The Monkey and The Turtle

Panels 1-5: The monkey’s sad, walking around until she sees a turtle.

Turtle: How are you Mona?

Monkey: Alex, I’m hungry and the farmer’s squash was taken by other monkeys. [Next Panel] I’m going to die due to want of food.

Turtle: Don’t be discouraged. [Next panel] Take a look and follow me, we’ll steal some bananas.

Panels 6-10: They walked, the turtle dug up some plants and the monkey goes up to the tree to get bananas and then she gives it to the turtle, the turtle buries some seeds in the ground.

Monkey: When my tree bears fruit, I’ll sell it and have a great sum of money.

Turtle: When my tree bears fruit, I’ll sell it and buy three varas of cloth in place of this cracked shell.

Panels 11-15: The monkey discovers that her tree didn’t bear fruit so she goes to the other tree, eats the bananas there.

Monkey: I’ll go to the top to eat fruit there. [Eats it right away.]

Turtle: Mona, can you go give me some? [The monkey gives him an unripe banana to eat.] Darn you!

Panels 16-20: The turtle gets a sharp bamboo for a stick, bothers the monkey while she’s sleeping.

Turtle: The crocodile’s coming! [Knocks again] The crocodile’s coming.

Then the turtle cut the monkey into pieces and sold the meat to others.

21-25: The monkeys discover her dead body.

Monkey 2: Don’t eat that body! You’ll eat yourself if you eat it!

The monkeys catch the turtle and bring him to their home.

Monkey 3: Let’s get a hatchet and cut you up into pieces.

Turtle: That’s what I did to her [shows the back to them] do you see the scars on my body?

Panels 26-32: The monkeys plot revenge on the turtle.

Monkey 3: I’ll throw water on you.

Turtle: No, please no. [Crying] Please don’t.

They throw the turtle into the water, but got a lobster to tie a string with.

Turtle: That’ll do the job when I tie this string. [Tying it fast] There, I’ll go. [Ties a string to the rock.]

Narration: That’s why monkeys don’t eat meat, they remember the story.

Why the sea is salty

Once upon a time, there was a couple where the husband had a grinder (which was given to them) and a goose, the grinder grounded salt which poured onto the food they ate. One day the man exchanged the goose for a grinder, his wife got mad at him because the goose is gone.

Then the thieves stole the grinder from him, grinding down the salt until it falls down to the sea. The grinder doesn’t stop, it keeps on grinding, they don’t know the password to make it stop. The sea kept on getting saltier, the more it kept on grinding.

They forgot the magic word to make it stop, that’s why the sea and ocean are salty.

Why is the sea salty?

On Christmas day, they had nothing so they waited. The man said ‘you go and sell the goose’, the wife got mad when he exchanged the goose for the grinder. The other man stole the grinder from them, then he rode on a battle, saying ‘grind, grind’ and he kept on grinding until the salt fell to the sea, the boat sank and that’s why the sea’s salty.


Panels 1-6: A limbless man arrives in the bathroom, then he defecates and cleans himself using his mouth to hold the tissue paper with when wiping himself.

Panels 7-12: The man feeds himself by using his chin and shoulder to get the food he wants to eat, first the bowl of grapes and then a bowl of tuna.

Panels 13-16: He gets his bionic arm to drink water with, then his mouth gets the bottle cap and puts it on the desk as he drinks it.

Panels 17-20: Then he plays a video game with his chin and shoulder and then he wins.

The Man

Panels 1-5: He plays ball using his neck and stumpy limbs.

Panels 6-10: He eats food by himself this way.

Panels 11-14: His one-armed mother helps him take a bath.

Panels 15-18: He types using his stumpy limbs.

‘Oh God, please give me bionic arms to help me hug my mother, amen.’

Panels 19-22: He now wears bionic arms, hugging her a lot.

Guava stealer

Panels 1-4: The man gets guava until he gets stopped by Johnny.

Johnny: Wag kang kukuha na maraming guava!

Man: Bakit, ba?

Johnny: Nauubos yung guava dito.

Man: Okay.

Panels 5-6: He stops, Johnny goes inside.

Mr Solomon

Panels 1-8: Solomon gets alerted by somebody of two women fighting over a child whom they grab and take away from each other.

Jeff: Solomon, Solomon.

Solomon: What is it Jeff?

Jeff: Two women are fighting over a boy.

Solomon: Then I’ll stop.

[Solomon comes to the two women]

Alice: He’s mine, Jane, not yours.

Jane [takes the baby away from her]: No he’s mine, he’s my son Alice.

Solomon: Can you stop fighting you too. [Pushes them away from each other] Can you stop already?

Panels 9-12: The women begin caring for the boy, where Alice cleans the boy as Jane gives him a diaper to wear.

Alice: Thanks, Jane.

Jane: Welcome, Alice.

Defeating a giant

Panels 1-7: A young man prepares his sling and stone, then stoning the giant monster attacking his sheep.

Panels 8-12: The young man returns home with his sheep, keeping them safe from wolves which he readily scares them away by shooing them with his staff.

Panels 13-16: The young man gets crowned as king, then he plays with his cat and dog in the palace chasing them as they chase him back.


Panels 1-6: The man gets money from his father.

Father: John, I’m giving you 200 for the store.

John: Yes, Dad. [Gets it from him as he accompanies his brother.]

Panels 7-10: They search for food to buy, then he pays it for his brother.

Panels 11-14: They eat what they’ve bought at the store.

Panels 15-18: The sun still shines, no signs of rain and they play football together, kicking the ball and then getting it from John.

John: Hey Peter, you got the ball from me!

Peter: Sorry. [Gives it back to him.]

Panels 19-22: Then they sleep.