They don’t fit it to a T

I do think there are always people who don’t fit stereotypes to a T, which even some writers may acknowledge or portray such characters where a character could be blonde and into fashion but also not very outgoing, level-headed and resourceful/canny enough to create her own clothes by hand.

(I could be projecting but there’s likely people who do those.)

Though I do think the possibility of introverted blonds might have to be considered, especially if/when you know them either from experience or from what you’ve read. Or for another matter, science-oriented blonds which becomes likelier if you know somebody like them.

It could be said about anybody else but that involves actually knowing them at any to whatever degree.

A European upbringing

Not that I was actually brought up in Europe and I’ve yet to go there but in hindsight, I actually watched a lot of European animation, did read some European comics (from the creator of Tintin) and did develop an actual interest in those in addition to African comics (and those made by African Americans like Krazy Kat and Torchy Brown).

I did have a period of being into anime but I feel European and any other non-Japanese animation do deserve some attention and mention, especially if they’re just as interesting as anime are. Actually any childhood experience with European comics and animation (Totally Spies, Tintin and Martin Mystery) does help in developing any sincere interest in those.

Unfair to other fandoms

That actually made me realise that programmes sometimes slighted as fetish fuel like My Little Pony and Totally Spies actually have chaste fans if you look hard enough, by accident or not (makes think there are actually mature or reasonable Bronies out there).

There are fandoms where they may not always be targeted or mocked as such but have immature fans swarming around, like even if not all Jojo fans are immature some of them are. So I realise you can’t generalise many fans or all fans in any case.

There are football fans who’re violent but there are also those who’re nonviolent, so on and so forth with any fandom.

Totally Clean

The cartoon Totally Spies obviously features teen girl spies going on adventures but despite its reputation for being fetish fetish clean TS fans do exist, and there are people who do watch it without becoming raging perverts themselves. (If I’m not mistaken, there was a Totally Spies magazine in Europe.)

To be fair, clean Totally Spies fans exist like I said before and if you look hard enough, they do exist in generous quantities where some of them actually identify with the characters and not just sexualising them. I guess that comes from me discovering those chaste TS fans after hearing it be fetish fuel that in fairness to the creators, they never intended it to be fetish.

(As with many other things.)

But that’s me discovering the other side to TS where it might actually be chaste enough to not be off-putting to female fans, the very audience it’s meant to target.

Some thoughts

Though there are some similarities between Romance countries as to be expected as they were part of the Roman Empire but I’d say the real differences are geographical and sometimes historical (speaking as an outsider). It would be parsimonious to say that Spain and France, to my knowledge, do have a history of anti-clericalism.

Especially when those people they trust turn out to be corrupt that they’re not worth trusting though other countries express this to some extent, another big difference’s that both Spain and France have existed as their own unified kingdoms the longest (though arguably Spain’s also part of the Holy Roman Empire where it did incorporate Italy*).

That’s not to say Italy’s nonexistent in those years but it’s comparable to Germany in the sense of being historically a series of semi-independent states in relation to the Holy Roman Empire and that I’d say both Italy and France are more geographically and perhaps culturally alpine.

(No surprise as French and Italian are also spoken in Switzerland, the very country that borders both Italy and France.)

I guess if Italy and France are the Romance nations with the strongest Germanic influence (France was ruled by the Germanic Franks as Italy was part of the same empire Germany’s in), Italy seems much more Greek than the other Romance countries but then again it’s close to Greece, which’s the strongest in the South.

(Romania has the strongest Slavic influence due to being in close proximity to Slavic countries for so long that it explains some things.)

*Whatever relation that Italy did have to the Roman Empire’s more like the Soviet Union or the current Russian Federation when it comes to semi-autonomous areas (that makes Venice more like a Soviet satellite in that it also went with HRE to war).

Shy or introverted

As what somebody else said, there’s a difference between shyness and actual introversion in the sense that the latter’s just not going and not due to shyness, whereas the former stems from lack of confidence like wanting to be with people but also anxious about it too.

Shy people can be introverted or extroverted, but nonshy introverts exist and somebody else said that this one DC character (Supergirl) may’ve been truly introverted at some point in the sense of preferring a few company to being in a lot of people. (If true, then that still proves the point.)

I also do think introverts and shy people aren’t necessarily always aloof but the former prefers only a few company, the latter’s anxious towards company.

Run for anime’s money

I actually think we’ve come to the point where American and Western animation’s starting to be comparable to Japanese anime, especially when it comes to the growth of adult animation and late night productions in particular (Adult Swim), though the presence of web animation makes it even more similar in some regards.

In the sense that a good number of anime’s adapted from comics but so are a good number of Western and American animations (Peanuts, DC and Marvel, Spawn, Doonesbury, Garfield, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bloom County/Outland, also Martin Mystery, Tintin, Asterix and both versions of Dennis the Menace*).

I also think that when one looks hard enough, there’s as much of an audience for night and especially late night animation in the West as there’s one in Japan: The Simpsons and the like did popularise this in America and there’s in fact the late night block at Adult Swim and MTV’s Liquid Television.

(The Simpsons begat Futurama and Disenchanted, Beavis and Butthead begat King of the Hill and Daria, Family Guy gave way for the Cleveland Show and American Dad.)

Add the direct to video productions that Disney, Warner Bros and co have been churning out for years that it’s practically comparable to Japan’s very own in some regards.

*There’s one in America and another in Britain.