Still haunted by his rejection

And disdain for my friends

Angered even as I pray for

Him and have moved onto

Other things for the moment.


Excerpts on Zimbabwean churches and dogs

Note: It varies between demography where those belonging to the Apostolic Church, the one that adheres strictly to biblical teachings, oppose both animism and dog ownership. I did recall reading a document involving a member of the Zimbabwe Apostolic Church who poisoned a dog. Some Zimbabwean tribes do associate dogs with witchcraft.

From Google Books, Zimbabwe’s Cultural Heritage (though about a different ethnicity, the Ndebele, this time):

Dogs, it is said, can also be used as familiars. A dog on such an evil mission is seen after midnight, often in the company of other dogs. It is however, bigger than the rest of the dogs. It howls in a strange way, ukuhlaba umkhulungwane.

From ‘Black cats mortify Zimbabweans’:

Random street interviews to see how young Zimbabweans viewed human-animal relationships showed a general religion-inspired wanton disregard for other life forms.

“Our church prohibits keeping dogs as they are considered impure,” said James Sithole, 23, without elaborating.

He is a member of the African Apostolic Church, one of the populous apostolic churches in Zimbabwe with close to two million followers.

Many, Tonderai Sigauke, 40, view dogs as unhygienic and as unsuitable for households whose religious beliefs demand cleanliness as part of its core tenants.

For yet others, dogs are such vicious animals that they cannot risk sharing living space with.

Middle aged Susan Sambo confessed a phobia for dogs emanating from a report in recent memory of a fatal dog attack of an infant in Chikanga high density suburb, which is also her place of residence, and more so because she also has young children.

From Google Books, Karanga Indigenous Religion in Zimbabwe: Health and Well-Being:

Members of the Apostolic church such as Johane Marange emulate Christ. They claim to be like the first apostles of Christ who undertook missionary journeys. They have no church buildings since God has not approved of them. They believe in baptism in the Jordan. They dress and behave like biblical apostles. They shave teir heads and keep their beards long. Their dress compromises long white garments or dustcoats. They put on sandals. They maintain strict rules like avoiding contact with dogs, which are evil and defile.


Size does matter

When it come to science, whether physical or biological, size does matter. Larger bodies require more heat conservation and larger, heavier bone structures to support it reasonably so. Especially if you exempt gigantism. At least among humans, if there are people predisposed to being tall enough to support heavy body weight it would be the Polynesians baring those in Indochina and the Philippines to a possible extent.

Tall, fat people do exist. The Samoans are stereotypical proof of this. So do several of my maternal relatives so to speak. Such characters are practically close to what’s needed for a biologically plausible humanoid giant (barring certain hominid species and arguably does with gigantism) as possible. Like I said, they have the ideal body to support excess weight for their heights.

They also make good rugby players. It seems this also applies to fashion where you need a bigger yard to make a longer skirt (I know this from experience) as well as having to adjust to taller, fatter or muscular men. If you’re going to make a maxiskirt for a taller woman, you’re going to be needing a wider waistline and a bigger yard of fabric for this.

Maybe a lot more for you’re dressing a tall, very muscular man. But it still works in practise.