It Leaked

I sometimes get the impression of prophecies being practically and essentially the supernatural equivalent of the video game leak. It’s like if somebody leaked information about an upcoming game on online threads, much of it’s either accurate or pretty close. Same thing with prophecies.

Supposing if somebody said in 2009 that Michael Jackson might die or you know he will, it’s like that. Some of it’s good. Some it’s bad. That whatever that is it gets leaked. Some of it may miss the mark but still precise enough to know what will come out or what will happen. The future will be leaked.

3D anime

That’s not to say 3D anime’s entirely nonexistent in Japan but from what I’ve encountered those on the level of Pixar are normally reserved for family movies like those of Doraemon and Lupin III as well as cut scenes in video games and commercials. The most well-known 3D anime serial would probably be Kemono Friends even if there are others that attempted at it earlier and possibly better (something like the early virtual idol thing and the ill-fated Final Fantasy movie).

Again 3D anime’s not entirely nonexistent and the same can be said of its Chinese, Malaysian and Indian counterparts. Another one may be that the stereotypical anime style looks bad in 3D. I think somebody else on a Reddit thread pointed out this and though there are 3D anime that managed to pull off the usual anime aesthetic, one wonders whether if it’s the framerate itself.

Or the budget or whatever.

Nintendo’s toy days

Nintendo is quite a company with a storied history. For a long time and it still does to an extent (club cards and the Pokemon cards in a roundabout way as it’s co-owned by Game Freak), Nintendo makes cards. These ranged from hanafuda cards to Western cards and sometimes cards based on Disney and Popeye characters. (If I’m not mistaken Mario and Donkey Kong were based on Popeye.)

One employee had a knack for creating amusing gadgets that inspired Nintendo’s prior toy lines (actually Nintendo still produces toys, whether if it’s Amiibo or merchandise in a roundabout way). These ranged from the Love Tester to the Super Hand and finally some of Nintendo’s earliest video games. Some people say that the toys are the missing link between Nintendo’s card-making past and gaming present.

I’d say Nintendo still produces cards and toys in some fashion or another, as if the past’s not entirely forgotten.

The Substitutes

I think if a mangaka were to say anime’s real decline’s partly due to sexualising youngsters a lot, there’s also somethings like children being highly impressionable and the love map where one’s paraphilia or preference begins. If believed to be true, let’s not also forget that almost any adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s partly responsible for causing somebody’s inflation paraphilia. Among other things for better or worse.

The problem with a lot of anime at this point’s that they’re increasingly not at all aimed at younger children. It’s not necessarily wrong to have younger characters but when youth’s so often sexualised it can be dubious. (Especially once we get to things like wanting to be powerful and legal laws.) Said mangaka might move elsewhere to the Philippines and influence another lad to do the same.

Perhaps alarmingly enough, since third world countries are already beginning to make their own animations en masse I have a feeling the next Naruto might be Ghanaian. This is a logical possibility as even some African countries are already putting effort in it. Cameroon can claim Aurion, Ghana and Kenya both have Leti Arts, South Africa’s got Supa Strikas, Nigeria has Bino and Fino, Cote d’Ivoire has Aya de Youpougon and Uganda’s got Katoto.

Even the Philippines has its own animations lately. If anime declines, its legacy will live on elsewhere.

Supernatural Leaks

I think with video game leaks, sometimes they’re just major rumours but sometimes turn out to be true in the long run with the latter suggesting serious insider knowledge. Similar things can be said of supernatural predictions, sometimes they’re false and sometimes they’re true (or almost true if you will). It can be hard to know whether if it’s true or not but if confirmed, it may’ve been not only deeply speculated but also a kind of insider knowledge if you will. So there’s that.

The future of television adaptations

I have a feeling that should many more publishers release free e-books and webcomics, they’re going to find ways of making money. Especially when it comes to the need for advertising and it’s going to come anyways. This would mean many more production studios would become nothing more than glorified advertising agencies. But keep in mind some production studios have already made adverts themselves or at least were hired to.

