I’ve been looking up on YouGov for some time now, where I learnt something interesting along way when it came to researching on stuff. When it came to Yougov, both the American and UK editions if the statistics are to be believed Hanson and Duran Duran, for all the stereotypes of being associated with fangirls, actually have more male fans (or at least more males actually respecting them) than the Backstreet Boys do.

Then comes The Clash a band with consistently fewer female fans whereas David Bowie has more female fans in the UK editon of YouGov but more male fans in the US edition. (If the Clash does have fewer female fans, then anybody who’s straight and female with a crush on Paul Simonon are in the minority, whereas you’re likelier to have a crush on David Bowie.)

The Ramones also doesn’t have that many female fans, though slightly more in the US edition but when it comes to British fans of The Clash they’re likelier to watch sports programmes whereas their US counterparts prefer HP Lovecraft for some reason.

Still alive and worth saving

When it comes to dead and living celebrities and salvation, it’s like how one patient’s a lost cause as they already died so it’s too late but others can be spared in the nick of time. David Bowie’s dead, unsaved and a lost cause but the still living David Brighton might have a chance to be fair to David Bowie fans out there.

All the original Ramones are dead and unsaved, but the living ones can still be saved like surviving patients after losing one so suddenly. Who knows if David Brighton might become a Christian, he could become one himself so he still has a chance whilst still alive and well. He may have a disease like Bowie, but he can be spared from it.

They still have a chance

For those who’re unsaved and dead, they’re a lost cause but for those who’re unsaved and alive they still have a chance. It’s like how somebody can’t save one patient as it’s too late, but others can be spared in time. It’s like my attitude to David Bowie, he’s a lost cause but his impersonators aren’t.

Who knows if they’ll be saved, but at least they still have a chance when they’re alive and around on planet Earth. Similar things can be said of his relatives and friends, so they can still be saved in the nick of time. David Brighton, one of his impersonators, might have a good chance of being saved so there’s always hope for those folks.

On David Bowie

David Bowie’s a musician who’s talented but I have mixed feelings over because although his music and fashion sense’s admirable, some of his actions aren’t as far as him having sex with underage girls and into the occult are concerned. Spiritually speaking, he’s dead and unsaved therefore a lost cause but then again his impersonators might have a chance.

(They don’t know any better, so ignorance is bliss in here.)

Something like one patient’s already dead and too late to save them, but it’s possible to spare others from the disease in time so somebody like David Brighton might still have a chance of being saved. Or for another matter, some of David Bowie’s fans as I think they don’t know any better and aren’t welcoming of knowing about his flaws at times.

But to be fair, somebody like David Brighton can be saved so he has a chance.


When it comes to celebrities handling fame, there are those who handle it well and live normally as possible, then there are those who’re either destroyed by fame (especially if they’re highly self-destructive, contrary personality or suicidal) or if they use fame to get away with shady acts, even if it ironically brings more attention to it.

In the case with Britney Spears, she admits to being too shy for the music industry and possibly why she can’t handle it well, it’s like if you’re reserved and retiring you’re not much of a people person but when you’re made to please and entertain a lot of people there’s only so much emotional labour you can take until you snap, which’s probably her case.

(Spears might’ve done a lot of emotional labour to please and entertain people, even if it’s at the expense of her own preferences and personality like she wanted to do country music but made to sing contrary to her real voice.)

Then comes the second set of people who use their fame for shady ends, to get away with doing something bad without knowing that draws much more attention this way. As charismatic as David Bowie was, he also raped women and a teenaged girl even in the 1970s and 1980s as to show you he’s actually the kind of person to abuse his responsibility.

Some of the same things can be said of Michael Jackson and other celebrities who’ve slept with groupies, where they’re evidently the sort of character who’d abuse their power and responsibility to do really shady acts though this also overlaps with the former to some extent.

(Does bad things when famous, yet can’t handle fame that well either.)

Some people just don’t have the right personality for fame, let alone using it wisely that it takes a resolve to use fame for good and maybe enter another field where the pressure for celebrity’s minimised. Some abuse fame to do shady acts, others handle fame well enough.

Was Ziggy ever a backslider?

