What do they do after anime?

Should the Japanese animanga industries crash real badly, I have a feeling that other countries (both Asian and African) might rise to fill in a big gap. South Korea’s already got a growing domestic comics industry, so much so that some of them get adapted for telly. I even said that Africa’s beginning to step up in the ACG industry. Nigeria’s already got Bino and Fino and its government invests in its animation industry.

South Africa’s no stranger to having some homemade animated films and the Supa Strikas comics and animation franchise. Uganda and Ghana also got their own animation industries. I do recall one report of a Ugandan animator trying to turn his production into a brand and franchise. Besides Southeast Asia can claim Lam (which got animated and shown on Nickelodeon), Upin and Ipin (Disney) and Pugad Baboy.

India’s already got a formidable ACG industry. Especially when it comes to growing numbers of animated productions like Roadside Romeo, Motu Patlu (based on a comic strip) and the like. Same with China and South Korea, the latter which managed to get a lot of successful brands like Ragnarok and Pororo. Let’s not also forget that Australia can claim things like Ginger Meggs and Ocean Girl.

Again if Japanese anime dies out, both its own neighbours and Africa will step up and fill in a big gap.

I kind of get conservatives

Though I do understand and agree with liberals in some cases (especially racism, ableism and sexism and to a lesser extent, Islamophobia especially when it comes to Crypto-Jews and Crypto-Christians), sometimes I understand and agree with conservatives in some regards. Most notably the ones on religion and idealising Europe way too much. Actually if you research hard enough at the very least, Europe’s just as discriminatory as America is. Same with Africa and Asia.

Even Sweden has anti-immigration people and Bible-thumpers. But that would mean that even if differences do exist, human nature doesn’t change much. It’s basically a situation almost anybody can get into. If there are immigrants going here, especially if they look different, any degree of polarising sentiment alternating between distrust and compassion exists. There’s probably anti-Indian racism in Kenya.

Just as there’s anti-Chinese racism in the Philippines or for this matter, Islamophobia/Arabophobia in Europe and America. Human nature really doesn’t change much and I think conservatives were onto something.

Culture, geography and dog predation

This isn’t always the case as there are likely Americans that do report or take dog predation seriously though I’m under the impression that a good number of Americans don’t take dog predation seriously. Again that’s not always the case but based on what I’ve read and my own possible suspicions, there are countries that do take dog predation more seriously.

The ones that come to mind are Russia, Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Lithuania and France if because such incidents aren’t just highly reported but also studied though it also extends to an extent in Cameroon, Morocco, Kenya, Uganda and the Philippines. Not to mention the odd possibility that not all dogs have the genes to process starch and the dogs that don’t tend to come from isolated countrysides (the very same places where dog predation happens, whether at will or due to hunter-gatherer communities who don’t even always feed their dogs right).

And when I mean by that, even if they wanted to but when pet stores and vets aren’t just expensive but also inaccessible (and even nonexistent before) that it’s inevitable dogs would’ve gone on starving anyways and hunt when necessary (this might also account for suspicions of dog predation on livestock and sometimes wildlife as noted in some studies and might even be the case in a future study).

That some hunter-gatherers’ dogs are capable of killing prey at will to the chagrin of their owners in addition to starving a lot’s saying. But one might wonder if the countries that tend to take dog predation more seriously (or at least note the possibility of it) are likelier to have substantial pockets of countryside, sufficient enough for genetic isolation and greater dog predation.

Maybe not always so but still.

Odd predictions

–By 2020, the Philippines might not just elect its first gay president (since Duterte might get killed for wanting every Catholic nun and priest killed in the Philippines as well as banning the Catholic Church). It becomes the first Southeast Asian country to have robot brothels, more gay brothels and much more people experimenting with polyamory, bisexuality and bestiality (this will rise in the 2020s).

(In that same period Nigeria supplants the Philippines are God’s chosen country.)

–On a lighter note, female artists are more male-brained and excrete more androgens and testosterone than female writers are (preferring action, sports and eroticism to romance, family and relationships). Women who paint and draw tend to have either sons, enjoy horror films more and have more male interests like sports. Male writers are more androgynous brained (but female mostly). Tailors and seamstresses tend to have largely female brains.

Some changes in the ACG industry

–An anime professional predicts that the Japanese ACG industry will decline a lot to the point where international publishers like Viz Media end up publishing and translating comics from India, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand as a last resort. Tokyopop and the like did distribute and publish Asian non-Japanese comics before but if the Japanese ACG industry were to decline, then publishers would seek Asian non-Japanese comics as the last resort.

–On the other hand, the Western, Middle Eastern and African ACG markets grow significantly as to fill in a void left by Japanese ACG. One may even expect that Ghana could provide its equivalent to the Naruto franchise or at least spawn a lot more internationally popular comics and cartoon franchises. However inevitably out of necessity and one that might even have a big advantage, especially when it comes to seeking better black or African representation.

–Given the severe lack of Japanese ACG, other than a few franchises (including Pokemon), Animax and the like would have to import a lot of non-Japanese productions. Though Animax did do it before with its in-house production LAMB, it’s going to become the norm or at least nearly so. In 2021, they could even air productions like Robin and Stressed Eric (at least in the interim). As well as buying productions from non-Japanese non-Western studios. All is possible in the future.

