Otaku Pandering

Though not all anime and manga pander to otaku a lot, let alone the moe pigs among them, but given the insular name of at least some stories that seems to become an acquired taste. In the sense that it is otaku pandering if you not only pander to certain tastes in females (certain paraphilias if you will) but also never-ending references to things only nerds get and fan validation. There are Japanese who do criticise these, even some otaku.

To put it this way, some of the CW programmes are nerd-pandering but that would mean Arrow is fanservice in the sense of pandering to some fans to the point of putting off some people, even other fans. Especially with all those romances being fulfilled, teased and never-ending easter eggs. By this logic, a good number of anime are fanservice by pandering to otaku tastes, knowledge and kinks. If to the point of being this detached from the real world.

Even the real Japan. That’s not to say people who like watching Japanese live action programmes and the like are any less prone to idealising Japan except I get the impression that some of those fans are a lot more grounded. (But that would be because anime heavily relies on escapism that a good number of those J-dramas seem more down to earth by comparison.)

J-dramas are probably more mainstream, especially in Japan so whilst J-drama otaku do exist, they’re generally somewhat less vocal than those who like anime and if J-dramas are mainstream, they’re apparently less likely to pander to otaku a lot. Logically, if newspaper cartoons are more mainstream than superhero comics are, they’re also less likely to do a lot of geek pandering.

(Though that’s not always so.)

But it goes back to the original point of this post.

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