Wait a minute, Steph lifts more than Tim does?

If it sounds ironic if/when Stephanie Brown turns out to have a penchant for weightlifting (and football/soccer) in addition to nagging at Tim for lazing around, in reality there’s already a penchant for such a character in DC and to some extent Marvel. Marvel has the super-strong, emotionally violate but increasingly stable Carol Danvers. DC’s no stranger to grumpy super-blondes either, since they’ve got Supergirl(s) (including Andromeda who was a xenophobe).

Kara Zor-El as of late does have a really bad temper and is super-strong though lately she’s gotten better. (Same with Carol Danvers really.) Not to mention DC itself is no stranger to pairing physically weaker men with phyiscally stronger women but without insulting them much. There’s Mister Miracle and his wife Big Barda. Supergirl and her boyfriend Brainaic 5. Both Mr Miracle and Brainiac 5 are very technologically oriente.

But then again both Big Barda and Supergirl seem to be purposely supernaturally exceptional women. (Or that Brainiac 5 and Mr Miracle aren’t self-inserts the same way Tim Drake purposely is.) If that’s the case, B5 and MM get away because they’re not reader surrogates whilst with Tim Drake, it would be really emasculating if Stephanie’s not only better at weightlifting than he is but also nags at him every time he screws up.

Even though ironically DC and Marvel don’t have much issues with having grumpy superstrong blonde heroines in Supergirl and Carol Danvers respectively (DC actually does parsimoniously have more of those in Andromeda and Power Girl but I know DC better so). Stephanie Brown nagging at Tim and being better at weightlifting than he is wouldn’t be that much of a stretch really.

The only problem’s that Robin writers would find it emacsulating if Stephanie turned out to be grumpy at Tim whenever he screws up and is relatively physically stronger than him to boot.

In 30 Years Time

It’s been a long time since Disney bought Marvel (almost and technically a decade ago), I think children by this generation would’ve already known Iron Man and Captain America as Disney characters. I even think my own children and grandchildren (if I get them soon) would think the same way too. Being from an older generation, I would’ve been used to thinking of Marvel characters as separate from Disney characters which would make sense as Marvel wasn’t owned by Disney then (though it did publish Disney comics before).

However since Disney bought Marvel, it’s unsurprising to see Marvel merchandise coexist with Canonical Disney merchandise. Marvel programmes now air at the Disney Channel. Unsurprisingly and conversely speaking, Winx and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now air at Nickelodeon if because Viacom (that channel’s owner) bought a substantial stake in Winx’s studio and the entire TMNT brand. DC was bought by WB a long time ago so it’s really unsurprising Green Lantern showed up on Duck Dodgers.

(And I even remember it!)

Same with Star Wars and in 2049, people would see them as Disney characters too.

The dilemma with super-relatives

I suspect that there’s a weird trend in superhero comics where whenever a superhero gets a biological younger relative at all it seems writers don’t know what to do with them. It’s like by the time they show up, they often almost always end up being raised by somebody else. Supergirl is Superman’s younger cousin but she got raised by the Danvers at least in the older stories and eventually Lana Lang.

Cable may be biologically to both Magdalyne Pryor and Jean Grey and was raised by those two and his sister Rachel but also ended up with the Askani or something. Rachel herself got raised by Ahab (in his own twisted way) and Cable’s doppelganger X-Man got raised by Mister Sinister and then spent time on his own.

(Somewhere online, I read there that Jean Grey’s an objectively bad mother.) Bart Allen is Barry’s grandson and whilst mentored by Wally West, he eventually hung out with the more distantly related Max Mercury. At other times whenever superheroes do get biological younger relatives, often their own children they’re eventually never to be seen again.

Stephanie Brown had a child but they got adopted and practically written off as to never be seen again. Same with Tigra and Rahne Sinclair’s children. (I actually think we could’ve gotten stories where Tigra takes her son on hunting and fishing trips.) This may not always be the case for some characters as there are others who do bother looking after them.

Most notably Mrs Incredible and Invisible Woman. Probably one of the Ant-Men and Wally West too. Another trend’s to render a biological younger relative nearly unrecognisable. This has happened to Supergirl in the 1990s and it’s only now they reverted her to being Superman’s biological relative again. Cable went from being an innocent child to a cyborg old man.

Rachel Summers has been made into an old lady (though that didn’t last long). Illyana Rasputin has gone demonic. Not to mention ageing them up real fast, this has happened to Cable, Rachel and Illyana and possibly Supergirl to a lesser extent. (In that she aged more gradually than they did but still seemingly faster if because Superman never seemed to age at all.) Superman also has a son and he also got aged up.

Bart Allen’s also stated to age fast. That still proves my point that superhero writers seem to have difficulty writing superheroes as having families, let alone get them to actually be involved in their younger relatives’ lives more often (or at least substantially so). Admittedly Disney and JJBA aren’t always any better but at least they actually do bother looking after them even if they sometimes screw up.

Though that would be that superhero writers do tend to prefer unrelated youngsters to biological relatives as the former are easier to self-insert as whilst with biological relatives there’s often the dilemma of trying to deal with them at all.

