Outside help

It isn’t just the Japanese animation industry that needs outside help but also the Japanese video game industry to a greater extent if the Devil May Cry reboot and Street Fighter are any recent indication. This trend could continue if Japan’s population declines any further without immigration to balance things.

Japan is already trying to cater to international audiences real hard but could intensify in the coming years. Had Japan handed the next DMC game to Italian game developers, the characters and plot would be closer to both the Divine Comedy and the namesake poet’s life.

Dante’s really important in Italy and while the new DMC could be just as controversial, it could also feel more authentic and would help both industries. Not to mention that Japan was one of Italy’s allies in WWII, the other being Germany.

Japan’s even working on a Philippine co-production which could prove my point.

A limited meme pool

If memes are analogous to genes, just as there’s some memetic exchange or meme flow between communities there’s also room for a limited meme pool especially when it comes to stuff more specific to certain fandoms. The only people who’d get the Gremlin DVA thing (based on a character from the Overwatch games) are obviously Overwatch players.

Certain factors can keep such traits to those communities for long. In fact, among superhero comics there’s a tendency to hire fellow fans even if that wasn’t the case before. But it’s like a founder effect where individuals are increasingly married to a few, albeit very related spouses. This limits their meme pool.

Superhero stories are almost always retellings of the exact same thing, hardly venturing elsewhere without raising fan ire. Let alone turn to reality to solve certain issues but that would mean opening up to more things. Like how an inbred population needs to intermarry more often to lessen genetic diseases.

A good number of geek works have limited appeal and are memetically inbred, produced by the same people that consumes such media.



We were once normies

A good number of geek industries can be regarded as the memetic equivalent of the founder effect in select communities like Icelanders and Ashkenazic Jews. The group’s descended from a few people and due to isolation (accidental or self-imposed) they only marry amongst closely related individuals.

When done repeatedly, it’ll develop peculiarities and even problems unique to themselves. Similar things can be said of geek industries in a way. Except I think geek industries and scenes are more analogous to Ashkenazic Jews and Amish than they are to Icelanders.

Though all of them have reservations with outsiders, though the other two are accidental given their circumstances. However both Ashkenazic Jews and Amish are self-imposed in their isolation and suspicion, given their practises and relation to the larger out-group.

Among religious Jews, Gentiles can be accepted into the community if they convert. I’m wrong about it. But Jews generally don’t proselytise. Nonetheless regarding geek industries as memetically inbred and doubting of outsiders could explain things.

Stupid things

I was wrong to insult somebody

Didn’t know any better, regretting

It but never forgetting my old

Stories though, still ashamed of

What I did to others before and

Always feeling sorry for them.


He’s now very helpless

Motherless, friendless

Petless, he gets mocked

And hazed by his peers

He distrusts everybody

Not even his own dad

But God is contrary with

What he feels and thinks

Showing him new hobbies

To do in the meantime to

Get over everything and

Anything to mature and

Move on, but he still

Wants this and that

God responds and

Respects his emotions.

Feels like

She feels like envying people

For still having a father in their

Lives, not only alive but also

Present, hers was absent since

Her adolescence and his move

To Arabia, fearing for the worst

She hopes he’s not dead but it

Turned out worse, she also got

Divorced, widowed and alone

Left wandering in search of

A father figure and begging for

One as she’s desperate for love.