He complains

He complains about women

Going so high maintenance

Yet wants them to look in

A certain way, trying to

Please him but he’s always

Dissatisfied no matter what.


Anny’s stories

She finds Anny’s stories

Weird and macabre as she

Discovered, then publicised.

Miss Good Enough

It’s unsurprising that women have been subjected to nearly impossible standards that sometimes clash with one’s conditions and circumstances. It’s one thing to try to control pimples and shave body hair to look clean but that makes somebody rather high maintenance to achieve something for a long time. It’s another thing to realise that even those with complete and severe partial androgen insensitive syndrome are imperfect in some way.

While they seem near-perfect (some can’t get even body hair and pimples at all) and others needn’t menstrual pads, but because they’re unable to give birth we shouldn’t forget that female childlessness and infertility are often stigmatised and as suspected as their genders are. Especially when it comes to sports with Caster Semenya, though her condition’s different, continues this.

As if these standards are so impossible that such men are better off with Miss Good Enough instead. Women can’t easily fulfill those either way and moreso if they have a condition. (PCOS intersects the problems of both body hair and infertility.)