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I’ve heard off & on that Iger has been eyeing politics, particularly since the election of Trump as president (as has Bloomberg TBH). If he DOES leave due to this flick being Misneys flop, would that mean that KK is “in the clear” on Lucasfilms side?

She Hulk* should’ve been Marvels 1st female character, it could’ve worked if it were to be done in the way of the John Byrne run of yesteryear, where she constantly broke that 4th wall (would be great as an action-comedy). The problem there is that the Deadpool movie beat her to it, & people who don’t know comics would see it as her ripping off what was done in his movie.

*Another problem’s that She-Hulk’s derivative of Hulk, as she’s created to keep certain studios from making their own version with Marvel having the full rights to her. (That and realising Shulkie’s popular with men who have a big thing for muscular women but that’s my opinion.)

The weird thing

The weird thing about Avengers: United They Stand’s that I watched it before but never developed any real interest in one character until later. Comes to think about, as bad as its reputation is and sometimes rightfully so, sadly it’s also not only the first time Tigra actually appeared on telly (and is rightfully hairy) but that the female characters actually have distinctive features with Wasp having a rounded face.

Comes to think of it, this portrayal of Tigra may’ve influenced subsequent portrayals of her in the 2000s to a degree. I mean the Deodato and Marvel Mangaverse stories were published in 2002, just shortly after AUTS’s airing (said programme also got its own comics adaptation). If AUTS’s stated to take its inspiration from West Coast Avengers, which’s Pawsy Tigra’s first appearance (or where she actually looked feline), logically AUTS’s responsible for popularising Pawsy Tigra albeit intermittently in the comics during that period.

Even if it didn’t last long and had problems, it’s also one such proof that non-comics adaptations can influence subsequent comics portrayals by the virtue of being more accessible. Not to mention I think this and Marvel Mangaverse were somewhat helpful in establishing Tigra as a furry for some.

Something about the darkness

Like I said, whilst Kitty Pryde and Donna Troy aren’t necessarily (and still aren’t) Gothic but in terms of perceived accessibility and relative paradoxical weirdness (as in not like most girls who wear pink and have crap taste in music) they do come close to the idealised Gothic girl in a way that most other superheroines who wear black yet aren’t Goths don’t. Again not always exactly the case.

But it does feel like it. It could be me knowing of somebody who’s into these two and also into Gothic women enough to make the connection seem telepathically intuitive. Kitty and Donna don’t wear black when wearing civilian clothing and it’s Rogue who’s depicted as a Goth in one cartoon but considering that Kitty herself tends to wear black costumes more often going hand in hand with phasing that she could easily pull the Goth thing off better.

(In the sense of a shadow lurking behind and stabbing you.)

Something that’s not commonly considered even if there’s a lot more evidence supporting this. (Makes sense that her enemy’s the very normie, always clad in neutral pale colours Emma Frost.) Maybe because Rogue’s considered the edgier of the two never mind that Kitty does come dangerously close to the idealised Goth girl thing many nerds have (even if they aren’t into Goths).

Again the context of Kitty being a Goth makes sense if/when Emma’s a massive normie who likes dressing in white a lot. Weirdly enough the same can be said of Donna Troy and Wonder Woman (even though it’s Raven who went Goth despite wearing pink* at some point in the Teen Titans comics). To be honest, I did have a Goth phase.

But over time, I realised my true favourite colours being blue, red, cream, white and beige as well as a preference for manufactured pop and dance music (as before). I guess from observing such characters posting their discussions (as found in various archives) and personal experience that’s the connection between Goth and nerddom’s profound, especially if somebody never outgrew Goth.

And a preference for underground, authentic music.

*It’s possible to look Gothic in other colours.

Something about that drake

I think I have a draft version somewhere in my other computer about Tim Drake. For some reason based on what I’ve read, he seems hornier and more emotional than fans make him out to be. I even felt like comparing him to Jojo’s Jotaro Kujo in that he actually resembles the very character Tim Drake fans make Tim out to be. (It also helps that Jotaro’s one of those Jojo characters that I know of who are neither that emotional/irritable nor as openly perverted/horny, given my weak memory.)

