What do they do after anime?

Should the Japanese animanga industries crash real badly, I have a feeling that other countries (both Asian and African) might rise to fill in a big gap. South Korea’s already got a growing domestic comics industry, so much so that some of them get adapted for telly. I even said that Africa’s beginning to step up in the ACG industry. Nigeria’s already got Bino and Fino and its government invests in its animation industry.

South Africa’s no stranger to having some homemade animated films and the Supa Strikas comics and animation franchise. Uganda and Ghana also got their own animation industries. I do recall one report of a Ugandan animator trying to turn his production into a brand and franchise. Besides Southeast Asia can claim Lam (which got animated and shown on Nickelodeon), Upin and Ipin (Disney) and Pugad Baboy.

India’s already got a formidable ACG industry. Especially when it comes to growing numbers of animated productions like Roadside Romeo, Motu Patlu (based on a comic strip) and the like. Same with China and South Korea, the latter which managed to get a lot of successful brands like Ragnarok and Pororo. Let’s not also forget that Australia can claim things like Ginger Meggs and Ocean Girl.

Again if Japanese anime dies out, both its own neighbours and Africa will step up and fill in a big gap.

Balinese Boy Toys

Keep in mind that there are white women who do dig Asian men as they did before. I actually think sex tourism in Bali as well as reports of Russian women marrying Chinese men (as well as Chinese men leaving illegitimate children in Kenya, Ghana and Uganda) may give a better idea of the previously sexualised Asian man in the American imagination. Something like that there used to be a high Asian male-white female intermarriage rate in America and Sessue Hayakawa used to be considered a sex symbol.

Admittedly Balinese sex tourism isn’t any better either but it does make you wonder if it’s possible for white women to be this sexually attracted to Asian men. Some Russian women do the same with Chinese men, especially when considering them to be more romantic than their fellow Russian men. The fact that Indonesia’s one of those Asian countries where female sex tourists visit and that Chinese men not only sired illegitimate children in Uganda, Ghana and Kenya but also married Russian and Ukrainian women suggest that this is possible.

Again not any better but it is possible.

Tumblr with or without it

There are still Tumblrs that have sleazy blogs still up and running. Either that the Tumblr algorithms aren’t doing well or that the moderators aren’t really as careful. Though I think further changes may come. Who knows for sure. But if Livejournal’s any indication, it did go through a porn purge before and is now much more popular in Russia than it ever was outside of it. Though Anglophone blogs and most especially Oh No They Didn’t still exist.

(I guess ONTD gets away but by being practically the most well-known ‘normie’ community blog, based around celebrities.)

Logically, I even half expect Tumblr to be picked up by an African media company sometime in the mid-2020s. Basically Livejournal all over again especially whenever an American brand gets handed to a rising superpower. LJ got picked up by Russia. Tumblr could get picked up by a newly rich Ghana or Nigeria or even Kenya. Much stricter restrictions from then on. And perhaps a sense of Russian LJ in it too.

The other creepy beasts

Like I said about foxes in East Asia, their reputation’s historically mostly not positive but in the sense of them being linked to witchcraft though positive or neutral takes do exist. Something like the old Japanese fear of foxes possessing people, driving them insane or something. That and in addition to shapeshifting and being either witches themselves or owned by them.

Similar for hyenas in the Middle East and Africa. I think I have a book on Nigerian lore where it states that hyenas are also associated with witchcraft though some people do bother taming them. The same things can be said of their Ethiopian counterparts where most don’t like them but some bother taming them.

Especially in an enclosed city. I also said in another post that social stigmatisation’s enough to minimise the number of people owning such animals and in this case, it’s based on the fear of witchcraft. It’s like in Japan (and China) before where if somebody owned a fox, they’re deemed to be witches. Same with hyenas elsewhere and at some point or another (and still is among some communities) cats and dogs.

Mind you this blog has enough excerpts about dogs having a witchy reputation and association. There’s also one Cameroonian case about some villagers killing dogs out of fear of sorcery and in another case, a Ghanaian witchdoctor cursed a footballer by using his dogs or something. That and some Pentecostal churches linking them with witchcraft though this varies between locales, individuals and communities.

Same with their European counterparts before among other things.

