Bewitching beasts

From my own research, there was medieval demonisation of dogs and thus persecution to a given degree if being chased out of churches counts as such. Keep in mind that the medieval demonisation of cats occurred later so canine demonisation actually came first. Lots of older texts I’ve found speak of demons and the Devil appearing as dogs and sorcerers summoning demonic dogs.

This ties in neatly with another person’s research on demonic dogs. Someone like Barbara Allen wrote about it called ‘The Devil in Dog Form’ though she pointed out that not all of these ghostly dogs are demonic but when you dig up 16th century reports of demonic dogs it confirms her research. I could be wrong about it myself but from what I recall reading from those texts, you not only have dogs showing up in black sabbaths but also churchgoers excising dogs.

Demonisation of cats seems to be better known but keep in mind that earlier researchers in the 18th and 19th century haven’t forgotten much about canine demonisation. That is if you look hard enough to find those at that and some of which isn’t even in English!