Wait a minute, bub

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I’ve heard off & on that Iger has been eyeing politics, particularly since the election of Trump as president (as has Bloomberg TBH). If he DOES leave due to this flick being Misneys flop, would that mean that KK is “in the clear” on Lucasfilms side?

She Hulk* should’ve been Marvels 1st female character, it could’ve worked if it were to be done in the way of the John Byrne run of yesteryear, where she constantly broke that 4th wall (would be great as an action-comedy). The problem there is that the Deadpool movie beat her to it, & people who don’t know comics would see it as her ripping off what was done in his movie.

*Another problem’s that She-Hulk’s derivative of Hulk, as she’s created to keep certain studios from making their own version with Marvel having the full rights to her. (That and realising Shulkie’s popular with men who have a big thing for muscular women but that’s my opinion.)

The weird thing

The weird thing about Avengers: United They Stand’s that I watched it before but never developed any real interest in one character until later. Comes to think about, as bad as its reputation is and sometimes rightfully so, sadly it’s also not only the first time Tigra actually appeared on telly (and is rightfully hairy) but that the female characters actually have distinctive features with Wasp having a rounded face.

Comes to think of it, this portrayal of Tigra may’ve influenced subsequent portrayals of her in the 2000s to a degree. I mean the Deodato and Marvel Mangaverse stories were published in 2002, just shortly after AUTS’s airing (said programme also got its own comics adaptation). If AUTS’s stated to take its inspiration from West Coast Avengers, which’s Pawsy Tigra’s first appearance (or where she actually looked feline), logically AUTS’s responsible for popularising Pawsy Tigra albeit intermittently in the comics during that period.

Even if it didn’t last long and had problems, it’s also one such proof that non-comics adaptations can influence subsequent comics portrayals by the virtue of being more accessible. Not to mention I think this and Marvel Mangaverse were somewhat helpful in establishing Tigra as a furry for some.

Something about the darkness

Like I said, whilst Kitty Pryde and Donna Troy aren’t necessarily (and still aren’t) Gothic but in terms of perceived accessibility and relative paradoxical weirdness (as in not like most girls who wear pink and have crap taste in music) they do come close to the idealised Gothic girl in a way that most other superheroines who wear black yet aren’t Goths don’t. Again not always exactly the case.

But it does feel like it. It could be me knowing of somebody who’s into these two and also into Gothic women enough to make the connection seem telepathically intuitive. Kitty and Donna don’t wear black when wearing civilian clothing and it’s Rogue who’s depicted as a Goth in one cartoon but considering that Kitty herself tends to wear black costumes more often going hand in hand with phasing that she could easily pull the Goth thing off better.

(In the sense of a shadow lurking behind and stabbing you.)

Something that’s not commonly considered even if there’s a lot more evidence supporting this. (Makes sense that her enemy’s the very normie, always clad in neutral pale colours Emma Frost.) Maybe because Rogue’s considered the edgier of the two never mind that Kitty does come dangerously close to the idealised Goth girl thing many nerds have (even if they aren’t into Goths).

Again the context of Kitty being a Goth makes sense if/when Emma’s a massive normie who likes dressing in white a lot. Weirdly enough the same can be said of Donna Troy and Wonder Woman (even though it’s Raven who went Goth despite wearing pink* at some point in the Teen Titans comics). To be honest, I did have a Goth phase.

But over time, I realised my true favourite colours being blue, red, cream, white and beige as well as a preference for manufactured pop and dance music (as before). I guess from observing such characters posting their discussions (as found in various archives) and personal experience that’s the connection between Goth and nerddom’s profound, especially if somebody never outgrew Goth.

And a preference for underground, authentic music.

*It’s possible to look Gothic in other colours.

Something about that drake

I think I have a draft version somewhere in my other computer about Tim Drake. For some reason based on what I’ve read, he seems hornier and more emotional than fans make him out to be. I even felt like comparing him to Jojo’s Jotaro Kujo in that he actually resembles the very character Tim Drake fans make Tim out to be. (It also helps that Jotaro’s one of those Jojo characters that I know of who are neither that emotional/irritable nor as openly perverted/horny, given my weak memory.)

Not that Jotaro’s flawless as he can be careless to his own daughter (though she may’ve been imprisoned against her will) and he’s aloof. Tim’s also aloof but he can be a bit of a jerk and a grumpy jerk at that. (Jotaro’s a stern jerk but helpful to his relatives.) In the like manner, whilst some Kitty Pryde fans seem to describe her as upbeat and spunky she comes of as gullible yet moody/temperamental to me. Maybe it’s me being unfond of them enough to nitpick their flaws.

It (also) doesn’t help that so far only Wolverine, Bart Allen and Conner Kent actually live up to fan hype well. My impression of Tim Drake’s that of an aloof yet sexually active and sometimes temperamental young man. My impression of Kitty Pryde’s that of a naive yet temperamental young woman. Both of them may’ve changed a lot but since I’m not too fond of them I see their flaws more easily.