The end of anime

I sometimes think if anime were to end, replacements might inevitably happen. Market wise, there’s going to be a big demand in filling in a big gap that it’s practically the best they can do about it. I even think China and India might replace Japan in here. Even Kemono Friends’s producer and Evangelion’s Hideaki Anno speculated about similar things.

I could go on saying that Ugandan, South African, Nigerian, Zambian and Kenya animation industries might be poised to also fill in a big gap. But mainly because black representation’s so lacking in both American and Japanese animation that only the entire African animation industry can step in and clear up a world full of limited representation and stereotypical portrayals.

(You could say similar things about Nollywood really.)

Another mangaka might suggest that anime’s time’s over due to other problems and that some fans might not like what they’re saying. I also think due to increased competition especially from more non-Japanese non-Western animation industries and also the West to some extent would be enough to make it harder for anime to break into even further. Crunchyroll already got an original (read Western made) production.

American animation’s already stepping up in adult content if you observe Prymal, Rick and Morty, Castlevania and countless online animations on Newgrounds, Vimeo and YouTube. Whilst other animation industries aren’t any better, anime’s infamously built on slave labour due to the need for saving costs and quantity over quality. (Some Japanese animators may’ve already left the anime industry for good.)

Lastly but not the least, anime might turn out to be its own worst enemy due to factors like poor pay rate and other vices.

5 thoughts on “The end of anime

      1. Perfect! Sound quality. I can picture popping this on when babysitting. Also, the representation is a big thing that will change the tide of the animation market champions.


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