Black Attitudes to Animals

Keep in mind this may vary between communities, countries and individuals so this might not be true for all black people. Whilst African Americans seem least likely to own pets in general (and think single women who like dogs a lot are lonely), Kenyans and Jamaicans seem to believe in the cat-owning spinster stereotype though the former didn’t have that belief before. Whilst Muslim Nigerians are more likely to tolerate cats, there are at least a few (culturally) Christian Southern Nigerians who do own cats themselves or at least tolerate them.

Not to mention whilst some African communities and churches don’t associate dogs with witchcraft, there are those that do. Something I already pointed out before where Nigerians seem likelier to think cats are witchy, Cameroonians, Ivorians and Ghanaians* are considerably likelier to also associate dogs with the occult. Replace Nigerian with Zulu and Cameroonian with Bapedi and it’s still going to differ between African demographics.

Even within the same country (South Africa).

There are black people who do dote on animals, those who abuse animals and those who own animals but aren’t too affectionate. I actually think some of the things I’m saying about them could also be applied to their white counterparts especially at some point or another. But that would be realising that black people aren’t monolithic and neither are whites.

*I could be half wrong about it but I do recall reports of a Ghanaian witchdoctor who used his dogs to curse a footballer and I’m not making this up.

Trip to Africa away from racism

Admittedly, I may be weary of idealisations and likely so are some African-Americans but others look to Africa as a respite from the mistreatment they got. There’s even a precedent for this phenomenon (currently a good number of AAs moved to Ghana). Liberia was founded by African American slaves and a good number of them settled in Sierra Leone. It makes sense that if/when AAs are treated as second-stringers in America it’s unsurprising that they’d look to Africa as a respite and as a way to reconnect with the past.

Especially if/when their actual ethnic identities were obscured over time that the need for Roots is inevitable. This may not always be the case with all AAs but the longing for African identity’s there. Not all African-Americans move to Africa for reasons (circumstances and the like) but those who do, do it because they want a break and they want to reconnect with the past whatever they can do about it. The slave trade made it harder to re-trace those steps and those who use DNA tests are doing the best they can to retrace their true bloodlines.

Makes sense that they’re trying to reconnect to history, whatever that may’ve been denied to their ancestors before.

A radical character

I still think when it comes to racism, though I do think black people are just as capable of being racist or discriminatory (Francophones oppress Anglophones and Bantus oppress Pygmies in Cameroon or Indians being discriminated in Kenya though this might not be the only examples around, discrimination against albinos and colourism in general) let’s not also forget that AAs don’t like being oppressed by whites enough that some actually move to African countries.

Not just in Ghana but also in Liberia which was founded as an African American colony and to some extent, Sierra Leone. Not all AAs necessarily like nor know Africa but the very fact that AAs generally seem like second stringers not just compared to whites but also their dogs that it’s unsurprising that a study stated that some people care more about pets than they do for fellow humans. If they did for the latter, that involves greater maturity and understanding at times.

If the prejudiced sentiments still linger though some are willing to want to give up on those for good and sometimes actually try to understand them. Not to mention that whilst not all AAs fear/hate/abuse dogs (same for their South African Bantu counterparts) and some actually care of/own dogs and even cats (same for their African counterparts), but the fact that if/when nonhumans get elevated at the expense of other humans that the latter are going to call pet owners out.

I even know this from personal experience at times from being chided for caring too much about pets so this gives insight into how African Americans would’ve felt before and much moreso in the slavery days. To pull a Gloria Steinem, what if dogs are treated in the same way black people are? Mistrusted because they might assault people, with people calling the cops because they see a dog and said dogs get shot.

That those who like dogs are serious perverts. And dogs possess occult powers and seem older than humans so it makes it harder to sympathise with them. On one hand, people were already mistrusting dogs since ancient times especially on the basis of witchcraft and pestilence (and they still do to some extent). On the other hand, that’s how dehumanised black people are to the point where the best case scenario’s that they’re forgotten or they’re in the background.

Worst case scenario’s that they get abused, nobody cares about their feelings (something I realised from being rejected by two black men but the same can be said of anybody else really) and they’re seen as less than human (I admit being guilty of this to some extent). There’s a thing called white privilege and why it has to be taken more seriously.

Not to mention if blacks are shown to be really no different from whites (down to genitalia size) and if dogs are increasingly considered to be worse pests, then that’s proving what I’m saying all along. So much so it takes a radical character or mindset to think of black people as people and dogs as animals not to be trusted at times. That’s still proving the point about dehumanisation playing a big part in discrimination (something I’m guilty of before).