Already there to some extent

Given some cartoonists were already talking about the future of manga being increasingly given to work for hire talent, it’s already there to some extent. Look no further than the various Pokemon, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry and Darkstalkers spin-off/tie-in comics. Or even the various comics directly based on existing manga franchises like Hunter x Hunter and Devilman and to a significant extent, Osamu Tezuka and Gundam.

Though work for hire stories aren’t unique to America, given Brazilian and European Disney comics have those too and actually so do Japanese comics to an extent, I think given the spin-offs not written by the original author that’s inevitable. Gundam especially has this is spades, especially since the 1990s beginning with G Gundam. Devilman’s got a lot of spin-off manga not written by Go Nagai.

The many spin-off Pokemon comics attest to it. Frankly these are the only examples* I know of but one that makes the most sense given where anime’s heading.

*.Hack/Sign, Evangelion, Madoka and Digimon have it too.

Digimon and Yokai Watch

Admittedly, I’m rather in the dark about Yokai Watch but having known Digimon (and watched it before along with Pokemon as well as witnessing merchandise even to this day as I remember), these are generally considered to be rivals to Pokemon. It’s not that they’re unsuccessful but that they can’t match Pokemon. It’s not that Pokemon’s unoriginal (itself inspired by the Capsule Monsters of Ultraseven) and isn’t influenced by Japanese lore (something like Froslass being Yuki Onna).

But when it comes to the latter, for most of the part, it’s not too heavily influenced by it the way Yo-Kai Watch is (a Reddit thread proved this). As to why Pokemon’s more successful than Digimon, another thread said that had the Pokemon games been mediocre Digimon could and should’ve the upper hand. But it didn’t in reality. It’s probably analogous to Street Fighter, King of Fighters and Tekken.

The other two aren’t unpopular and the former’s not without its own faults but that the former’s much bigger than the latter for some reason. Same for Pokemon, Digimon and Yo-Kai Watch when you think about it.

Anime at its last legs

Should another anime professional say that anime’s dying, let’s not forget that may others before him said similar things. It’s not that anime’s influence would completely dry out or something but that the Japanese ACG industry would undo itself due to problems like decadence. Maybe that’s not the right word for it but when it’s got a bad reputation, it makes it harder to be likable to everybody else. For every Naruto, there’s another moeblob anime.

Not to mention that American animation’s actually quickly catching up with it if the likes of Castlevania are any indication. I actually think stuff like Castlevania give a better idea of what the future lies. Keep in mind Japanese video games being adapted for American media isn’t new either if Captain N, the Mario cartoon, 1994’s Street Fighter and Resident Evil movies are any indication.

What would change is if/when Japanese video games being adapted for Western media have become the norm. Ninja Theory’s take on Devil May Cry along with a forthcoming second animated production (there’s another one before) are a good indication of what’ll come next. It’s not that anime’s influence is going away but the Japanese ACG industry’s going to decline and such franchises need to survive elsewhere.

This includes changing them to fit other countries’ sensibilities and even the next DMC video game would have Dante Sparda dressed up as Dante Alighieri (that could happen along with another anime professional becoming a big fan of this Dante). King of Fighters used to be owned by a Japanese company and is currently owned by a Chinese one. Not that Japan’s economy would decline entirely.

But that the new centre of ACG in the East lies in China and India (I get the feeling that a Chinese company might one day buy a substantial stake in DC Entertainment) and like I said, America’s catching up real quickly on this and may even supplant Japan should the latter’s own ACG industry die.

Salvageable Outfits

Like I said, there’s always a way to retain Cammy White’s outfit without upsetting censors is to change the cut/length/silhouette. She could easily pull of a unitard and still remain iconic. Sometimes there needn’t any big changes to her look/outfit when it could still be salvaged into either a unitard or romper. Most likely a unitard. She could even pull off this silhouette/outfit and still look iconic when you think about it.

I suspect if they ever swapped her thong leotard for a bodycon romper/unitard, it’ll mostly remain the same but give her an air of style in her athleticism. Not to mention it actually makes her look more legitimately militaristic whilst being skimpy. It’s a happy compromise when you think about it though keep in mind Cammy has canonically worn more modest outfits before like the cat outfit in one of the Street Fighter games so.

You can have both: Cammy White

There are at other times when characters’ modesty can still be preserved simultaneously with their original or default outfits. It’s like putting Cammy White in a spandex romper where it still preserves the look of her original/default outfit but also without offending certain groups and channels like ESPN (a gamer had to change her outfit because of that).¬†Again a happy compromise and one that also gives her much needed respect.

For some odd reason, she seemed to come off as an adult to me anyways though it’s her severe personality that makes her seem older. If you’ve been recovering from being brainwashed in your late teens fairly quickly, it also makes you more mature for your age. (That’s if Cammy had been introduced as 19 in Street Fighter II, thus making her legal age and if British legal age’s 16, she’s already an adult.)

Though by now she could probably be in her late twenties.

The weird thing about companies

The weird thing about companies is that even if they pander to their customers/fans every now and then, they sometimes do things differently from expectations. That’s understandable though keep in mind that for those who wanted one character to have another’s ‘skin’ might end up getting something else from the official company. I suspect that’s the case with Capcom where they did fulfill some fans’ expectations and sometimes defied them.

(Perhaps it sometimes seemed as such given they’re going by what they intended to do, not what the fans want.) Capcom’s still fallible but keep in mind that as disappointing or frustrating as it is (I’ve been through it about similar things too), companies and sometimes people still think differently than fans. I’ve been through it and I can understand how they feel but sometimes it works like that.

Darkstalkers and Street Fighters

Keep in mind that while Street Fighter’s not the first fighting game around, it’s one of the oldest surviving franchises and examples to date and successful enough to not only spawn sequels but also preempt other Capcom fighting games like Darkstalkers. I remember somebody saying that Darkstalkers’s like the Halloween version of Street Fighter which’s now predictably so this week.

Keep in mind that some of the characters received Darkstalker costumes before but it’s also appropriate that September’s coming to an end with Halloween coming around, the better to dress up as something or somebody else. Hence why there’s going to be a Darkstalkers bundle coming soon. One of the ones’s not only getting a Felicia ‘skin’ but also’s going to have really dark skin too.

Keep in mind that this may not always be the case (but that’s for another topic) but since Felicia’s going to be black, it’s parsimonious that the ‘Felicia’ skin might be the character as originally intended (in a way). Amusing when you think about it.