They still exist

When it comes to Europe, keep in mind there might still be conservative Christians even in Scandinavia. There’s actually a document or study on the Evangelical European distrust towards the Catholic church (actually to be fair, even some Catholics feel the same way most notably Dante Alighieri and Girolamo Savanorala) where it mentions that British and Norwegian conservative Christians feel similarly around the Vatican.

(There’s also a Russian community that seriously believes in the end times thing.)

Keep in mind, Christianity in Europe’s far from gone and some are experiencing a revival of sorts like France. Likewise, there could’ve been early attempts to Christianise African countries like Ghana since the 16th and 17th centuries. (The entire Horn of Africa could be one of the earliest attempt and there are African communities that proclaim Jewish descent.)

So there’s that.

Linguistic relativity of determinism

I still think when it comes to dogs being wolves, it’s true on a genetic and even ecological level but some languages do treat dogs as interchangeable with wolves and some don’t. This also affects cultural perception. It’s like how one of the old Japanese words for wolf is ‘mountain dog’. Or for another matter, why the Ashanti/Twi word for dog (okraman)’s derived from the word for cat (okra, also soul).

Why some Amazonian Brazilians call dogs ‘house jaguars’. Or in the Nufi language, the word for wolf (and jackal)’s derived from the word for dog (though it could be that as canis lupus was never native to Africa and if jackals are seldom seen, it would be their point of reference). Some Romani individuals/communities call foxes dirty dogs. Some languages would nickname monkeys as ‘forest dwarves’.

So if some people don’t think dogs are wolves, they either just don’t know any better (for most of the part) or it’s a linguistic quirk that even if they do see dogs as wolves, they still see them as separate even when dogs can act a lot like wolves.

Catlike Canines

Keep in mind this isn’t always the case but it seems in the case with at least a few communities in the entire world (some Amazonian/South American communities as well as the Akan in general) the word for dog’s derived from either cat or some other felid. It’s like how some Amazons refer to dogs as house jaguars or among some Akans, the word for dog is okraman and the word for cat’s okra (also soul).

It’s not that dogs haven’t been around in Africa and South America for a long time but possibly shorter than what’s expected in Eurasia, which’s where they’re first domesticated there. If wolves aren’t native to Africa at all, then dogs might inevitably be introduced and count even be a proper invasive species there (dog predation on livestock and monkeys have been noted before).

They’re even considered as such in some Latin American circles. Again not always the case but if/when dogs are recently introduced in South America and to a lesser extent, Africa then sometimes the word for dog may be likened to cats as a point of reference/familiarity. The fact that cats and dogs are sometimes closely entwined in witchcraft beliefs (which makes more sense with goats being victims, that dogs do prey on them) makes it a good semantic and semiotic association.

It’s like this study on one Ivorian community where witches have familiars taking on guises of dogs, leopards and cats and prey on goats. Likewise in another study, though this might not be true for all Amazons, witches are said to appear as dogs, jaguars and aeroplanes. This is what I’m talking about. Whilst not always the case either, if witches are likened to predators like dogs and leopards then this shouldn’t be surprising.

The fact that dogs can take on solitary behaviours, cats with some degree of social behaviour and some households have both cats and dogs made to hunt pests should make it a very unsurprising association.

The three powers

Whilst I think Western influences may’ve been a part of anime since its early days, I think post-anime might be marked by looking up to Western animation as a viable alternative now that anime’s gone. I think even a mangaka might say this and get flack for it. Others have said similar things before too.

I even said that American animation might become the new hub of adult animation just as China and India are the new Asian animation hubs. It’s not that anime franchises will be entirely gone but I have a feeling they’d be handed to non-Japanese countries for survival. Rao help if Gundam flourishes in China.

Or if Philippine cartoonists can convincingly mimic the Japanese counterparts they’re influenced by. As for America, given there’s a growing adult animation industry I think it’s the best replacement for anime when it comes to appealing to adult viewers. China and India would the best replacements for Japan overall.

Though that would mean anime’s legacy, if the anime industry were to die at all, would have to survive elsewhere.

What do they do after anime?

Should the Japanese animanga industries crash real badly, I have a feeling that other countries (both Asian and African) might rise to fill in a big gap. South Korea’s already got a growing domestic comics industry, so much so that some of them get adapted for telly. I even said that Africa’s beginning to step up in the ACG industry. Nigeria’s already got Bino and Fino and its government invests in its animation industry.

South Africa’s no stranger to having some homemade animated films and the Supa Strikas comics and animation franchise. Uganda and Ghana also got their own animation industries. I do recall one report of a Ugandan animator trying to turn his production into a brand and franchise. Besides Southeast Asia can claim Lam (which got animated and shown on Nickelodeon), Upin and Ipin (Disney) and Pugad Baboy.

India’s already got a formidable ACG industry. Especially when it comes to growing numbers of animated productions like Roadside Romeo, Motu Patlu (based on a comic strip) and the like. Same with China and South Korea, the latter which managed to get a lot of successful brands like Ragnarok and Pororo. Let’s not also forget that Australia can claim things like Ginger Meggs and Ocean Girl.

Again if Japanese anime dies out, both its own neighbours and Africa will step up and fill in a big gap.

Balinese Boy Toys

Keep in mind that there are white women who do dig Asian men as they did before. I actually think sex tourism in Bali as well as reports of Russian women marrying Chinese men (as well as Chinese men leaving illegitimate children in Kenya, Ghana and Uganda) may give a better idea of the previously sexualised Asian man in the American imagination. Something like that there used to be a high Asian male-white female intermarriage rate in America and Sessue Hayakawa used to be considered a sex symbol.

Admittedly Balinese sex tourism isn’t any better either but it does make you wonder if it’s possible for white women to be this sexually attracted to Asian men. Some Russian women do the same with Chinese men, especially when considering them to be more romantic than their fellow Russian men. The fact that Indonesia’s one of those Asian countries where female sex tourists visit and that Chinese men not only sired illegitimate children in Uganda, Ghana and Kenya but also married Russian and Ukrainian women suggest that this is possible.

Again not any better but it is possible.

Tumblr with or without it

There are still Tumblrs that have sleazy blogs still up and running. Either that the Tumblr algorithms aren’t doing well or that the moderators aren’t really as careful. Though I think further changes may come. Who knows for sure. But if Livejournal’s any indication, it did go through a porn purge before and is now much more popular in Russia than it ever was outside of it. Though Anglophone blogs and most especially Oh No They Didn’t still exist.

(I guess ONTD gets away but by being practically the most well-known ‘normie’ community blog, based around celebrities.)

Logically, I even half expect Tumblr to be picked up by an African media company sometime in the mid-2020s. Basically Livejournal all over again especially whenever an American brand gets handed to a rising superpower. LJ got picked up by Russia. Tumblr could get picked up by a newly rich Ghana or Nigeria or even Kenya. Much stricter restrictions from then on. And perhaps a sense of Russian LJ in it too.