Not that Jotaro’s flawless as he can be careless to his own daughter (though she may’ve been imprisoned against her will) and he’s aloof. Tim’s also aloof but he can be a bit of a jerk and a grumpy jerk at that. (Jotaro’s a stern jerk but helpful to his relatives.) In the like manner, whilst some Kitty Pryde fans seem to describe her as upbeat and spunky she comes of as gullible yet moody/temperamental to me. Maybe it’s me being unfond of them enough to nitpick their flaws.

It (also) doesn’t help that so far only Wolverine, Bart Allen and Conner Kent actually live up to fan hype well. My impression of Tim Drake’s that of an aloof yet sexually active and sometimes temperamental young man. My impression of Kitty Pryde’s that of a naive yet temperamental young woman. Both of them may’ve changed a lot but since I’m not too fond of them I see their flaws more easily.

In the real world

It’s not that there aren’t any truly superhuman characters in the real world as much as some just aren’t looking hard enough. Real life can be much stranger or more ludicrous than fiction could ever be. Sometimes it doesn’t even take a superhuman to be close to what a fictional character would be like in reality. Barry Allen’s the Flash, runs fast and comes late. One of my own relatives tends to run every weekend and often times arrives home late.

Orlan’s a performance artist who often takes plastic surgery and there’s Tilda Swinton who can put on convincingly different guises for her roles, almost quite close to what one expects of Mystique. Same for Claude Cahun. Maybe not quite but still. Sometimes it’s not necessarily so much about possessing actual superhuman powers but rather the belief in it.

You could believe your dad’s the best dad in the worst despite his shortcomings. Now as for Jojo stands, there are already people who believe that magicians/wizards use stands but they’re more commonly referred to as demons, fairies and familiars. It’s one thing to know Jojo stands are fictional, it’s another however to believe somebody’s using ‘stands’/’familiars’ to do its bidding.

Basta, such things (beliefs or actual actions) can and do exist in the real world to whatever degree.


That’s one of the film labels Disney created to get away with distributing adult movies (though not necessarily pornographic) as to avoid tarnishing the main brand’s reputation. It pretty much existed for a substantial period of time, being the brand’s shadow arm when it comes to making and distributing films for older audiences. But by the time Disney prioritised Pirates of the Caribbean and bought Marvel, Lucasfilm and now Fox Touchstone might as well be redundant.

It’s not that Disney hasn’t ceased making such productions but would rather distribute these through Marvel and Fox instead. As for Touchstone, it’s practically what pet foods are to Nestle and the like given it’s surprising that a chocolate company would acquire those brands as pet owners know such things are poisonous to their creatures. Hallmark in the Philippines used to air Star Trek for some reason.

If Disney owning Touchstone sounds weird to you, Nestle owns Purina and Mars Inc owns Whiskas. At this point, Fox is the Disney equivalent to these two with Touchstone being nearly phased out.

She ain’t ugly

Like I said about Carol Danvers especially at this point is that while she’s arguably not as good looking as she’s before, she’s not that awful looking either and her current character/costume design has lent itself to not only real life skiiers (I’ve seen one in a Comic Book Resources thread) but also animated productions, video games (the latest Capcom vs Marvel, though it’s unsuccessful) and a forthcoming movie.

Definitely not the best looking but still not as bad as others make her out to be especially if her new look’s appealing enough to lend itself to other media. It’s popularising but successful enough to be useful in other media without being modified much. In fact by the time the movie comes out, many more people would recognise Carol Danvers more in a more modest outfit than in any of the skimpier ones she wore before.

Actually there were early attempts to have her dress more modestly, most notably as Warbird if I’m not mistaken. This design’s however more successful though I think because it’s like a Superman outfit in terms of colour scheme without trying and unconsciously so. Sort of works given that her own name’s reminiscent of DC’s Supergirl/Kara Danvers.

I actually see Marvel’s Carol Danvers as a female Superman without even trying. Even if she’s not one of the best characters, she’s also got one of the more successful redesigns ever and one of the better overhauls that I can think of.