Being sympathetic to or sympathetically interested in Jews and Judaism, I did exhibit an interest in it before in 2017 and 2020 respectively. When it comes to Christians loving Jews, or at least sympathetic to them there’s also the aspect of knowing more about the history of God’s chosen people as well as feelings of not wanting to be assimilated into the larger culture’s understandable.

But my interest in Judaism more or less intersects with my curiosity in the Bible and faith, I also have this dilemma whether if Jews do go to heaven or not. Maybe some of them do, but there are Jews with a close personal relationship with God (as with some Muslims to be fair) as well as those who’re sympathetic to Christianity.

I’m still of the belief that Jews can go to Heaven, though usually if they’re religious but that would be me feeling curious and bad about whether if some Jews really do go to heaven or not. All I can say’s that I’m increasingly sympathetic to Jewish beliefs, as part of my faith in God.

They don’t eat pigs

As strange as it sounds, whilst many Indians don’t eat beef for religious reasons the same can’t be said of pigs where they’re not eaten but because they’re seen as dirty and polluting, the equivalent of eating faeces not helped by that pigs (and dogs) do scavenge on faeces at some point or another.

Actually Muslims and some Christians don’t eat pigs for religious and hygienic reasons, though some Muslims (especially of the Turkish Alevi stock, influenced by Christianity and Judaism) and Christians don’t eat cats and dogs not just due to sentimentality but also hygiene.

Like if the creature has eaten faeces and/or blood, it’s dirty by association and practise though some religions and actually individuals see it as not an excuse to abuse that animal.

(Bear in mind, with Hinduism and Judaism for some animals that do get eaten, a quick and painless death’s ensured as to avoid further suffering when slaughtered.)

Mizrahi Jews

Jews of the Middle East and genetically, geographically and historically speaking they are the Jews closest to the Bible perhaps helped by that they did stay in the Middle East a little longer than most other Jewish ethnicities, being scattered and assimilated into other communities (to an extent, whenever they still maintain their traditions).

There are also Jews of Iranian descent, also in line with the Bible and I do think they deserve more attention along with Palestinian Christians in that Christians do exist in the Middle East, even in Israel and that Mizrahi Jews are the closest we have to the original Biblical Jews as they never left the general Middle East, whereas others diverged from it.

Just saying, since all the other Jewish ethnicities left the Middle East in general to intermarry locals.

I can’t do it anymore

I still think that Catholics and Jews can and do go to Heaven, that if they do it right like doing good things and have a relationship with God or if they’re used by God to help others that they have a good chance of going to Heaven that the same things can be said of some secular and Muslim people. If a Muslim helps out a Christian, then they go to heaven in the afterlife.

Some of the same things can be said about Jews, Catholics, Orthodox and the like that if they do something to help others of faith or have a genuine relationship that they can go to Heaven this way or the other, to be fair to those people really. I still think Catholics and Jews do have a shot of going to Heaven if they do things I said before and some secular people also have a shot if they help out Christians that they’re lucky enough to go to Heaven this way.

Many go to hell, few go to Heaven

As I said before, depending on their faith and circumstances a Jew can either go to Heaven or Hell or anybody else really that to wit, many popes go to hell if they never repent or do something about their situations and a few popes go to Heaven if they do good and trust God. (Peter might be one of the very few popes in Heaven, if he can be considered as such to be fair to Catholics.)

So to wit, many Jews and Catholics go to Hell but a few Jews and Catholics go to thing if they do right and love God with all their heart and soul then they go to Heaven or if they’re used by God to something good to other believers then they still go to Heaven. The same things can be said of some secular people, that if God uses them to do something then they go to Heaven.

Especially if they help out Christians, then they still go to Heaven.

Do Jews go to hell and heaven?

Bear in mind, this is dependent on the person and circumstance that if a Jew does have a genuine relationship with God or if they’re used by God to accomplish things like saving people from disasters like Samson then they go to Heaven to be fair to Jews, which the same can be said of Catholics, Protestants and Eastern Orthodox or even secular people.

If a Jews doesn’t have a genuine relationship with God, which the same can be said of anybody else and the like that they go to Hell and to be fairer still, Jews are people like everybody else and some are even used by God to accomplish some things like lifting a lot when blind or saving others that a Jew can still go to Heaven this way along with a true relationship with God that Jews are spared this way or anybody else.