I said before that the musician David Bowie did turn to Christianity at some point or another but either his interest wasn’t that sincere or perhaps he’s a backslider in the sense of not worshipping God and doing bad stuff all over again to say it simply. I guess that’s the only thing that’s as bad as his involvement in the occult, if not worse even if not all secular musicians are necessarily into the occult.

I honestly think not all rappers, pop stars, rockers and metallers are necessarily into the occult, some are Christians, some become Christians and some leave Christianity alone. But when it comes to some musicians turning to the occult for fame and fortune or thinking that it’s cool, it’s not a Christian thing when the secular media’s also aware of this that the conclusion would be the same or similar even if not all musicians do this.

Was he ever a backslider?

I think when it comes to David Bowie’s faith, I’d say the only thing worse than his interest in the occult would be that he could’ve been a backslider as in he did get interested in Christianity before and played the part of a good Christian. I guess if he was a Christian at some point in his life, then literally lost faith then he’s probably a backslider.

Comes to think of it, the musician D’Angelo might also be a backslider in that he was raised in a Christian household and did have faith in God before but once he lost himself in the world (whatever that means) then all things turned out badly for him. If true, then that adds weight to my theory that David Bowie was probably a backslider, and if he totally lost faith in God then it’s worse given any other non-Christian really don’t know any better.

Bowie should’ve known better, but it’s possible his heart’s not in the right place.

Ziggy kept on backsliding

David Bowie is one of those musicians with a profound interest in the occult, but at some point or another he developed a sympathy for Christianity perhaps even trying to live as one as convincingly as possible. Perhaps to the point where he could’ve been saved, but he ended up backsliding a lot in later years to come.

Whilst his interest in the occult’s well-studied, bear in mind that if he did have a period of being a Christian it would’ve been worse than simply not knowing any better. In that he should’ve known better or at the very least, learning from it the next time if God is kind enough. Who knows if he did learn from his mistakes, if God was willing to be nicer to him or not.

I guess if he did backslide real badly, that would make some of his works a recent return to his occult days that I’m afraid David Bowie might be one of the more famous backslidders to date.

What was punk

When it comes to tracing the history of a genre and subculture or rather the sensibilities of it, I suspect it would be as tricky as trying to trace the history of furries as not everybody who listens to let’s say The Clash or likes ThunderCats and Little Critter is necessarily going to be punk/furry/whatever. If you were to count the influences and precursors, then the history of punk/furry/whatever gets even more complicated.

(Let’s not forget this gets complicated by people having a gateway drug, so to speak Thundercats and Pokemon could be gateway drugs to furrydom, then Linkin Park and Green Day are the gateway drugs to not only rock music but also more specific genres by chance.)

So to speak, the true origins of punk rock lies in underground rock music (Velvet Underground and arguably Death, the earliest all black punk band), some garage and surf rock (The Stooges and Beach Boys were an influence to Death and The Ramones respectively) and glam rock. Why glam rock? A good number of the early punks have had connections to, love for and/or affiliations with glam rockers at some point or another.

One of the Ramones was in a glam band, some of the other Ramones were glam fans just as Mick Jones admitted to being influenced by David Bowie and Paul Simonon doubled for him, not to mention Sid Vicious was a fan of Bowie. Some glam bands like New York Dolls are also considered to be part of punk, which in some ways they are the prototypes for it. Supposing if surf rock provided the sound, glam rock provided the look and attitude.

Let’s not forget that glam and underground acts and David Bowie himself have been cited in punk websites like Punk77, so as if the influences could be traced back to those characters as well as the rediscovery of Death as at least precursors to punk as we know it.


I wouldn’t say that David Bowie and the like are necessarily Satanists, at least not in the formal sense of the word. But with them making pacts with the Devil it’s as Faustinian as it gets. David Bowie was an ordinary musician who didn’t chart much. At least early in his career.

But once he went occult, that’s when he started getting famous. With fame comes delusions of him doing whatever he wants without repercussions. (He’s said to have sex with teenaged girls, even though he was married at the time.) I wouldn’t know if he changed or not.

But with him referencing occult a lot, it seems either he can’t get rid of it or if he could be lapsed (he had a Christian period at some point). Or perhaps he can’t escape a sinister grip that more or less sealed his career.