualise young women through the use of coded symbols. Like I said, whilst I don’t think all anime are necessarily like this, the problem is a good number of them tend to resort to any of these to varying degrees. There are anime production studios and creators who do take responsibility.

It’s like in Pokemon where one monster seemed like an offensive stereotype that it had to be redesigned in subsequent productions. Others don’t. I think even some might realise but that’s proving my point.

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