Problems in Israel

As noted in the Bible, Israel does have problems whether if it’s rebellion against God or in some cases, mistreating both Christians and Jews of other ethnicities that warrants more attention and regard. Of all the Israeli citizens, both Palestinian Christians and Mizrahi Jews are the closest to their Biblical counterparts in both continuity and genetics.

In fact, I’d say that the Middle Eastern, Roman and Greek Christians are the earliest recorded in the Bible and various historical documents with Mizrahi Jews being the closest to the Biblical Jews having lived in Israel, Iraq and Iran as in the Bible that needs more attention and mention as well from Christians as with their Palestinian counterparts.

They are the Jews and Christians as found in documents about the Holy Land and related literature that they deserve a second look, more mention and regard when it comes to history of Judaism and Christianity in Israel and the general Middle East.

Both Palestinian Christians, Beta Israel and Mizrahi Jews get discriminated where the former risks being spat on, the latter have been discriminated by the police, that deserves more mention and knowledge of by fellow Christians. Palestinian Christians have lived in Israel for so long, yet have been slept on for so long.

Likewise, Mizrahi and Beta Israel Jews need more mention as they’ve been in the Middle East and Africa for much longer time as to be the closest in the Bible (the latter with regards to Jews moving to Africa and there are African communities doing Jewish practises for years).

They do need more mention and regard by fellow Christians, probably already do to some extent but needs more knowledge by others really.

Jews of colour

.When it comes to Jewish ethnicities, bear in mind that Jews can be people of colour with regards to black Jews like the Igbo and Lemba Jews, communities proclaiming Jewish descent and Beta Israel (as Israel’s close to Egypt, Egypt can be considered the origin of African Jewry even in the Bible and Torah).

Asian Jews also exist in the form of Indian Jews and Kaifeng Jews, even properly Middle Eastern Jews (Mizrahi) as they never left the Middle East (if the tribes scattered don’t be surprised if they landed in Egypt, Cameroon, India, China and Ghana).

The largest number of Jews are Ashkenazi Jews but Jews of colour do exist, even if they face problems in their respective countries and racism in Israel despite or because problems do exist in Judaism and Israel (discrimination towards Jews of other ethnicities, even Palestinian Christians).

Not all’s rosy but racism’s also an issue to Israel, just as much as those other tribes exist.

Think through it

When it comes to badly thought out characters, whilst writers aren’t always this ignorant and careless but there’s the suspicion of the lack of tact on their part where it’s not just about doing the research but showing sensitivity to the subject matter where let’s say Kitty Pryde’s a werecat and thusly an obligate carnivore at that.

But when it comes to Jewish dietary laws, things like lizards, mice, rats and pigs are off the menu so Kitty’s stuck with eating cows, buffaloes, antelopes, deer, pigeons, ducks and chicken so she has to make good with it. Out Stephanie Brown as a Jew, you better have her go through Bat Mitzvah and other Jewish customs.

(If Stephanie Brown’s raised to be Jewish, with regards to cultural customs she’d also have to go through kashrut so she’s inevitably not going to eat meat with cheese, she’s going to eat latkes and stuff.)

It’s like if somebody outed Tim Drake as Mexican, it’s not just about eating tacos and tamales but also observing other things like Day of the Dead but that involves any real consideration put into the character and not just what the character said or a plot device.

Show some tact

When it comes to depicting characters with certain backgrounds, sometimes there needs more sensitivity to it that you can’t just announce that they’re Jewish/depressed all of a sudden and you don’t just do the research, you have to be really sensitive with the topic you’re handling that you’re ultimately responsible for.

Like say if Stephanie Brown’s Jewish and has a Jewish mother’s who the daughter of a Holocaust survivior, you don’t just stop at Stephanie having bat mitzvah and eating latkes but also show sensitivity to her being the granddaughter of a Holocaust victim and if she does remember the Holocaust from her grandmother, that’s a big responsibility to do and pull off well.

Likewise if Kitty Pryde does become a werecat for good but with the added complications of her being an obligate carnivore and with regards to kashrut where lizards, pigs, any clawed animal and mice are off the menu that she’s stuck with eating deer, cows, buffalo and antelope so she has to make good with it and that necessitates writers to be sensitive about kashrut as well.

If you’re a Jewish vampire, if blood’s so unclean that the only way to legally drink blood’s to get it from cows, antelope and buffaloes and even then you can’t mix it with cheese and dairy, that’s going to be tough to pull off but necessary to show sensitivity to such a religion as to warrant greater tact to and knowledge of it.