Pixar, for a while, actually did adverts in the 1990s whilst receiving a lot of financial backing from Apple and Disney before being bought by Disney proper. The Jim Henson Company did supply its puppets for adverts. The list goes on and on especially for smaller production studios. Given all the talk about comic books being made into IP farms for film studios, imagine what would happen if film studios became nothing more than glorified advertising agencies for book publishers?

This might already be happening with many more tolerable video game adaptations in the way so these present a logical possibility with many more film studios being paid to advertise those franchises by the latter’s publishers. Regardless if it’s book or video game.

When film studios become advertising agencies

Given some people were already talking about comic books being made into IP farms but given the video games’ ascendancy I have a feeling that if more and more video game companies turned to film studios to helping them make films based on their franchises, I have a feeling that many more film and television studios would become nothing more than glorified advertising agencies.

Though studios buying up licences for adaptations of books, film and the like aren’t anything new. What’s going to be new’s that this might even become the norm if both video games and webcomics rise in ascendancy. There are even films based on webcomics in Korea. With free e-books on the rise, publishers are going to find ways of advertising them.

And they could easily make studios advertise their stuff. That’s also true for many anime where they’re regarded for almost 20 years as glorified infomercials. (Since they’re also expected to sell toys, games and the like as well as forthcoming Blu-Ray releases and increase comics sales, it does feel like it.) The fact that there was a movie based on an online story suggests that this could be on its way.

Their own thing

When it comes to two games based on the same work, I suspect that Devil May Cry succeeded whilst Dante’s Inferno failed but because the former just took the Divine Comedy as inspiration and became/did its own thing. The latter being a really botched adaptation of sorts to compete with the much more successful God of War. Both of them are not any better.

But at other times, either certain concepts are meant to be unique. Or that Dante’s Inferno didn’t fare well, for reasons like two other franchises having done the concept it wants to do but better. And I don’t even play video games. That and being way too provocative in advertising (even though Devil May Cry’s not any better at times too).

So whatever the reasoning, it didn’t succeed anyways for being too derivative of either one of them.

The fangirls

Though not always exactly nor consistently the case, elsewhere I get the feeling that superheroes now have relatively much more female fans than before thanks to movies and telly (I admit that’s even the case for me). Though female fans like Carol Strickland were present before, it wouldn’t explode in big numbers until the advent of the Internet and especially through, DeviantART, Livejournal and Tumblr.

This isn’t always the case though I think even Smallville may’ve helped the numbers grow really. Same with Arrowverse as much as I hate to admit it. Now as for anime, it’s not that its female fanbase is declining. The trouble’s that in order to find anime that’s not offensive to women or at least gives them something¬†they’d have to look hard enough. There are Japanese franchises like Dead or Alive that do bother to desexualise women.

Though I think Western franchises are much more willing to desexualise them en masse. That’s even obvious for how some female characters are presented on telly and in some cinematic adaptations…to a degree. Some telly adaptations are that willing to swap Black Canary’s fishnets for opaque tights and it worked. At other times, at least DC’s willing to make Cheetah look more animalistic.

I do know there are furries but to stay on topic, I still get the impression that with the exception of some franchises like Dead or Alive, Western franchises are much likelier to desexualise women in order to gain a much wider audience. It may not be easy as some stumble. But I’d have to go easy as others, especially in Japan, seem to dwell a lot more in creepy sexualisation.

The very thing superhero franchises are generally trying to undo and downplay for female characters. Even if it’s not always right, at least they put effort though the same can be said of Dead or Alive and Pokemon. This may not always be true but my impression’s that DC and Marvel do bother to try to scale back sexualisation.

Whilst most Japanese ACG franchises don’t bother to and I won’t be surprised if another professional would criticise this very industry they work in.

Damned, so damned (from YouTube)

How and why Dante’s Inferno didn’t go well as it should as taken by somebody from a YouTube comment section:

7 years ago
Something about this is just really funny to me. I know the whole game is just in good fun, but seeing huge bulky Dante in historical Dante’s outfit is just plain silly
6 years ago
This costume alone should explain why this game does not work.
You know, at least when Devil May Cry made references to The Inferno, they were really just that- allusions to it. Telling The Inferno as a hack and slash game is one of the most idiotic things any game company ever came up with.
Now a survival horror game of Dante’s Inferno? That would be AWSOME