–DC and Marvel would be heavily affected by this and diversify a lot of their content. Especially in that it can’t always be superheroes though I think characters like Tigra might have a new life in young adult magic realism stories. Marvel even makes people make their own comics somewhere online I think though the next logical step’s to quit print comics for good and dedicate themselves to webcomics (DC’s got DC Universe and Zuda Comics).

–Not to mention that where there’s a dearth of Japanese ACG, DC and Marvel would finally dedicate themselves to appealing to international markets largely on their own. However to get to it, Marvel would have to localise a lot whilst DC gets partly bought by a Sino-Indian corporation. (In fact, DC might end up being the more Asia-focused of the two with the Western part being largely focused in Russia.)

If that’s the case, expect DC Comics to be bought by Russian and Sino-Indian corporations whereas Marvel expands to Asia and Africa without needing to be bought. (Thanks Disney.)

–Russia, in this situation, thanks to Mr Putin, would become one of the largest ACG hubs and serve as the best meeting point between East and West. Russian companies would buy like 30% stake in DC Comics (the others go to China and India with America retaining like 10%) as an attempt to expand internationally. Though not as influential in Asia proper as China and India are, it’s now one of the largest ACG industries in the world right after Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

–Not all Japanese franchises will fade out completely. Pokemon’s international enough to persist and at this point, even has a game inspired by Great Britain. (Pokemon’s own parent company, Nintendo, might set up shop in India and China and probably already did.) Japanese publishers would be kept alive by having Chinese and Indian companies buy stake in them. A Chinese company actually started out with chickens and bought the King of Fighters franchise. (If it sounds odd, Samsung started out in the grocery business and did noodles before.)

–Though Russia, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria (as well as Morocco, Turkey and South Africa) now constitute as one of the largest ACG hubs in the world, the ones with the largest influence within Asia goes to China and India where their influences are greatly felt among their immediate neighbours. Given the growing cooperation between China, Russia and the Philippines there’ll be heavy push to learn Mandarin and Russian as well as more exposure to media so there’s inevitably going to be a strong Chinese influence in the Philippines (as well as Russian) in the future.

–It’s not that Japan stopped producing ACG content, it’s just not the main producer of it at least in the non-Western world anymore. In fact, because of heavy competition the Japanese ACG industry (save for some franchises) have become practically nonexistent and glorified museum pieces if you will. The only people who’ll remember Naruto a lot are going to be in retirement homes (Lensman used to be one of the biggest franchises that even got its own animated adaptation).

–Quite strangely enough and almost unexpectedly, even prose fiction changes to fit the demands now that anime’s gone. I even half-expect young adult and crime novels to be written more like anime episodes or at least heavily acknowledge anime influences. To the point where even crime novels are expected to have characters intended to appeal to certain people a lot (especially with the endlessly categorised features aimed at arousing them) and more increased sexualisation. Crime novels are now also expected to have multimedia franchises if they’re to get successful.

–All is possible in the near future so half expect the next Naruto to be Ghanaian and the like.

Resurgence of paganism

Like I said, paganism seems inevitable in the age of secularism as is fandom though it’s not always the case. Many African nations have active sports fans and celebrity worshipers but keep in mind liking pop music and sports doesn’t make somebody less of a Christian, whether if it’s celebrities converting to it or that even those people are Christians to begin with and especially practising Christians bothering to help people around.

But paganism proper seems to be much more popular with communities that encourage more un-mainstream thinking even though they’re on their way to becoming mainstream in a way. (Keep in mind that America’s got one of the largest Evangelical communities and Africa’s got a substantial Pentecostal one and even journalists, albinos and footballers would be outed as pious types.)

Same with Brazil and the Philippines to some extent, though with the latter it’s going to violently attack Catholics and the like. But the resurgence of paganism in Europe goes with the growing power of otherwise initially left-field communities.


–The Philippines becomes the first country to have a gay president however this is not without undesirable consequences. Duterte, in his presidency, has banned the Catholic Church through violence (war, assassination) and pretty much substituted the Catholic Church with Russian Orthodox though not without much anger and disdain that he himself gets killed for it.

He did succeed in making the Russian Orthodox Church a replacement however it tends to be largely underground. Underground for many reasons. Hated by Filipino Catholics and also made underground by the new presidency (which’s going to happen in 2020) due to a ban on all religions. Not to mention the Philippines develops a habit out of imprisoning African missionaries.

Christianity becomes underground in the Philippines and we’d get a slew of Taoist Crypto-Christians in the Philippines.

–As for Nigeria, this might surpass the Philippines a lot both spiritually and economically and might even be the new chosen nation. It even leapfrogs ahead of the Philippines and becomes newly industrialised this year. Same with all the other African countries and even the Maghreb becomes rapidly Christianised and Judacised with more and more Berbers being outed to have a substantial Jewish influence long after Islamisation.

–Italy gets a new president and he’s going to legalise LGBT activity a lot to other Italians’ detriment.