Finding the right anime

Keep in mind not all anime are this sexist, racist and misogynistic. There are likely anime that do portray blacks, Latinx, Chinese, Ainu and Koreans in a non-stereotypical manner. There are also anime that don’t denigrate women a lot. There are anime with actual adult and even senile women. There are anime that don’t rely on sexualisation a lot to begin with and still do today.

But again these are just as hard to find as are anime that don’t rely on the anime big-eyes cliche. If it’s hard to find anime that don’t have the big eye cliche, it’s just as hard to find anime that’s not ageist, sexist, racist and whatever. It would be tough luck finding those kinds of anime. Rao help if a mangaka felt similarly and did what I said or something close.

My point still stands that such anime are pretty hard to find. So hard that you may have to use other references to get to those and even then it’s tough anyways.

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